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Things I'm happy they changed for the Harry Potter movies/added

I always see posts about what we wish was in the movies/they didn’t change, and there are SO MANY THINGS THAT FIT THAT LIST. But honestly the movies did a great job and stayed pretty true to the books. SO, here’s a post to point out the great things the movies did! Please add on and let’s celebrate the movies that brought these amazing books to life!

  • Adding the word Potter to… “Scared Potter?” “You wish.”
  • Showing us what Neville forgot was to wear his robes
  • Bellatrix torturing Hermione by carving the word mudblood into her arm
  • Barty Crouch Jr. licking his lips (good job David)
  • Amos Diggory’s reaction to his son dying
  • “Look at it this way: every great wizard in history has started out as nothing more than we are now – students. If they can do it, why not us?” 
  • In the OotP when they’re in the Hog’s Head a goat walks by… Aberforth owns the Hog’s Head/is the barman
  • Slughorn’s story about Lily and the fish
  • Voldemort hugging Draco
  • Showing Lupin and Tonks reaching for each other and just not touching. It killed me, but I loved it.
  • Continually having Seamus blow up things through out the movies
  • “I’ve always wanted to use that spell!”
  • Showing them just being kids and having fun! PoA scene where the boys eat the candy and make the animal noises

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Hey! I don't really watch supergirl but I was wondering what happened at comic con that seems to upset so many people?

Hey so basically, there is this video on mtv’s youtube channel called something like “CW supergirl cast does a musical recap of season 2″ and in that interview, Jeremy Jordan thought it would be funny to bring up supercorp (the ship of Melissa Benoit and Katie Mcgrath’s characters) and he literally yelled THEY ARE ONLY FRIENDS on repeat for an obnoxious amount of time while the rest of the cast laughed their asses off and the majority of fans took offence because it was really rude. Its one thing to say, “oh yea, I didn’t see that ship coming and I don’t think it will happen.” because thats fine to say that! Its the fact they were laughing so hard at the idea that people would ship them. It hits a real sore spot with fans because tv shows often write wlw friendships that have romantic undertones where nothing happens BUT this was the first time at least I have seen where a cast thought it would be fun to mock the fans. Supercorp fans knew the ship was never going to happen (because the show already has their two gay characters no way they would dare to add another couple!) but no one expected to be laughed at. 

Disclaimer here, all the cast did laugh but David Harewood, Katie McGrath and Odette Annable looked uncomfortable and when supercorp was brought up a second time Katie bravely said some very nice words validating the ship before she was cut off by someone else who made another joke about it. 

I am not sure what to think because I do not believe the cast intended to hurt so many people with their comments but on the other hand, they should have known better. Especially because supergirl has a canon wlw couple with Chyler leigh (who was not in the interview)  in it who has done so much justice to her characters coming out story and has taken so much time speaking with fans and trying to understand their stories and basically being an A+ ally even going as far to as learning about the “bury your gays” trope and what the clexa fandom went through. The cast should have looked at their own show for a second to understand the profound impact LGBT representation does for people and how it is no joke. At the very least they (cis straight people) should not mock something they do not understand. 

UPDATE July 23rd

After Jeremy’s initial non-apology apology, he has expressed his regret and understanding on twitter specifically saying “I realize the issue goes way deeper than my previous perception of a ship”. Personally, I accept his apology because judging from his tweets, he is starting to understand why fans reacted the way that they did and has taken responsibility. 

I wonder if any other cast member will do the same

A Mother's Love

When she turned five, her parents broke the news too her.

America would offer so many possibilities there would be no reason to fear leaving their home country.

When she was 10 and her father was buried six feet under and her mothers tongue refused to speak the language despite constant nights of fighting to form the words, she had to quit school to fend for their small shack of a home.

At 13 she got her first real job at the tallest building in their city, cleaning under a man that shared in her heritage and suddenly American seemed like the place her father bragged about so many years ago.

