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There are Getty photos of them leaving separately from Kimmel, and the premiere was immediately after the Kimmel taping. But, yes, they did go to SDCC together. I think they go separately to/from official promotional events because 20th Cen Fox provides them both with transportation.

Are you talking about those pictures? Because it’s them arriving, and I can’t think about anything of them leaving Kimmel. 

Love, appreciation, affection, pride, and more: David Duchovny Style:

So, so much appreciation:

Stupid, goofy dork who can’t help smiling like a lunatic because she’s with him.  And because he gets to touch her. But rock and roll guys do get the girls:

And he can’t help but love the things she does:

And give her hugs for support. Cause, you know, adult friends:

Why, David, do you think she’s adorable?

But, in the end, you can see the pride and love and genuine appreciation for each other:

In other words: