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Killian Jones and The Girl Who Lived 6/8

Ahhhh….we’re in the home stretch! I hope everyone has enjoyed it so far. I love hearing from all of you… A great big thank you to @icecubelotr44​ for being such an awesome beta. Also a shout out to @prongsie​ and @jemmingart​ for being such great artists and cheerleaders. I’ve loved getting to see what their brains come up with to complement my crazy, little story.

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Word Count: 5.2k

Rating: G

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Chapter Six: Nicholas Flamel

“You’re sure?” Mary Margaret asked.

The Great Hall bustled with activity as students slid into their places at the tables. Every now and then, the vocal exuberance of a reunion would punctuate the air. Students had been arriving at Hogwarts all day, most of them glad to see friends and excited for the second half of term.

Mary Margaret leaned over the table, her hand practically in the middle of a bowl of pudding as she quizzed the three of them.

Emma sighed, exchanging a long-suffering glance with David. “Is it possible to transfigure yourself into someone else?”

“That’s not transfiguration,” Killian supplied around a mouthful of biscuit—the kind that had rarely crossed the threshold back home, with decadent icing and sprinkles.

David squinted at Mary Margaret. “Are you positive about that? Because Mary Margaret sort of sounds like McGonagall on pop quiz day.”

“I just want to know if you found anything,” Mary Margaret said. She sat back with a huff, not even muttering as Killian reached for another treat.

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