david earnest

My meaning simply is, that whatever I have tried to do in life, I have tried with all my heart to do well; that whatever I have devoted myself to, I have devoted myself to completely; that in great aims and in small, I have always been thoroughly in earnest.
—  Charles Dickens, David Copperfield

‘Max stands amongst a group of mourners  during the funeral of Chloe Price, tears in her eyes as she remembers her fallen friend’

Victoria- 'jogs up to Max’s side, wearing a suit’  Sorry, I’m late Caulfield. It took a while to find  all of you

Max- It’s ok Victoria 'sniffs, and wipes eyes’ It means alot that you’re here…….

'A blue butterfly lands on Chloe’s coffin’

’ Rainbow light emerges from the openings in the coffin’

'The lid to the coffin is thrown open’

Chloe - 'sits up in the coffin, breathing heavily, eyes bulging’

Joyce- It’s a miracle ! =D

Kate - 'flashes thumbs up to the sky, and gives a solemn nod’

Max- CHLOE ?!

Victoria - 'steps back, clearly alarmed’

Chloe - 'head darts around the mourners’  More people than I thought……. 'head snaps towards Victoria’ =0

'Chloe jumps out of the coffin,  and runs in front of Victoria’

Chloe-   'runs hands through hair’ Hey =)

Victoria- 'breathless, a slight blush coming to her face’ Hey 'waves hand ’

Max- Chloe, how are you alive ?!

Chloe-  Well I was a magic butterfly, I travelled through time, and…… 'shakes head’ you know what , nevermind. It’s a long story 'gently takes Victoria’s hands’ Who'se this…… 'flashes the dazzling smile’

Max- It’s….it’s Victoria. You know this

Chloe- We never really talked much.

Victoria- 'smiles back’ We’ll have to change that

Max-  'blown away at Victoria’ Are you smi….wait, 'turns to Chloe’  are you FLIRTING at your own funeral ?

Chloe- Well I’m alive now, aren’t I ?

Max- Yeah but……..

Chloe- But what ?

Max- I don’t know Chloe, this is new territory here, so I’m drawing a blank

Chloe- Well instead of being a NERD, why don’t you come with  'motions Max towards her and Victoria’ ?

Max- Come with ?

Chloe- Yeah Max, I was magic remember ?

'Max gasps’

Chloe- I hella remember EVERYTHING

'Chloe and Max pull together and kiss’

'Joyce cries the happy tears’

David- 'leans towards Joyce’s ear’ I don’t understand Joyce, what’s going on ?

Joyce- David, they’re lesbians

David - Oh 'earnest smile’ Well good. I always liked Max……

'Max’s eyes turn to David , glaring contemptuously’

'Max and Chloe seperate’

Max - 'overcome with emotion’  T…that was nice Chloe…..but what about Victoria 'points to Victoria’

Chloe - Polyamory dude. Duh

Victoria- Yeah , DUH

Max- Yeah 'nods enthusiastically’ That’s fine

'Chloe takes Max’s and Victoria’s hands and walks out of the cemetery’

David- This was nice. Chloe’s not dead, and she’s found love

Joyce-  'sighs happily’ Yeah….

David- It’s a bit weird that they’re walking though…….

Joyce- Maybe we should give them a ……

'David and Joyce watch in horror as Chloe, Max and Victoria leave in the Price family car’

David- 'bellowing’ CHLOE !

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“Jersey Shore” Gone Wilde ft. Jack Worthing and Algernon Moncrieff

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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(2/2) The empire could be 1: the sort of bored farm kids that bomb around in the backs of pickup trucks with confederate flags on them, even though they're way to far north for that, causing havoc for lack or anything else to do, or 2: a gang of sorts out of detroit, because if there is a death star in the midwest, it's the slowly-sinking hulk of detroit.

Nah, man, no, Detroit’s not the enemy, Detroit’s the wasteland the Empire left in its wake. The Empire is corporate, shiny out of the box, and offering only part-time work without a health plan, shipping its manufacturing overseas. It’s quietly talking its way around the unions, and decimating towns by closing plants and mines and assembly lines.

This has to be a story about a small and earnest David facing up to a huge and malevolent Goliath; of course the Empire is an empire, it has to be big and faceless, impersonal and crushing. Palpatine is probably the president of the board for a holding company that owns the string of shell corporations that finance Bright Star Trust—

(”The Death Star?” Luke Skywalker asks.

“It’s a bad joke,” Wedge says with a shrug and a smile. He pauses. “It was a bad joke. Until it wasn’t.”)

I still find it weird, because I… grew up just thinking Sarah was the coolest… woman on Earth that I find myself in scenes with her- I still find it odd. And I sort of sometimes find myself trying to tell her that. But you can’t- kind of can’t express what that means because it’s about childhood…
—  David Tennant about Elisabeth Sladen, Journey’s End dvd commentary

a tiny missing scene from 5x19.


Killian turns sharply, to see David running down the street - or rather, he amends, a man who looks like David. He’s dressed differently, in a plaid shirt and leather jacket.

Not David, then. James.

Killian’s hand reaches for a sword that’s not there. His hook is the only weapon he has left, but that’s all right. He’s faced far worse with far less.

“Whoah, it’s me!” the prince says, slowing as he approaches. “It’s David.”

The earnest expression on his face is almost enough to persuade Killian; he’s not sure anyone else can look that annoyingly honest and upright, not even with David’s face. He cocks an eyebrow. “Had time for a wardrobe change, mate?”

“Not by choice. My brother knocked me out and locked me up.”

“If that’s so, how are you here?”

“I broke out. Listen, we have to find him, he’s probably with Emma and who knows what he’ll do to her.”

It’s exactly what David would say. But then, it’s also exactly what a smart man would say to try and spur Killian into reckless action. He needs to be sure, lest he walk into a trap or worse, let himself be tricked into betraying the others.

“In the crocodile’s rewritten tale,” he says, “how did you thank me for helping Emma?”

And he knows it’s definitely David even before he gets an answer, because the other man makes a face and gives him a half-hearted, and slightly shame-faced, glare. “I stabbed you in the back.”

Killian grins, and relaxes. “So you did. Right then. Any idea where they went?”

“They—we were supposed to meet Robin in the forest—”

But Killian’s mind is still turning, fitting pieces together. “Hold up. You said your brother was working with Cruella. I saw her car not two minutes ago, and I can’t be sure, but I don’t think she was alone.”

“Where’d she go?”

“Headed to the docks.”

David nods, grim satisfaction on his face. “Let’s go.”

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11 and 29 for the OC meme!!! :D

11. Is there any OC of yours you could describe as a “sunshine”?

I don’t think I’ll ever finish his story but David is a clothes model in a very fancy, superficial fictional society where clothes models do a more fabulous, graceful, dancey version of…professional wrestling.  It looks kind of combative but it’s really all show and the point is to exhibit the clothes dynamically.

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