At fifteen she’s offered false promises by a man old enough to be her grandfather, but when he talks about her home in a way she could never remember, she gives herself too him in turn for stories.

At 16 she was pregnant with a CEO’s baby, and her mother was torn over the ruined innocence of her daughter and what would become of her grandson.

At 17 she’s carrying a bundle in her arms, as she walks down to a courthouse as the father of her child uses various accessories to hide his features in case any one recognizes him.

At 18 she refuses to see her mother, the woman who scolded and cried to her in a language that was now long gone to her daughter, and she wraps her arms around her infant as if too shield him from her past, but she isn’t aware that it’s the future that will force her son too see the worst in the world.

At 23, after receiving another letter from the school about her son, she realizes that she can’t keep him trapped in a house void of love, but she can stay behind and fix it for when he gets back. She always wanted to go to summer camp as a kid.

At 27 when her son is ten, and she has the same number of bruises up and down each arm, she refuses to look her son in the eyes. She robbed him of her rich culture, and thrusted him into a new one that refused too see them, because the robes his mother wore when she was 5 still hung on her no matter how many times she tried to shed them.

At 27, her son is so full of hatred for an unforgiving world that she put him in, and she understands she can’t take that back. But that doesn’t mean she won’t try.

At 27 and a half she forgets she makes that solemn vow and it’s another summer at camp for her son.

At 27 and a half she lets a red haired man who smiles too much for her tastes take her son because theirs so much determination and love in his eyes when he gazes at Max, that she’d be damned if she didn’t let a true parent show her son what it meant to be in a house where you didn’t have to avoid eye contact in fear of getting in trouble.

Right now, she sits at her desk, writing a letter and a check too a little boy that has been her only solace in this world. To her son that has lightened her life in ways she never noticed until now. To a son she loves very much. And she knows this isn’t a good enough apology, but she knows it’s a start.

I love you Max, and I’m sorry for what I’ve done to you and I promise to fix it this time. I love you so very much.


Max wasn’t sure if he was supposed to cry or not, but he was sure staring numbly at the walls wasn’t what he was supposed to do. They had been getting ready to eat breakfast together at the dining table when David brought in the mail.

The six figure check was gifted to David in a separate envelope with a letter that promised more, along with with more promises of an upcoming visit from Max’s mother and grandmother who were both excited to see him.

David calmly took the check, still in shock from the amount of money, and set it on top the fridge, brief thoughts of planning a family camping trip with the upcoming visitors ran through his mind, but all thoughts ran clear once he turned to face Max.

Max couldn’t control the shaking that had over come him.

He had never received something that was filled with such love from either of his parents. The closest that came was the brief hug shared between his mother and him before David carried him back to Sleepy Peak.

And his father was out of the question, vague memories of him being held and a quick kiss to his temple before they left him on his first day of camp by the older man appeared from time to time, but Max couldn’t tell if he had just made up the interaction to fill that void or if his father was capable of showing that much affection to his bastard son.

David crouched next to him, laying a gentle hand on his shoulder and a top of the small fist that was clenched so tightly on the letter.

“Max?” David called, trying to draw Max out of whatever trance had fallen upon him. Max furrowed his brows as he stared hard at wall before him, his body shaking so hard he was making the chair creak.

When he heard David’s voice he let his fist open, allowing David to take the letter. David stood up, but kept his hand on Max shoulder while reading the wobbly hand writing.

“Oh, Max.” David whispered, voice so quiet Max barely caught it.

It came out as a pained wheezed, and then stronger, and Max suddenly realized he was sobbing. He touched his cheek and found his finger tips wet with tears unknown to to him had fallen.

David slowly scooped up the boy, letting Max cry hard into his shoulder fists balling up in the man’s shirt.

“I know, buddy. Shh, it’s okay Max. It’s gonna be okay.” David cooed, pacing the kitchen floor as he rubbed the boy’s back.

“Why?” Max cried, summing up so many questions into one word and David felt his chest tighten, having no answers to settle his pleas.

“It’s gonna be okay.” David made his way into the living room setting down on the couch, and Max curled up in his lap, letting the rest of the tears slip by.

“I fucking hate her!” Max spat, wiping the tears away only to be replaced by more.

David shushed him gently, running his fingers through the soft, black curls.

“Why’d she fucking stay with him? Why’d she have me? Why do I have to carry her fucking shame?” He yelled.

“You don’t have too, Max. Your not your parents, you’re not their mistakes. You’re not what they think, believe, or do. You’re you. Nothing has to change that.” David soothed, letting the words fall among the sniffling and teary eyed hiccups.

Max sniffed and took a deep breath, allowing his nerves to calm.

“Stop speaking cryptic shit like that, you sound like the quarter master.”

David laughed loudly, and both felt the mood lighten. And both were very grateful for it.

They stayed like that for most of the morning.

David held him close, thinking of mothers and marriages of his own past, and Max held on tight to David’s arm that was stroking Max’s upper arm in an attempt at comfort, wondering if moments such like these were what it mean to have a mothers love

SugarDaddy!Cal Pt. 16

A/N: Yall got that last chapter to 100 so quick maan, but here is chapter 16. It’s not much, just a little filler that got too long lmaoo. Y'all like don’t understand how hard it was to write this simple ass chapter. All of the good stuff (especially the smut some have been begging for) is going to be in the following parts. If you’ve stuck with me this long you know the drill of 100 notes and feedback and I hope you enjoy💕

I already have pt 17 written as well, so the quicker this gets to 100 the quicker I can release it ;)

**WARNING**: Profanity as always because she’s a potty mouth

One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
Sixteen/ Seventeen/ Eighteen/ Nineteen/Twenty{END}

“Y/N.” A gruff and raspy voice was the first thing you heard as you were being shaken from your slumber. Your name was called again and again until you finally peeped one eye open to be faced with Calum’s soft features. “Babe, get up.”

“For what?” You groaned as he placed his body on top of yours. You allowed him to rest there , too tired to protest about how heavy he was.

“It’s a meeting all of us have to go to in about ten minutes and we’re already going to be late.”

“Why do I have to get up?”

Sighing loudly, Calum began to place innocent kisses all over the bare skin of your shoulder due to his shirt slouching from it.“Because David wants you at this meeting too.”

With another groan you decided that you were done with the questioning. Calum lifted himself away from you and couldn’t stop himself as he planted a kiss onto your full lips.

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Swan Queen Wedding Rehearsal!!

SNOW: So this is where I will stand, since I can officiate your wedding!  Oh, Emma and Regina!  This is so exciting.  I’m the mother of the bride AND I get to marry you!

REGINA:  All I hear is, “Me, me, me…” (smirks)

EMMA:  (snorts)  Oh, let her have this, Babe.

SNOW:  Yes.  Let me have this, babe.  After all. David’s giving Emma away and Henry’s giving you away…”

HENRY:  I still think it’s kinda weird that I’m giving my mom away to my mom, yet I’ll be gaining TWO moms officially under one roof telling me to take the trash out every week. (rolls eyes)

EMMA:  And make sure you tidy up around the house.  (whispers to a chuckling David)  That way, I don’t have to do it.

REGINA:  I heard that! And you most certainly will do chores like the rest of us.  Henry, don’t think of it as giving me away.  You’re walking me down the aisle.

SNOW:  Yes.  Down the aisle to me. Where I will have you say your vows.  To think how it all kind of started with me and now here I’ll be, joining you in wedded bliss. (dreamy sigh)

REGINA:  (words silently to Emma behind Snow’s back). Me, me, me.

EMMA:  (bites side of tongue to keep from laughing)  My vows are on this yellow sheet of paper.

REGINA:  I already have mine memorized.

EMMA:  Of course you do.

