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You know what’s better than cutesy, lovey-dovey David and Daniel?


t h i n k f a s t

a tommy/david  lovey dovey playlist (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

01. night sky//chvrches 02. undo//the 1975 03. love is a laserquest//arctic monkeys 04. drove me wild//tegan and sara 05. blue//beyonce 06. oceans//coast 07. always//panic! at the disco 08. stay with me//sam smith 09. babydoll//the fratellis 10. i always knew//the vaccines 11. grande finale//studio killers



1. Pick a movie: NEWSIES 1992

foxtrot uniform charlie kilo | (2/4)

fake dating + soulmates au + college au → in order to get into the soulmates’ exclusive apartments outside of uni and escape their shitty roommates, killian and emma pretend to be soulmates.

a/n: i wanted to get this out asap so here’s part 2/3, hope you enjoy!

also on ao3

“Look, Emma, why not go for that one over there?”

He points at the billboard advertising “Speed Dating for Those Tatted Few,” but she doesn’t even lift her eyes from the road this time. Emma was more than willing to do that to glare at him while he read over her list, but a prospective love story is seemingly out of bounds, even though there’s a world of soulmate stories at their fingertips, a whole world of them.

Killian raises her list again. She managed to give no more information than a search through the college directory would, her list too short to cover more than the basics: Emma Swan, 24 year old Criminology Grad with an interest in law enforcement.

There’s one item that gets him though, and he murmurs aloud, “You took kickboxing and currently your workout regimen is yoga, taekwondo, and…”

“And? There’s no ‘and.’”

And ignoring every single one of my suggestions,” he says.

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