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Ducktales (2017) Fun facts #2

Here some what voice actors do another character

Young Charles Darwin from Aardman movie “The Pirates!”

Brainy Smurf from “Smurfs: The Lost Village”

Rutabaga Rabitowitz from “BoJack Horseman”

Panda from “We Bare Bears”

Sadie from “Steven Universe”

Nanefua also from “Steven Universe”

and Lance from “Sing”

I Love Cartoons

  • Them: You ok? You seem distracted?
  • Me: Oh sorry i have a lot on my mind
  • Me, internally:
  • Life is like a hurricane
  • Here in Duckburg
  • Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes
  • It's a duck-blur!
  • Might solve a mystery
  • Or rewrite history!
  • DuckTales! Woo-oo!
  • Tales of derring-do
  • Bad and good luck tales!
  • D-d-d-danger! Lurks behind you!
  • There's a stranger out to find you
  • What to do, just grab on to some...
  • DuckTales! Woo-oo!
  • Tales of derring-do
  • Bad and good luck tales! Woo-oo!
  • Not pony tales or cotton tales, no
  • DuckTales! Woo-oo!

In about 15 minutes, five-year-old me will meet 35-year-old me. I think we’re going to get along swimmingly…


INITIAL THOUGHTS (to be updated as I form more initial thoughts):

These two premiere episodes answered most of my “concerns” (and I use that word loosely) about a new version of DuckTales. While the show echoes classic DT and the Barks/Rosa stories, it stands on its own and is developing these characters in its own unique direction. And they’re doing it without sacrificing the essence of who these characters are at their core.

For example, all of the elements of the new Mrs. Beakley were present in the classic Mrs. Beakley and vice versa. She could be daring in classic DT (see the first season episodes “Maid of the Myth” and “Cold Duck” as examples). However, classic DT chose to emphasize the grandmotherly aspect of Beakley more than the adventurous side because that aspect of her character better-suited the needs of the series, and DT 2017 is taking the opposite approach because an adventurous Beakley suits its needs better. Yet both are valid because it’s still the same character.

Same for Webby. The Webby we see in this show was present in the old show. Contrary to what some of the reviewers have been saying, Webby went on many adventures and was incredibly brave and daring in classic DT. She now has the opportunity to develop that aspect of her character in this new series even further. As for the nephews, they’re only a few shades different from Russi Taylor’s take on the nephews, and this is to be expected, because they’re being played as older–more adolescent than pre-adolescent.

In other words, the comparisons that the entertainment media have been making regarding classic DT vs. new DT are rather ludicrous now that I’ve seen the show for myself. As Frank Angones told us time and time again, every creative choice they’ve made has a story-based motivation behind it. And these creative choices were necessary to set this show apart from its predecessors and counterparts, both on screen and in print. The good news? These choices work.


The stand-out character for me in the premiere was Donald. I’ve never seen this version of Donald on-screen before. Tony Anselmo really rose to the challenge of playing shades of Donald that he may never have been asked to play before, one that actually seems rooted in the Carl Barks 10-pagers that focused on Donald as parent and Everyman.

Understand: I love everything that Donald has ever been in. I’m a huge fan of the shorts, the Navy Donald from classic DT, “Quack Pack” Donald, etc. But Barks’ Donald is my favorite, especially when he’s exploring Donald’s humanity. The character is never more intriguing. I’ve been waiting for years to see the Barks Donald brought to 2D life.


I see where they’re going with the theme of family. It’s remarkable, because Disney has always presented a progressive idea of family. In the comics, however, Donald is the steady adult in the boys’ lives. At the end of the premiere, Scrooge and Donald basically agree to co-parent the lads. That’s a step beyond what we’ve seen before. I look forward to seeing how this arrangement develops and how Scrooge impacts each nephew individually. Louie obviously needs to be taught about honesty and hard work. Huey has to be taught how to use his knowledge astutely. And Dewey could use a few lessons in curtailing his adventurous impulses.


Glomgold is hilarious. Keith Ferguson carries on Hal Smith’s characterization in classic DT nicely while giving it a fun twist. This Glomgold seems as if he’s stepped right out of our world of celebrity (and political) CEOs.


Finally, I’m relieved that they balance the adventure and the comedy evenly. I was concerned too much of an emphasis would be placed on humor. The Ducks, whether on TV or in the comics, have always used humor organically. It’s the sly side remark, the throwaway gag, etc. The humor aids and abets the plot; it doesn’t get in its way. These two episodes continued that approach.


A sentimental note: DuckTales was the first TV show I loved, and in some ways, it’s the only TV show I’ve ever loved to the point that I can watch it on repeat. Most shows I’m cool with only seeing once and moving on. Not classic DT. I’ve seen each episode dozens of times, if not hundreds. It’s been present in my life for 30 years. That show (and the radio series “Adventures in Odyssey”) opened up my world to some of the greatest storytelling in history. I discovered Carl Barks, classic television, some of the greatest actors ever, history/literature/science, etc., not because of school but because talking Ducks and those who made them talk cared enough to create stories and characters that were interesting and intelligent and exciting.

As for DT 2017, when the premiere episodes finished this morning, I felt the same way I did back in 1987. I wanted to see more. And I wanted to watch these two episodes again and again (thanks to the Disney marketing machine, I can). That, to me, is the greatest sign of success for DT 2017.

I hope there are five-year-olds watching this premiere today whose worlds are about to be opened to some of the best characters and stories they’ll ever encounter in their lives…

You can’t put David Tennant and Catherine Tate in the ducktales cast and expect me to stay put!!
So here’s my brand new (and first) AU!
This AU is still a WIP so there might be changes in the future, also if you have ask or ideas for this AU don’t be shy, I’ll be happy to read all of them!


Duck Who AU

Della: She is  the second companion (along with a Donald) of the Doctor, she  disappeared into a temporal vortex saving the Doctor and Donald.

Donald: He is the second partner (along with Della) of the Doctor, he promised to Della to take care of her children and decided not to ever see the doctor again. After Magica’s attack he decided to contact the Doctor to keep HDL safe.

Huey, Dewey, Louie: Della’s children, they knew the Doctor after Magica attacked them and Donald. Possible 4 Doctor’s Companions (along with Donald).

Scrooge (Doctor): 10 Doctor, he’s often called Scrooge by his companions. After losing Della he did everything to avoid losing another companion in the same way, but after Magica stole an artifact, he promised to never have another companion.

Mrs Beakley: She keep the  TARDIS clean and working, she also takes care of the Doctor, keeping him alive.

Webby: Beakley’s grandson, she spent all her life inside the TARDIS without ever leaving, until she met HDL.

Magica: Third Doctor’s companion. During a trip, Magica took possession of an artifact that consumed her, making her one of the worst enemies of the Doctor(the Master/Missy)..

Lena: Magica Apprentice, her job is to conquer the Doctor’s trust and find a way to destroy him.

Goldie O'Gilt: The first companion of the Doctor. After the regeneration of the Doctor, lost all the memory that concerned him.


Here it is, the long-awaited trailer for DT 2017! 

This is more than we were hoping for, folks, and my hopes were pretty high.

Here are my scattered thoughts on the trailer:

I love the angle the series seems to be taking, which isn’t too far from the original series or the Barks and Rosa stories. Scrooge is a mystery to Huey, Dewey, and Louie. They’ve only heard the legends, but little do they know that he’s still an amazing adventurer, that he’s “tougher than the toughies and smarter than the smarties” (glad they included that all-important character-establishing line in the trailer).

Strangely enough, Scrooge’s voice, while distinctly different from the classic series, is close enough to not be all that jarring. It sounds like David Tennant is a worthy successor to Alan Young, much in the same way Chris Pine as Captain Kirk is a worthy successor to William Shatner. Different voices (although Young and Tennant both have tons of energy and vivacity), but similar enough you don’t think the character is different. That’s key to recasting any role played by one actor for ages. 

Fantastic job, DT creative team!

I know this is only a 90-second trailer, but I think the nephews and Webby are going to be the biggest adjustment for me. In this teaser, they’re kinda loud and annoying at times, but I think I see the real characters in some of the snippets of dialogue we hear. For example, after finding out he’s taking them to stay with Scrooge, at least for the weekend, Louie says to Donald, “You’re finally going to sell us.” That made me laugh out loud.

I do hope the writers have given the nephews and Webby genuine moments of humanity (strange to say that about ducks, I know). Their “realness” in the original series was key to their appeal. Based on what I’m seeing here and what Frank Angones has said, though, I don’t think we’re in danger of DT 2017 misfiring too much, if at all. 

A few other notes:

Donald and Scrooge are as fascinating as ever. I wonder if they have a prior relationship in this version of the series, and I wonder if they’re estranged. 

I love the Barks paintings on the walls of Scrooge’s mansion. Nice Easter Egg, DT creative team. 