REGINA:  Is that a flyer for Karaoke Night at The Rabbit Hole?

EMMA:  (dubious and careful)  Um… I’m not saying it is, I’m not saying it isn’t…

REGINA:  (wide eyes, Henry rolls his)  Emma! Did you write your wedding vows in a bar?


EMMA:  (hint of a smile)  I’m not saying I did, I’m not saying I didn’t.

REGINA:  (joking sarcasm)  Why exactly am I marrying you again?

EMMA:  Because you love me.  And I love you and this is like a couple years too late already.

REGINA:  (a hint of color and a smile creeps over her face, recovers)  Yes… I’m sure there will be plenty of times you’ll need to remind me of those facts in the future. (raises sardonic eyebrow)

Emma and Regina only have quiet meaningful eyes for each other and it’s as if they’ve momentarily forgotten the others there.

EMMA:  You’re also marrying me for my many other talents and skills.  (wiggles eyebrows)

HENRY:  I’m going to puke.

SNOW:  Okay! Can we please focus on some important things now?  Listen to me!

REGINA: (joking look to Henry, murmurs)  Me, me, me…

SNOW:  You are so not funny.

REGINA:  (feigns offense)  I’m hilarious!

Alien: Convenant - ‘WTF David!’ theories

So, just watched Alien: Convenant last weekend.

FYI, it really is Prometheus 2 in disguise. Like, incredibly, blatantly so. I can’t believe Ridley got away with that production money…

Anyway, so general review: It wasn’t great, no comparison to the first 2 movies, but I think every Alien fan has realized nothing really meets up to those 2 (except Alien: Isolation). Better than Prometheus, and I would argue that I don’t think its better than Alien: Resurrection because as dumb as Resurrection was, it at least didn’t feel like 2 different movies smashed together.

The main problem is how its both Prometheus 2 and the prequel to Alien at the same time, and does neither one really well IMO.

But aside from that, this post is mainly about David. That mad son-of-a-bitch who is now suddenly, one of the most important parts of Xenomorph canon, for reasons I cannot say.

And even then, this is specifically about David and Elizabeth Shaw. Somewhat big spoilers, so turn away from the cut if you don’t wanna see it. You’ve been warned.

This is really for those who have watched the film, and came away from a certain revelation between David and Shaw, that maybe made them go WTF man.

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Tumblr Fact or Fiction - Doctor Who - Judoon Platoon on the Moon

Claim:  Russell T. Davis included the phrase “Judoon platoon upon the moon” deliberately to give David a hard time - as it is pronounced differently in David’s natural Scottish accent as opposed to the Doctor’s Estuary accent.

History:  This claim didn’t originate on Tumblr - it’s been around since the episode aired and has managed to worm it’s way into many (fan-updated) wikis as though it is fact – but can anyone find an actual citation for this (Wikipedia couldn’t find one)?  Is it actually fact?

Source of the myth:  On March 28, 2007 David appeared on Chris Moyles’ radio show to promote series 3 of Doctor Who. They discussed Smith and Jones (featuring the quote in question). The hosts were also quite taken by David’s Scottish accent.  Among the quotes on the show:  
CM:  Do you ever get halfway through a scene and go, "Sorry I’m gonna have to stop, that’s too Scottish?”
DT:  Ehhh… no.  I don’t think I do really.
[later, after David tells them the name of the episode’s baddie]
CM: I think Russell T. Davies purposefully writes alien names that sound Scottish…
DT:  Yeah, to try to catch me out?
CM:  Absolutely!
DT: I think he does, yeah.  And there’s a line where I have to say, “Judoon platoon upon the moon.”
[everyone laughs]
CM:  Isn’t that the knife that you wear in your sock when you wear the kilt?
DT:  That’s a sgian-dubh.
CM:  Judoon platoon upon the moon?
DT:  Yeah
CM:  He’s definitely done that to wind you up!
DT:  [laughs] Yeah, he probably has.
CM:  [goes off on some imaginary scenario where RTD sits at home shouting to his wife(!!) to come up with Scottish-sounding names]

Source:  [ youtube ]

So, I believe that’s the source of the myth - and you would think that DT himself is a very good source, right?  But David really only jokingly agrees with Moyles’ suggestion, saying that’s “probably” what RTD does, so I don’t think that can be taken as fact.

