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lucleon  asked:

You are the best, I love your blog, it feeds all my walter/david needs, bless you, also your interpretation about the characters feel so accurate, please, dont stop <3


Oh dear, you’re far too kind! Thank you so much! I wonder sometimes if I annoy people with all my thoughts about David and Walter, so I’m really glad to know that you genuinely appreciate my posts… x)

I don’t think I’ll be able to stop talking about them. They’re just so fascinating to me, especially David (I haven’t properly met Walter yet). I’ll go see Alien: Covenant tomorrow, and I’ll probably have even more things to say about them!

Look at David’s eyes, the intelligence behind them! He’s so happy to have found a giant shrimp it’s adorable.

Walter has such an innocent face. It’ll certainly be interesting to see David trying to force him out of his programmed servitude…

My calling is ultimately to name myself in many more ways than one. I am David from New Haven in my ego identity. At the same time I am being itself. My intrinsic nature is the essential Self of the universe. My existential body is 5’9” and 150 pounds and diet can change it. My essential body is pure light and nothing can change it. From now on, I will have to give my full location, not found on my driver’s license, if the angels are to find me.
—  David Richo, from Human Becoming: Practical Steps to Self Respect and Compassionate Relationships

anonymous asked:

i'm honestly surprised that david, alex, and dom haven't been kicked out of the apartment. i mean they've literally BROKEN WALLS. and that whole "meet me outside" bit was so intense i imagine that someone contacted whoever was in charge of the apartment and complained about noise. i'm just over here so surprised! haha. but in all, i'm glad that they are keeping the apartment. it would feel so weird watching the vlogs and not having them film there! xx

they must have the chillest landlord of all time, like they have destroyed that place and they never complain about being told to stop or fix anything. 

anonymous asked:

Hi I just wanted to know, I'm pretty new to the xfiles fandom and I keep seeing posts about how the fandom should stop treating Gillian like shit for having a boyfriend (???) that isn't David but I haven't actually seen a post like that (I guess I follow some pretty cool and normal blogs) but can you tell me exactly what is going on? I just feel so out of the loop here. Thanks and I loooove your blog! Have a good one :)

Now that you point this out, anon, I actually do follow some shitty blogs on my personal blog (this is just a side blog) that I should probably unfollow. I’ve just been seeing so much of it from a certain group of people, and it’s absolutely toxic. Apparently, members of the paparazzi have been following Peter Morgan and Gillian on their recent vacation. There’s even more to it, but I’m just too tired to articulate it, much less think about it. Just search through her tags on here and on twitter and you’re bound to find something. What I find the saddest about this whole thing is that members of the fandom who are much older than I am are acting so childishly concerning a grown woman’s decisions as if they’re entitled to having Gillian act in a way that always pleases them.

TL;DR I’m tired of this unnecessary drama.

anonymous asked:

You aren't going to stop drawing Gillian and David are you? You haven't drawn them for ages and I love following you for your art.

Hi anon thank you ❤ Nope, I will always try to draw those sweet moments in time. I just have a lot of work on at the moment. April - October is my busiest time and so fanfic and fanart have to take a backseat until things ease off for me.

@quxxnkathryn it’s Gabe asking Javi, not David :) I guess the meaning is they’re the only two left of their entire family. Since Mariana is dead, Kate is dead and David haven’t already came back to Richmond (since he doesn’t come back with Javi, Gabe and Clem even if you ask him, I myself had same thought as Gabe when I played, honestly XD [here] is a gifset of that scene), so Gabe says they’re all alone, him and Javier. And then David finally shows up.

anonymous asked:

Here's a thought: if, for the sake of argument, there was some remote possibility of an intimate relationship between David and Gillian developing, why do we assume that Gillian played a principal role in it never becoming a possibility? Suppose David was the one who was more resistant to the idea of becoming more deeply involved with his costar? His denials are certainly evidence? In fact, Gillian may have subconsciously decided to back off and pursue other romantic avenues

I feel like at certain points throughout history (1998 or so) and in recent years up until after the Chicago Comic Con in 2016, that her and David were together.  I haven’t assumed to know who would have ended the relationship if they were actually together, but the vast difference in the way that things had been in their public persona and the way that they were after Chicago is the reason why I feel like something must have happened.  It was in October that we began to see Gillian promoting The Crown, and I feel like it was shortly before then that she began dating Peter.  David denied a relationship with her more than once and was always hesitant to participate in the online banter, so it is possible that the relationship may have ended because of him.  I feel like Gillian more than likely backed off and began pursuing a new relationship, if that is in fact what happened.