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David Tennant Year in Review - 2017

All of David’s television, film, convention, and other appearances for 2017 (that I could remember, at any rate) all in one convenient photoset - along with some promo-previews for things that will be released in 2018 (but hey, we got the promos in 2017 so it counts).

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Tell Me Something (Xavier, Legion & Erik X Child!Reader)

Characters: Charles Xavier, David Haller and Erik Lehnsherr X Child!Reader

Universe: Marvel, X-Men

Warnings: None


Request: Being Xavier’s younger kid and being looked after by him, David (legion) & Erik.

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Your dad was a busy man, he was Professor Xavier, the best telepath of his time and he ran a school to help other mutants as well. You saw how busy he was, so you understood that he couldn’t spend every waking second with you.

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Chapter 1.5

I decided to put some Dadvid in this story. Because I got plans to destroy Max so… yeah… TAKE MY TRASH Warning: tw abuse

“It’ll be ok.” David trying his hardest to reassure Max. Max just shrugged. He didn’t look at David. His eyes looked to the ground as he kicked the dirt with his sneakers. A brown van pulled up to the camp. The first one to come out was a man with black curly hair and a mustache. He had a red flannel shirt on and dark blue denim jeans. He started to light a cigarette even though there was a sign that said no smoking nearby. The next to come out the car was a girl with brown hair and chocolate eyes. She had a red dress and high heels on and wore lots of makeup. She had her phone in her hands and her eyes never moved from her phone. “You must be Max’s parents! I’m Dav-”

“Yeah Yeah Yeah, where is the brat?” The man interrupted him with a slightly annoyed tone. Max pulled up his hoodie and stuck his hands in his pockets. “Um… If you mean Max, then he’s right here.” The man pulled Max’s arm rather roughly. Max turned around to look at David, his eyes filled to the brim with tears. 

“W-Wait…” Max stuttered. When does Max ever stutter? “C-can I tell David goodbye?” David smiled at Max. He’s come a long way with him and Max’s relationship. He looked over to Max’s parents. Surely they’ll let Max say goodbye. “…No.” Oh… It was their choice though. David was sure Max’s father was a busy man anyways. Then Max started to cry, publicly. And it broke David’s heart. And it caught the attention on all the campers and their parents. “Stop crying and let’s go.” Max’s father tugged at his arm again. “Please… L-let me say goodbye. I-I’ll listen to you, I promise! J-Just l-let me say goodbye…” 

“I said no, now get in the car.” Max started to sob hysterically. He looked over to his mother with teary eyes. “Please, Amy… Mom Please.” Max’s Mom looked up from her phone to look at Max. “Listen to your father Max.” And her attention went back to her phone. “Let’s go.” Max’s father raised his voice and tugged harder on his arm. Max made weak attempts to escape his father’s grip. “I want to say goodbye, please this is all I’m asking… ple-”


“I said no! You need to learn to listen to your father, you pitiful disgrace of a son!” Everyone froze, even David. The tension in the air was so thick Nurf’s knife could cut through it. “Please, I just want to-” Mac’s Father punched Max in the face. Max was knocked out, yet he continued to punch him. Max’s mother started recording this on her phone and… laughing. David ran up and grabbed the man’s arms. Max’s father broke free from David’s grip and punched his in the face. It hurt , but right now he didn’t care. All that matters right now is that Max is safe. Max’s father landed a punch to his stomach. For a moment, he felt like he couldn’t breathe. There was another blow to the face and David fell to the floor.

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anonymous asked:

I agree with DD being off his game. I hope he's not depressed. He seems really subdued to me. Maybe now filming has wrapped he can get his shit back together. With luck he'll get his groove back soon.

Yes anon, I hope so. I’m torn between something in his personal life and something professional.
David seems to wear his heart on his sleeve so my first thought was personal but all of this SM stuff with the Brick account and the sighting with MP have me wondering if he’s not struggling with his professional team. His image is not that great right now and he worked so hard on it.
DD is SUPER loyal and if he gives his trust it will be hard for him to let go. I believe Brad has sold him something that DD wanted, a music career but Brad is not a good business man and David has realized this, just a little too late.
I also think he’s 57yo and some of the games of hide and seek with his personal life are starting to catch up with him. He has basically been single for 10 years. That is a long time to hide ANY romantic relationship, no matter who it’s with and if it’s actually with GA then it’s even harder.
Gillian looks poor in my opinion and David in most of the pap pics recently looks tired and haggard. These are human beings and they need what we all need.
I’ll close with this, I hope he’s happy and loved, if not I’m sorry for him. He deserves all his heart desires.

Here’s EmotioNull characters so far :

Caleb, Vlad, Finn, David, Ben, Drew, Newton, Lost, Sid, Elvis, Erik

3D, Claire, April, Lemon mom, Gwen, Alex, Mac.


Made a David Schultz belt for 2k18. It’s pretty much a belt for last man standing matches. I recall watching a Bryan Danielson/Tommy End “shoot style” match which was decided by a ten count like last man standing so fuck it, call it the Shootin’ Championship. And put David Schultz on it, the man who kept the business alive by shoot slapping shithead reporters. Currently held by the Big Show who barely defeated Noam Dar. Shit.

Tainted Love|David and Spencer


David Vause was a special man, he had his own business, had a lot of money, had everything a man in his late 40′s could wish for, he started from the bottom and built his way to the top like his father before him and his father before him, David Vause was also a stone cold killer, he’d scout the local nightclubs or coffee shops for young men or women, charm them, date them for a few months to a year and then kill them in cold blood.

David was in the local coffee shop buying his usual order, when he came across a tall young man with soft brown curly hair and big brown eyes, perfect, he accidentally bumped into him, spilling his coffee over the young man’s coat, “Oh, I’m dreadfully sorry.” he said.

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Will pauses before gently grasping David's hand tugging it slightly " daddy... Daddy " he whispers, before gently poking him with a small package " can we buy this? " a small pacifier with a puppy on the front stared the man in the face

David was busy looking at the baby section. If his friends could stop having kids it would be great. He dragged Will along with him for some entertainment.

“What? There’s me thinking you’d want that.” He jokingly poked a breast pump and looked around and seeing no one looking gave him a sweet kiss. “Sure baby, why don’t you choose two.”