What you think about X-Philes, about the level of devotion?

“You know, sometimes I don’t understand it because I’m not a TV watcher and I’ve never been passionate about a particular show. And then David and I will get together and do a scene together or I’ll watch a scene that we’ve done and it just… it tugs on something inside of me…. and all of a sudden, I get it. There’s something historical there.”

*Gillian Anderson,Yahoo Chat,May 2001*

Body Language of Men in Love (gillovny style):

His demeanor will always be pleasant, always smiling and cheerful. His eyes will light up and his cheeks will flush. This is done unconsciously to put her at ease:

His lips will become slightly flushed and take on a red tinge. If he touches his lips or runs his tongue over them often, it is an unconscious sign of what he wants her to do with them:

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The age of Aquarius has set at NBC: The Peacock network has cancelled the David Duchovny-fronted summer series after two low-rated seasons, TVLine has learned.

The show’s fate was all but cemented in early August when NBC announced it was relocating the Charles Manson-themed period drama from its Thursday perch to the TV cemetery known as Saturday Night. At the time, entertainment president Jennifer Salke conceded the series faced “tough” odds of seeing a third season. - TVLine


photo credit: huffpo/west duchovny

A New York Times Snapshot with Téa Leoni by KATHRYN SHATTUCK

In a phone call while shooting on Long Island, a feverish Ms. Leoni — her whiskey voice peppered by coughing and laughter — talked about presidential politics and life as a working Upper West Side mother to her daughter, West, 17, and son, Miller, 14, with her ex-husband, David Duchovny. These are edited excerpts from the conversation. (read more)

You took a bit of a break before taking on this series. What lured you back?

Mostly I thought my kids were ready for me to be back at work. I have a daughter who’s applying to college this year and a son who’s debating about whether to start shaving. So we’re kind of in the thick of it, and so far I’m so incredibly impressed with my kids. I was an absolute [expletive] for my parents, and within the first week of the birth of my first child, my mother said, “I just can’t wait until she’s about 13 or 14 years old, and you’re going to get yours.” And I think secretly my mother is depressed that West has not delivered. [Laughs]

I’m sure someone already sent this to you. I saw this on twitter, not sure it is real but it might explain the voice-over thing.

- Thank you for the submission @whatfallsaway! It seems legit, I just looked up and there’s many many characters from tv shows and movies in the game, so I guess we found out what David was doing. I wonder when Gillian did her part.