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Watch the attached video to see Joel and 17 other actors wistfully and/or ruefully describe their first or worst jobs.  :-)  

See if you can guess who netted up “millions and millions of dead fish,” who worked at a shop’s gift-wrapping desk, who was a brick mason’s assistant, who baked Pup Tarts and Pupcake doggy treats, who “got quite pudgy” working in an ice cream shop, who worked security for an Elvis impersonator, and the half dozen who labored in various fast food emporiums….


doing a updated top 30  (since it been a couple months) 

 Top 10 

1. A bronx tale 

2. Taxi driver 

3. Fight Club 

4. La Haine 

5. Breathless 

6. Goodfellas 

7.  The Wackness 

8. Oldboy 

9.  The Godfather  pt.2 

10 . Drive 

LA LA LAND Piano Medley by David Kaylor | Composed by Justin Hurwitz
Full piano medley of all music from the 14-time Academy Award Nominated Motion Picture, “La La Land”, directed by Damien Chazelle, and starring Ryan Gosling ...

This is so beautiful and so well done, I am blown away!

David Kaylor, you are so fucking talented I’m shook right now. He plays for over 30 minutes without pause and without the aid of sheet music or well anything! 

I bookmarked this and I’m going to be listening to it a lot. 


I play piano too and I suck- I wish I had talent

Also, in the comments section of this video (which deserves a billion views btw so give it some love) there were people like me who were shook in the best way possible singing the pianist’s praises and this one was so damn adorable I had to print screen it and add it below. I love La La Land fans so much.


Los Angeles area filmmaker Pablos Fernandez Eyre has taken classic movie posters and turned them into GIFs! Ah-ma-zing.

See more iconic movie posters turned into GIFs here on Nerdist.com!


The Nice Guys - Red Band Trailer (2016)

It’s 1977 Los Angeles. And your missing daughter has gotten herself wrapped up in all kinds of shady business. Who do you go to for help? Who is fit for such a task? Well, you may want to call up “The Nice Guys!”

Check out the newly-released red band trailer for the disco-era detective comedy starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe as two mismatched private eyes who team up for a case involving a missing teen girl and the LA mafia.

Directed by:   Shane Black

Starring:   Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe, Kim Basinger, Matt Bomer, Keith David, Margaret Qualley, Jack Kilmer

Release date:   May 20, 2016