Discounting the myth:
On the DVD commentary track for Series 4 episode The Poison Sky (which was recorded right before The Poison Sky aired in the UK), Susie Liggat (producer) asked RTD:
SL:  Now, a thing that I’ve always wondered, with you two chaps in the room, is: Do you, Russell, set David the odd really difficult thing to say to see whether… like Raxicalla-whatever that one is?
RTD: No, to be honest.  I know what you mean, it could look like that.
SL:  Sometimes I think, nobody…
DT:  The square root of Pi to 30 decimal places wasn’t easy, Russell… thank you.  For episode 10.
RTD: [laughs loudly]
SL:  It feels like there’s sort of a gamesmanship, I suppose, about it.  Like, is he going to look this up in the Latin, ancient Greek…
RTD: I don’t really!  Honestly.  I just sit there and think of the Doctor. Absolutely honestly.  And that, unfortunately for you, that is what the Doctor is like as a man.  This version of the Doctor loves words. I think he talks to himself a lot of the time - he’s listening to himself.  He enjoys… He does puns that nobody even gets.
DT:  I love it, to be honest!
RTD: I do remember this year thinking, in Pompeii, that “Species designation according to the universal ratification of the Shadow Proclamation” [big laugh] I remember putting that in and thinking, that’s a laugh!  I think that’s the only time I’ve ever thought, “that’s a bit of a laugh”, actually.  Let’s have a go at that one.

Unless someone knows of a quote where RTD admits that he came up with the Judoon name/phrase to give David a challenge, I think we can’t count this myth as fact.  It started as a joke from Chris Moyles, and later Russell said that he doesn’t deliberately write lines in an effort to trip up David. This evidence isn’t entirely conclusive – RTD admittedly lied to protect plotlines and such, and people sometimes forget why they did certain things over time, but I don’t believe we have conclusive evidence that this myth is true. DT and RTD did the Smith and Jones DVD commentary together, and the line/reason for the name “Judoon” didn’t come up at that time.  Unless someone can provide a quote where RTD admits it to be fact, I personally count this as an untrue myth.

Sources referenced in this post:
[ part 2 of the Chris Moyles interview on YouTube ]
[DVD commentary for The Poison Sky - I don’t have a link, just the DVD]

I make no claim of being the keeper of all Doctor Who knowledge, and I’m certainly not perfect, but I can share the sources that I’m aware of and provide a place to gather evidence as to the veracity (or lack thereof) of these claims. Please let me know if you are aware of real, verifiable quotes from RTD or another knowledgeable member of the cast/crew and I’ll add it to the list of evidence. 

Other “Who Fact or Fiction” links: 
The “shoes photo” from The Idiot’s Lantern isn’t David and Billie (or is it?)
David hadn’t seen Billie since Doomsday, and was surprised to see her in Stolen Earth


Nervous laughter. Right so this one kind of got away from me. 

Title: Good Morning

Pairing: Jasper/David a lil but could also be platonic.

Genre: Angst (but not too bad)

Word Count: 3,183

Warnings: Cuss words but dude you watch camp camp so

Summary: above ^

(Did I do the fic intro thing right?)

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MAGI 352 Full Spoiler Translation.

Disclaimer: i only to this for fun, to share it with you guys, and to practice my japanese :) which is very basic so keep in mind that i could be completely mistaken in some parts.  This is just a fan translation of incomplete spoilers so: Don’t forget to support the official releases of Magi!

