david duchovny interview


Captures here and here.




-“So, what happened?”

-“I FedEx’ed my computer to myself- I left it behind somewhere- and I asked someone to FedEx it to me and it never got to me. And I didn’t have any backups of the screenplay I’d been working on.”

-“Why did I think fire? Why did we think fire?”

anonymous asked:

And don't forget "Q: Give your girl, Gillian a call! Get her on that. David: Okay. I'll give her a call." I don't think David would respond calmly if he knew that Gillian was with another man. He would have politely corrected the woman and made it clear that he didn't have a girl.

Yes!  I actually answered an anon last week that brought that up.  I gave an example of at least two different ways David could have handled it if Gillian *wasn’t* his girl.

And I fully believe that he’s a good man, with a good heart, who’s smart and fluid with his answers.  It was an interview in which he was comfortable.  It could very, very easily have been done without losing the direction of the conversation.