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“I am reprising the role of Dana Scully,” she says. “We’re going to do six episodes this year in Vancouver, starting in June. We’re gonna have to be pushed around in wheelchairs – I’m 46 now. It’s Crazy. Really crazy. The fact we were even doing any more episodes was never on the cards, so I think I’m still in denial.”

And why does the show remain so enduringly popular? “It was basically David [Duchovny] and I being the most brilliant characters in the history of television,” she says with a smile.

– Gillian Anderson / The National, April 2015


Gillian: David you directed three…or four? …Would you direct differently, Mr Duchovny?

David:  With, uh, with practice or with experience you just change unwittingly, really, you don’t know how you change, but you do.  But I think, I think what Gillian is speaking to is the fact that when you first start, especially on our show, which was technically demanding, and we, we’re not coming from the technical aspect of directing, so we would have been intimated by the shot list or where you put the camera and all these things and I think when you first start to do it that’s all you’re thinking about. I think that’s what Gillian is saying. And I think that’s true. And so I think once you relax, once you do it once or twice, you realize that it’s going to get done, and you can relax and address other things, like talking to the actors…or (whispers), who wants to do that, really?

Gillian Anderson and Dr. David “thirsty” Duchovny talking about directing at Chicago Comic Con, August 2016 (aka: David having an excuse to say “we” a lot and talking for Gillian, his BFF and enjoyable adult friend)


Jason was able to get Anderson and Duchovny for about fifteen minutes which he used as effectively as he could. Duchovny sat with Jason alone for literally less than a minute, but the first frame that he took was perfect and the one that they ended up publishing. As soon as Gillian walked in the room, the entire tenor of the shoot melted into her arms. They still only had a few moments, but Gillian became a great partner for Jason. “Gillian was great because she was kind of flirty with him and that’s what I wanted,” says Jason. She really knew how to handle him. She helped me a lot just by her being there and knowing how to take care of it. She was great. Beautiful. Friendly. And she gave me the look I wanted.” - Jan 2016