Webby recognizes who the nephews are and seems to view them as celebrities. Curious and curiouser… 

I love when Webby calls Donald “one of the most daring adventurers of all time.” Glad he’s getting his due as something other than a foul-tempered fowl. 

We see Launchpad at the end of the trailer in another character-establishing moment (which the trailer excels at, BTW). Launchpad made me laugh. That’s a good sign for Beck Bennett’s take on the character.

The updated theme song packs a punch and made me feel five all over again, giving me that sense of anticipation I used to get (and still get with the DVDs) whenever DuckTales began each afternoon. It’s the perfect blend of contemporary music stylings and nostalgia. 

I love that this series is about family. That was so important to the original DT and made it one of the less preachy, but more impactful series of the 80s and 90s because it demonstrated how a family works and how a family includes everyone who is close to you, not just your blood relatives. 

Finally, adventure, adventure, adventure. The action, coupled with all of the character moments in the trailer, was invigorating and chilling and thrilling and almost made me cry, lol. My gosh, I’m so excited for DT 2017! And I think the kids will be, too! My two-year-old nephew watched the trailer and kept exclaiming, “More DuckTales! More DuckTales!”

No wonder Disney has already renewed it for a second season…

What are your thoughts? Which Easter Eggs did I miss? Anyone have a copy of the premiere episode they’d like to leak to me? Are the Russians still into DuckTales? ;-)

How To Do A Reboot Justice (What The New Ducktales Can Teach Everyone)

I’ve been quiet for a bit just enjoying what life had to offer and not worry about what our maniacal president could do to us at any moment. 

Until I realized that This past Saturday saw the 24 Hour Long Premiere of Disney’s Ducktales Reboot. 

So I watched at, and given my somewhat historical background with Scrooge, his great-nephews and thier thirst for treasure and adventure. And wondered if 2017 would still be as amazing as 1987 was in terms of quality. 

and it was a sight to behold.

This takes a look at how Disney Manged to ground the show in a new reality while keeping the spirit of what came before fresh and exciting to all. 

We get Introduced to Donald and Family living on a houseboat in the bay of Duckberg. Donald is fresh out of the Navy and ready to move into the working world, while he has to be ward of his sister Della’s 3 Boys, oldest Huey in Red and wearing a hat. Dewey in Blue and adventurous, and Louie in a Green Hoodie while being acknowledged as the most evil of the trio.

But all is not well as he arrives in Duckberg to drop off the boys in the care of his Uncle and former Adventuring Partner Scrooge McDuck, avid Trillionaire and Genius with Luck. A decade long feud has left his relationship with Scrooge in tatters and only Mrs. Breakley the Housekeeper and Loyal confidant seems willing to help med the rift.

Here is where the story begins to diverge from its original source as the drama outweighs the animation, this was a difference that worked almost flawlessly, gritty is a reboot term that sees its overuse but when applied where it could benefit, like say mending a relationship you figured wasn’t broken in the original you see where this excels.

Now as Donald goes for his interview Scrooge quarters the Nephews with nothing more than marbles, but their thirst for danger pans out and they explore the mansion while coming into contact with McDuck family fan girl and the 3rd resident of the huge estate. Webegail VanderQuack.

Another smart move was aging up Webby who like before is Mrs. Beakleys own Grandaughter and was a source of hate among the fans in the original. Here she’s smarter, more resourceful and can easilly hold her own with both the Ducks and Scrooge. 

But the trouble begins as they unleash a gold eating dragon setting its sights on the fabled Moneybin. 

With the Help of Lauchpad McQuack, Scrooge’s own chauffeur who pilots anything in his spare time the 4 manage to get Scrooge to regain his former glory self and sets off on a journey to recover the jewel of Atlantis.

Donald gets his job, but as a twist its revealed to a be a crew member of Scrooges rival in money making Flintheart Glumgold.

and as we reach the halfway point of the hour, this reboot clinches it status as wonderful by invoking the iconic theme song. Now updated and showing how much this journey will be different but still has the same heart.

To Sum things up anyone in the entertainment field who wants to bring back something old, shouldn’t just do it as a way to fill out a schedule for the seasons. They must know how to do right by before, while giving us, the viewer a reason to stay with the show going forward.

Ducktales, was iconic nearly 30 years before, and now in today’s Trump filled world this can show everyone that a journey can be taken and that adventure can be had by anyone no matter what society says.

and hopefully ill be back before November 27th to begin the year end countdowns.


This guy understands what (I think) DuckTales 2017 is trying to accomplish…


Black Panther Party co-founder Huey P. Newton interviewed by a Liberation News Service reporter on the campus of Yale University, 1970. 

