david harrison smith

“Maybe what the Doctor tells me, isn’t altogether true…

“But I love every tale he tells me…

“I dunno any better ones, do you? 

“My friend the Doctor says the world is full of fantasy!

“And WHO are you and I to disagree?

“Let’s hope and pray that is the way the life we love will always stay…

“For my friend the Doctor, my friend the Doctor and me!”

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Gotta love 4 year olds
  • <b> My little sister just ran around my room, pointing at every male I have a picture of and this is how it went:</b> <p><b>My lil sis:</b> "Who's this?"<p><b>Me:</b> "Benedict Cumberbatch"<p><b>Lil sis:</b> "no, your boyfriend."<p><b>Me:</b> "God, I wish!"<p><b>Lil sis:</b> "who's this?"<p><b>Me:</b> "Martin Freeman"<p><b>Lil sis:</b> "He your boyfriend too"<p><b>Me:</b> "Molly.... (that's my little sis name.) He's not my..."<p><b>Lil sis:</b> "who they?"<p><b>Me:</b> "the Beatles."<p><b>Lil sis:</b> "you have more boyfriends."<p><b></b> Fyi, this carried on until The Ramones, David Tennant, Tom Baker, Matt Smith, Tuxedo Mask, and the hobbits from lotr were all my boyfriends...... my response was, "no I do not have a boyfriend"<p><b>Lil sis:</b> "why?"<p><b>Me:</b> "according to you I have a herd of them."<p><b>Then she just smiled....... reminder:</b> she's four.<p>

A friend of mine, whom is like a “total” spoiler towards things so at times, I have to do this to him

Temper Range


Slightly Mad, but not so mad:



Raging Mad (not so mad): 



My friend:


Mini-me, round three: 

1. Michele McConnell, Broadway. 
2. Brianne Kelly Morgan, Las Vegas (with an actual mini-me, she made it). 
3. Ryan Silverman, Las Vegas (another Brianne bear). 
4. Jeremy Stolle, Broadway. 
5. Amy Gibbs, restaged US tour. 
6. Bianca Tadini, Sao Paulo. 
7. David Rogers Smith, World Tour. 
8. Sara Jean Ford, Broadway. 
9. Diana Neve, Toronto. 
10. Layla Harrison, West End (hey, someone here made that bear!). 


Doctor Who Meets Star Wars Parody from Rick Kelvington


As the Lakers continue upon their losing ways, Bleacher Reports comes up with some interesting trades scenarios which could lead the Black Mamba to legitimately contend for his 6th NBA Championship.