David covers Bowie’s “Heroes.”

I am in LOVE with this performance and for me it was the best of the night. This is my favourite Bowie song and one of my all-time favourite songs period. David NAILED IT and that made me SO HAPPY!! When the song started, I screamed internally. After my insides stopped freaking out, my brain took over and reminded me to record the damn thing. I was 2 minutes into it when the bushy-haired dude that was videotaping the show for the documentary stuck his big head in front of my camera. I wanted to scream externally!! In fact, I think I said FUCK out loud and stopped recording. Thankfully bushy moved just in time for what was, in my opinion, the best part of the performance - the last minute and a half. I started recording again and below is the result. The first part will be uploaded at a later time. I mentioned that my laptop sucks. It took an hour for this clip to upload and 15 minutes for me to type this paragraph. Laptop has issues and is going to scrap hell when I get home. But I just had to upload this because even though others probably have as well, I am so happy and have to share my view. :)

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Hopefully it shows up in HD on here. If not, watch on YT.


Sit Down With David Duchovny in Vancouver (CKNW podcast)

CKNW’s Niki Reitmayer interviewed X-Files actor, David Duchovny. He was in town to play a concert with his band and film a documentary.


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