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Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Hart on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Played By: Jason David Frank and Amy Jo Johnson

To anyone growing up in the ‘90s, this twosome brought an awesome new meaning to the term “power couple.” No offense to Jay-Z and Beyoncé, but who needs a multimillion-dollar empire when you and your girl can morph into Power Rangers?


I had the pleasure of getting to live my childhood by meeting one of my favorite Power Rangers today!

Tommy himself, Jason David Frank!

I drew a picture for him representing his legacy as a Power Ranger, and how even after over 20 years, he’s still got it!

He absolutely LOVED it! He even took a picture of it so he could post it on his webpage! 😊

And not only that, he gave me an autograph AND took a picture with me, both free of charge!

Definitely one of the highlights of my weekend!


Okay so, I was talking with my friend Katie who plays the Jason to my Kimberly, and we wholeheartedly agreed that if it weren’t for Tommy showing up, they would haves been a thing. Jason’s crush on her is so obvious if you’re missing it you are deaf, dumb, and blind, or a Tommy/Kimberly shipper. There are SO many examples I could list, but the one I’m starting with is in A Pressing Engagement. She’s on the balance bar practicing and he is watching her, and the biggest smile of contentment is on his face. He wasn’t even remotely trying to hide how he felt about her. There’s countless times when he stepped up to stop Bulk and Skull from harassing her. Even after she was supposedly dating Tommy. Katie said that after Tommy showed up Jason was doing his best to show Kim how much better for her he was than Tommy. I definitely agree. And let me remind ya’ll of something. Kimberly broke up with Tommy, and then Turbo rolled around, and it is OH so obvious in Turbo that there was something going on, even after they had to cut it out that it was canon. Tommy’s lame ass marries Kat. Jimberly is canon endgame, especially with Jason’s comments in Forever Red. They were pointed and directly aimed at Tommy. And only because it’s a children’s show did Jason actually call Tommy his “best friend”. If you go by canon, which is that he was in love with Kimberly, because I’m sorry, to try and tell me he’s not is like saying the sky is green, he would haves hated Tommy’s guts for stealing away the girl he’d been in love with for god knows how long. Zack was Jason’s best friend, and it is SO not realistic that he would have been friends with Tommy. There are some of ya’ll that like to troll my fics and bitch at me because of A, how Tommy was written, and B, how Jason handles Tommy trying to scam on Kimberly. Let me tells you right now, none of that is EVER going to change. Ever. Ya’ll can ship T/K all you want, but you get to know that it wasn’t endgame. Ya’ll also get to know Jimberly is canon also in the new movie. And all ya’ll bitches who are claiming ya’ll are gonna boycott, it’s not going to change a damn thing. I can picture in my head the producers laughing their asses off at you. We don’t even know if they plan to use Tommy in the reboot. Rita has all of his weapons and shit. Sounds to me like he’s being left out. Fucking good riddance. Ya’ll stick to your douchebag Jason David Frank, and I’ll stick to Austin, who actually is a good person and a real life superhero. All JDF can do is get his ass kicked at MMA. Yeah, I said it, and I’ll say it again. One last thing. Tommy Oliver is NOT an original ranger. He’s not. He was the first green ranger but not part of the or a team. Whether you like it or not, that’s just a fact. Anyone who bitches and moans about anything I said is getting blocked immediately, no hesitation. I’ve been treated like shit from the fandom for 24 years because of who I ship and my hatred of Tommy. Nothing you say will have any bearing on my choices, and I’m not going to fucking take shit anymore. I’m done.

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Ninjak Vs The Valiant Universe

This is the official teaser trailer for Ninjak Vs The Valiant Universe, Valiant Digital and Bat in the Sun’s new original series. Coming 2017.


I found this video and also my contribution to Power Ranger/Super Sentai Fandom: 

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