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But iron fist isn't asian in the comics

You really going with the “source material dictates all” angle here?

There have been so many times where characters have been whitewashed (aka blatantly ignoring the source material)  to place a white actress/actor in the role:

  • Carey Mulligan’s character from Drive was originally Latina
  • Natalie Wood as Maria in the Westside Story 
  • Jennifer Connelly played irl Latina Alicia Nash in a Beautiful Mind
  • Rooney Mara as Tiger Lilly in Pan
  • Emma Stone in Aloha
  • ATLA is just a cesspool of whitewashing

So your point is moot. And honestly by casting an Asian American actor with the required martial art skills Marvel could have flipped Danny Rand’s high key problematic origin story into a more nuanced, compelling narrative unlike the floptastic mess we’re getting. It just sucks that most of Marvel’s creative team were onboard for casting an Asian American lead but Ike Permuletter Trump’s supporting ass said no. But corporations really only learn lessons when it affects their bottom line so if this industry wide panning of Gentrified Fist is what’s gonna take for them to ignore Ike then I’m with it.

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what are your favorite websites for stationary? (Not Muji please)

Hi! My top faves are:

I’ve shopped at these ones a lot and would always recommend their products. Big W also has a decent stationery section but it is a basic version of Officeworks really!

Here are a list of some other stores that I’ve looked at and have liked but never ordered from:

Hope this helps! I’d suggest seeing if anyone is having black friday/cyber monday sales! :-)

“But Aussie fans are in for an extra treat with the Grammy Award winner set to launch her new fragrance, which will be exclusively available at department store Myer on November 23. 

Selected pharmacies and rival department store David Jones will also stock the perfume from December 7.

The scent is a composition of velvety petals and creamy woods, wrapped in a soft veil of vanilla and musk.”


The scent seems incredible, doesn’t it?  Early Christmas present?