david giutoli

Big Bad Wolf

So I just had a look at the pilot for the series “Grimm”. By CTV

The general story tells of Nick Burthardt, a homicide detective in Portland (I believe) who is told of his nature as the last of the “Grimms”, a group of hunters who defend the world from supernatural beings, all of which are taken from the stories of the Grimm Brothers. His first clue is a couple of “visions” that transform certain people into monsters for a while. Nick’s story sets in before he proposes to his girlfriend, Juliette Silverton, but is interrupted by his aunt Marie, who drops by for a visit. Nick and Marie go for a walk in which she tries to explain, but are jumped by a creature that had been following Marie for a while. She gets really badly injured and, in the hospital, reveals Nicks’ dark secret.

Nick is quite the treat. As a detective and a human being he is very impulsive. Perhaps his aggressiveness will get a hold of him later on in the series. His method is very quick and rash due to his ability to see past the creatures’ disguises. All of these phases are sure to impact later on; as a detective, it is frowned upon to kick someones’ door in and beat him for information that he might not even have.

The cast is very promising; starring David Giuntoli, best known for guest roles in shows such as Eli Stone, Without a Trace and Cold Case, to mention a few. Hank Griffin, Nicks’ partner, is played by Russell Hornsby, another support actor from Gideon’s Crossing (Playing Dr. Aaron Boies) and Haunted (Marcus Bradshaw), among others. As a note to gamers, Russel was Rios’ voice actor in Army of Two and Rogers in Terminator: Salvation.

Eddie Monroe, Nicks’ inside man on the creepy creature universe, is played by Silas Weir Mitchell, the man responsible for the many laughs caused by My Name is Earl. This time he plays a “retired” big bad wolf.

The series looks like it’s got a future. It’s imaginative, the direction and photography is friendly and the script, though complicated due to the fantasy terms, it does not confuse those new to the Grimm universe.