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Yes we are

We are Cardinal Nation.
We are the 3 million in the stands and the millions more at home.
We are generations of generations.
We are a father, a son, and a scorecard.
We are Ducky, Dizzy, and The Rajah. Albert, Yadi, and Waino.
We are a hard nine.
We are a kid, an old radio, and a disregard for bedtimes.
We are curtain calls and the Clydesdales.
We are sac bunts, hitting the cutoff, and the 4-6-3.
We were “America’s Team” before there was such as a thing as “America’s Team.”
We are 1, 2, 6, 9, 14, 17, 20, 24, 42, 45, and 85.
We are “Go Crazy Folks” and “That’s a Winner.”
We are Hornsby’s .424 and Gibby’s 1.12.
We are Bonilla’s hamstring and a rookie named Albert.
We are Robison, Sportsman’s, and Busch.
We are “Seat Cushion Night.”
We are Ol’ Abner, among other Shannon-isms.
We are “Brummer’s stealing home!”
We are 1892, and 1982. (And not to mention ’26, ’31, ’34, ’42, ’44, ’46, ’64, ’67, and ’06.)
We are the Gashouse Gang, Slaughter’s Mad Dash, and Brock for Broglio.
We are backflips on Opening Day.
We are peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and home runs that break things.
We are a porch swing, a summer night, and the crackly of the Mighty ‘MOX.
We are Whiteyball and the baby blues.
We are Mike Laga and the Legendary Foul Ball.
We are “Meet you at Musial.”
We are 42,396 on a Tuesday night.
We are 475 home runs, 3,630 hits and 3 MVPs, despite WWII.
We are George Kissell.
We are two birds on one bat. And always will be.
We are 43 Hall of Famers, 10 World Championships, and counting.
We are the first team this side of the Mississippi…
And the best fans this side of anywhere.
We are Cardinal Nation.

Okay, can we just talk about how perfect the St.Louis Cardinals are?

You’ve got this bullpen that is just mind blowing, not to mention that they are ADORABLE

Ya got Kyle McClellan delivering drinks on a motorized cooler

We’ve got a pitcher who can hit

And did I mention that he’s totally perfect and adorable in every sense of the word?

yeah we also have handshakes that are so ridiculous, it’s awesome

Then there is Chris Carpenter, who is so beyond badass that its absurd

Yet he is like a perfect father and totally sweet

Then you’ve got this badass mofo over here named Jason Motte who can throw over 100mph and is totally perfect too

And then you have thee most badass catcher of all time right here who has five gold gloves and one hell of a reputation. You don’t steal on Yadi. baseball players just know that.

Does that mofo look like he wants to be messed with? No. I don’t think so

And then we have this perfect heart breaker (Bitch, you wish you were as perfect as David Freese)

Oh yeah, they also dress up.

And one more reason why the St.Louis Cardinals are perfect……

Game Six

Being a girl baseball fan

A player comes up to te plate and you experience one of the four feelings about him:
1. Hate/Indiffrence: either because he’s a total tool or he’s slaughtering your pitcher.

2. Best friend/ Brother: This is the funny player that you would hang out with and laugh with and get hamburgers with. This is the player(s) you want to protect you and treat you like a ‘lil sis.

3. Soulmate: This player is the one you are in love with. The one you will spend forever with. The one you just want to be in his arms for eternity, and watch him win games. That’s everything.

4. The players you wanna fuck senseless: We all have them, girls. Tim Lincecum, Matt Kemp, David Freese, Bryce Harper, etc.

Baseball is good. Reeeeaaalll good.