david hemingway


Iconic age gaps.

Manhattan - dir. Woody Allen - 1979

Trainspotting - dir. Danny Boyle - 1996

Ghost World - dir. Terry Zwigoff - 2001

Léon - dir. Luc Besson - 1994

Whatever Works - dir. Woody Allen - 2009

American Beauty - dir. Sam Mendes - 1999



With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we thought you might want some Poe Party Valentines to express your literary love. Perfect to share with that guy or gal down the street who never appreciates all the poems you write about them and all the ravens you send their way.

Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party NOW ON KICKSTARTER!

it’s very cliche how much I love sylvia plath but also I have to listen to people talk about ernest hemingway and david foster wallace like they are gods so I do not give 1 fucking shit

Cocktail Menu for My New, Literary-Themed Bar

    The Ernest Hemingway

white rum, maraschino liqueur, grapefruit, lime, simple syrup

The F. Scott Fitzgerald

gin, lime, club soda, Angostura

The Gabriel Garcia Marquez

aguardiente, absinthe, ice (seen for the first time)

The Fyodor Dostoevsky

the capacity for both white and dark rum in the same glass

The E.L. James

a Harvey Wallbanger, made poorly

The Dr. Seuss

brandy, Dalwhinnie, hatchberry, frinny, loads upon loads of bumbletongrinny

The Vladimir Nabokov

scotch - aged 12 years, honey

The James Joyce

Irish whiskey, Pernod, Cynar, crème de cassis, Hesperidina, several more ingredients you’ll have to look up

The David Foster Wallace

A non-alcoholic James Joyce

The Ernest Hemingway 2

any domestic tallboy, shotgunned

The Dan Foster

mostly bitters