The last photo includes Black Panther Party member Kiilu Nyasha (aka Pat Gallyot) with their lawyer Charles R. Garry.

(Photos by David Fenton)


Catch a look at the new cast of Disney XD’s DuckTales with this theme song sing-a-long, featuring:

  • Bobby Moynihan as “Louie”
  • Ben Schwartz as “Dewey”
  • Danny Pudi as “Huey”
  • Kate Micucci as “Webby”
  • Toks Olagundoye as “Mrs. Beakley”
  • Beck Bennett as “Launchapd McQuack” and
  • David Tennant as “Scrooge McDuck”

- Courtney (harmonicacave)


This interview with David Tennant, Ben Schwartz, and Danny Pudi is roughly 23 minutes, but it’s a lot of fun and well worth your time. In fact, if you stick around until the end, you’ll get to hear them sing the DT theme and randomly, the Golden Girls theme.

Oh! And Carl Barks’ name gets dropped again! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see Disney going out of their way to make sure the Good Duck Artist gets his due…


I am playing Dewey in the new Ducktales TV show! DUCKTALES IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE TV SHOWS OF ALL TIME! I grew up on these characters. In elementary school, I would race home after school every day, make mac and cheese (I wasn’t lactose intolerant yet) and watch the Disney Afternoon at David and Jose Fernandez’s house in Riverdale. We watched the show, played the Nintendo game, re-watched the movie, all of it. My ringtone a few years ago was the Moon theme from the Ducktales video game which maybe one person ever got. So, I am incredibly excited to be a part of this show. A few hours ago, they announced the main cast and it’s magic. Scrooge McDuck- David Tennant, Huey- Danny Pudi, Dewey- Me, Louie- Bobby Moynihan, Webby Vanderquack- Kate Micucci, Launchpad McQuack- Beck Bennett, Mrs. Beakley- Toks Olagundoye and you will be pumped to find out who is playing the amazing guest cast for Donald Duck, Flintheart Glomgold, Gyro Gearloose, Duckworth, Gizmoduck, Magica DeSpell, Gladstone Gander, and Ma Beagle and the Beagle Boys. I can’t wait for this thing to come out. Frank Angones and Matthew Youngberg are gonna make you smile. For now you can watch us all sing the theme song above. Woo-oo!


September 2017 Comic Covers

Bug! The Adventures of Forager 4 - Mike Allred (DC)

Duck Tales 1 - Marco Ghiglione (IDW)

Head Lopper 7 - Andrew Maclean (Image)

Ninjak 0 - Javier Pulido (Valiant)

Jessica Jones 12 - David Mack (Marvel)

Slam! The Next Jam 1 - Veronica Fish (Boom! Box)


The Pans were a Vietnamese immigrant family who took up residence in Scarborough, Canada.  After arriving as refugees in the late 1970’s, Bich Ha and Huei Hann married in Toronto, and later had 2 children, Jennifer and Felix.  Tragedy struck in November of 2010, when 3 intruders entered the house, making demands for the Pans to hand over their money.  When Huei Hann could not produce more than $60 from his wallet, both he and his wife were shot multiple times in the head, killing Bich Ha instantly.  Jennifer, meanwhile, had been tied to the bannister, and made a frantic call to the emergency services reporting the incident.  Felix was away at college at the time.

Miraculously, Huei Hann survived his injuries, however after waking from an induced coma he began to cast doubt on his daughter’s version of events.  Once confronted by authorities, Jennifer admitted that she had hired the ‘intruders’ to kill not only her parents, but also herself.  The Pans had exerted extreme pressure on their children academically, and when Jennifer’s grades began to slip she resorted to doctoring her report cards to meet their high expectations.  She even went so far as to pretend she had gained a place at the local college, studying at the library and filling a pad with notes to avoid any suspicion.  When the time came, she even purchased a college certificate online, and fobbed off her parents when they wanted to attend her graduation.  Under the ruse of staying with a girlfriend a few days a week, Jennifer had really been living with her boyfriend, Daniel Wong, who her parents had forbidden her from seeing.

Under further investigation, it transpired that Jennifer and Daniel had arranged the hit together, paying Lenford Crawford $10,000 to carry out their bidding.  Despite insisting that she had called the whole thing off, Jennifer had texted Lenford and his associates David Mylvaganam and Eric Carty on the evening of the crime, signalling for them to come into the house.  Jennifer, Daniel, and 2 of the hit men were found guilty of first-degree murder, and each is serving life in prison.