david gemmill

Get To Know Your Animators: Gravity Falls (Disney) 


James Baxter, Matt Braly, Paul Robertson, Dana Terrace

Character Designers:

Bryan ArnettMatt BralyKristen CampbellRobertryan CorySabrina Cotugno, Ali DaneshChris HoughtonAlex KirwanJoe PittStephanie Ramirez

Storyboard Artists:

John AoshimaMatt BralyTyler ChenEmmy CicieregaSabrina Cotugno, Mark GarciaDavid GemmillSunil HallPatrick HarpinBen HolmChris HoughtonJoe PittStephen SandovalChris SonnenburgDana TerraceLuke Weber


“Cheer You The Fuck Up Man” by David Gemmill 

he sure knows what he’s doing :)

Honestly the rabid SU fans don’t deserve to have a nice uncle grandpa free safe haven because they are so gross and awful. You made Matt Burnett and David Gemmill delete their blogs and you harass people who like UG and tell them to kill themselves

Every fucking space of Steven Universe should be occupied with Uncle Grandpa until you fucking learn to act like decent human beings