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David Cameron has approved a farm to breed dogs purely for animal testing

I cannot believe this is real, but it is.
Britain has approved a farm purely to breed beagles for animal testing.
The abuse of any animal is a disgrace but breeding such a smart, beautiful animal purely to poke and prod and test is heartbreaking.
PLEASE sign this to reverse the approval. This is so important.

Rt Hon David Cameron MP, House of Commons, Houses of Parliament, The Cabinet: Give 16 and 17 year olds the right to vote in the EU Referendum
In the Conservative manifesto, a referendum on EU membership has been proposed by the end of 2017. Currently this means that every person over the age of 18 can vote in this proposed referendum. I would like to ask the Prime Minister, his Cabinet, and Parliament to extend the franchise on this referendum to 16. There are many reasons why I propose this change. Firstly because I am currently 16 and I wasn't able to vote in the General Election of the 7th May. I, and many other 16 and 17 year olds, would have loved to have voted in that election. I feel as though I am more than capable of making an informed choice in that election and this coming referendum considering the fact that I am doing an A Level in Politics and I hope to do a degree in the subject too. I am aware that most of my peers are also capable of making an informed decision on such a huge topic that will affect their lives, with or without studying Politics at school. Secondly, as a 16 year old, I feel as though this referendum will affect me and my generation the most because we are the next generation. We should have the right to make this decision because this decision will affect the politics of our generation and that in turn will affect our whole lives. We do not know what the exact implications of this referendum will be but what we do know is that our generation will be the ones that will 'bear the brunt' of the results. As we are the most affected, we should have the right to decide whether we want to stay in the EU or not. Also, if 16 and 17 year olds were able to vote in the Scottish Independence referendum in September 2014, shouldn't all 16 and 17 year olds be able to vote in this referendum? It is unfair if you give 16 and 17 year olds the vote in the referendum in 2014 without doing so in the upcoming referendum. Also, the Guardian has reported many peers in the House of Lords also want to extend the franchise to 16. The peers are renowned for the expertise in all sorts of matters so if those in favour of the EU are arguing that the best way of making this referendum legitimate is widening the franchise, surely they are right? Finally, by extending the franchise in this referendum to 16, you are making the result more legitimate because more people can vote in this referendum and more people have given their consent to the result, making the result ultimately more democratic. Overall, I hope you consider my argument and choose to widen the franchise to make the result of the referendum more legitimate and a decision made for my generation by my generation.

Please give 16 and 17 year olds the vote in the upcoming EU referendum. Please sign the petition I made so hopefully this referendum will be more democratic. Thank you

DAY 2524

London, by the Palace          Mar 13,  2015          Fri  8:15 pm GMT

There is an unveiling of the statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Parliament Square in London and they - the organisers and the British Prime Minister Hon David Cameron - have written to invite me to the event. This quite simply is an overwhelming moment. I mean .. this is like giving me an importance I just do not deserve .. I am astonished and humbled and have with some trepidation, accepted the offer … and now have been asked to do a reading as well from some of the Mahatma’s works at the time of the function !!

Trepidation .. was the right word !!

Anyway .. there it is .. and there it shall be .. its early tomorrow morning, so one needs to rest after a somewhat turbulent flight, particularly over the regions of Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, the Black Sea, smoothening out as we approach Europe and finally a very mild and comfortable landing at Heathrow.

These are rare privileges and I must thank the kindness of those that consider for me. I am less deserving, but am honoured too.

Its time too to be with family. Shweta is here too, to be with the children - Navya and Agastya - so she shall be giving me moral support, and of course we shall bring in her birthday on the 17th … 

The chill in London is bracing and fresh. The clarity of thought seems to improve when you have that, as also the silence of solitude. Keeps the mind active beyond all. An opportunity to talk to yourself almost. To ponder over what is right and what is not. To think whether what has been done and what awaits approval in time, stands the test of integrity and respect. That is the most important aspect. Take whatever else you need to take from me, but leave me my integrity and respect. I will and can fight back with these moral armaments, and not so sure if the trappings of other feelings and desire, shall.

Whatever …

Ohhh .. just hate the use of words and language that signifies a ‘with it’ culture. And the one just used is one such. The others ..? Well there is a host of them, and even though they form the right term for the young, the more traditional, seem more traditional, to the traditional. And I wonder if I was a part of it !!

They say the connect with the young is prime in any field today in our country. I am now beyond young. So how the connect  ? How the lured effort for the youth  ? Have no idea. And that really is the dilemma ! With almost 80% of the country’s population in that cast - the young and the beautiful - it becomes imperative to cater, or consider later !!

Right .. 

I am now under very deep influence of a worn out mind and body. Excusè !!

Amitabh Bachchan

Don’t Let the Tories Scrap The Human Rights Act in Britain

I know this is non-writing related, but if you could all take a moment to consider the fact that the Conservative Government in Britain is trying to replace the HRA with a Bill of Rights that will make these rights non-absolute;

  • The right t a fair trial
  • the right to life
  • the right to education
  • the right to asylum
  • the right to not be tortured
  • the right to legal representation
  • the right to not face indeterminate detainment

These rights will fall under a “threshold” law which means that someone decides in which circumstances they are and are not applicable. 

This is scary shit so please sign this petition if you can! Thank you so much