david firstly

Extra Christmas Imagines:

So, this time, I decided to do something different. Something special. I hope you guys like it, and if you do, please like or reblog! It will help alot and thank yooou if you do. Merry Christmas, I hope you guys have the best holidays ever. God bless you all and your respective families. LOVE, MUCH LOVE, to each one of you that follows me and supports my job. Xoxo, A.N. 


Imagine that you and your new boyfriend are hanging out together but then, subtly, you guys meet David, walking over there. Firstly, you don’t really know what to say, but smiles at him, that didn’t stop walking, but still stared at you guys. [gif]

“Hey, David.” Your boyfriend says, only to imply. You roll your eyes and David forces a smile at your boyfriend. [gif]


Imagine that you’re an interviewer and David is waiting you to come over and start the interview. You’ve had never been with him before, not even before the interview and you were really nervous. Your friend - that works with you - was there too, trying to make you relax. When you both get close to the room that David is waiting, she says: 

“Don’t worry. He’s funny, cute, beautiful and it will make you laugh a lot. You’ll feel comfortable with him.”

“I know he’s funny, cute, beautiful and that he’s going to make me laugh all the time, I had to read a lot about him. And that’s why I’m nervous.” You confess, biting your lip.

“Nervous of what? Nervous of falling in love?” Your friend jokes about it. 

“Maybe yes. He’s single, tho.” She laughs, winking at you. “It’s a joke, I’m just playing." 

"Yeah. Every joke has a grain of truth." 

What you both didn’t know, is that David were listening to the whole conversation and that was his reaction, before you come in the room:


"So, recently, you and your girlfriend had to break up because of distance. How’re feeling about this?” The interviewer asks, but David couldn’t look at him or at the camera to answer. 

“I don’t know about her, but it’s being hard, man…” [gif]


“I heard that you got engaged, David. Congratulations!” The interviewer says, putting his hand on the player’s shoulder, that smiled right away.

“Thank you, man.” [gif]


Guysss, I hope you guys liked! See you soon.

Love, Alice! <3