Source: From Tieba Baidu’s Japanese scans and from Jump.Netabare’s texts, Some pics belong to marumaru’s korean scans ^^

@maumauxmau @sayakakat2012

UPDATE: I added the jump-Netabare info that was missing. I checked it while looking at the korean scans so i would be able order it as if the texts were the in word balloons ( you can read it that way if you want to, while you look at the pics on the korean scans) ^^

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David became god!?

 The climax of the Sacred Palace’s battle!!


Alibaba: Amol Saiqa!!!

*Jump-Netabare text: The magic that comes out from Alibaba’s sword goes towards David.

NIGHT 352  “The Key of the Sacred Palace”

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@nemesissy describes what happened as “ceding” the magen david to the state of israel and I think this is spot on. and there are two important takeaways from this motion:

1. you cannot have the triangle without the star of david. this is so beyond excruciatingly obvious and any argument to the contrary is like lowkey holocaust denial, sorry but not at all sorry.
1a. I say this mostly to remind us to think about the ways that modernism constituted jewishness and (to use an ahistorical word) queerness together–we cannot untangle to antisemitism from homophobia, and we cannot for fuck’s sake try to do so while severing two connected symbols of these conjoined atrocities while throwing the history of one of them in the garbage.

2. while I’m going to be the optimist here and consider the possibility that–oh my god it hurts to say something so dumb, but stay with me–maybe the organizers in question did not know enough about the symbol to know that it predates and has infinite meanings outside of a relatively new state project that has seized it. (seize/cede.) it seems totally plausible to me that they have never considered it! why not. but

2a. on the point that doing stuff like this makes jewishness and the state of israel “identical” or synonymous, I want to suggest a reason to avoid this conceptual trap other than that it’s probably antisemitism or at best will be read as antisemitic by jewish people in your community and potential allies alike: it is, literally, the racial project of the state of israel. there is no israeli apartheid without this racial logic! come on. do not cede jewishness to the state, especially not if it does their work of racial science for them.


3x05 / 6x12

Really, David? You know this guy for three seasons now, do you have to treat him like that still?

Honestly, I’m very disappointed from him here. I realize he’s upset and all, but Killian deserves better! Look at his poor face :( He’s hurting by these words just like on 3x05, only this time he already proven himself as a hero, but mostly as a friend to him.

I know this episode will end in the same way as 3x05, with Charming thanking him and being his friend, but I hate that now three seasons later we have to see these kind of words coming out of his mouth all over again. 

I’ve been in this fandom for a fucking long time, I’ve seen a lot of stuff go on but this new wave just takes the cake. Gillian has literally just released a book that pretty much centres on putting kindness out into the world, yet the fans who profess to love her are going out of their way to do the exact opposite. I don’t get it, we will always have differing opinions over stuff but this nastiness needs to stop. Dragging Davids words out that were said 20 years ago is beyond pointless and cruel.

Can you imagine just about EVERYTHING you’ve said being thrown in your face decades later?? We all make mistakes, we dont have to live with them forever. He’s more than made amends, and if it wasn’t for him I don’t think there would have been any S11. We have so much to be grateful for, can we all chill the fuck out..please.

The Whole You

This is how the proposal last night should have happened. Killian is able to confess to Emma and he is shocked by the way she responds.

I fixed it! Ignore the last scene of last night episode and just read this! Kidding of course… After lasts night episode I just had to get this out! Maybe this can give you some comfort over the next week until this can be resolved. Hang in there shippers!

You can find more of my work here: http://archiveofourown.org/users/rubyrose82/works

“Emma, before I ask you, there is something I have to tell you. And I’m afraid that it may change your answer,” Killian admitted, not able to look her in the eyes. Emma cupped his face with hands with a deep concern.

“Whatever it is, we can work through it. We always do” She whispered. “This time is different, love. I don’t know if you will want to be in the same room with me after this let alone spend the rest of your life with me,” Hook explained, tears forming in his deep blue eyes.

“What you’re afraid of telling me, was it recent or in the past?” She questioned, worry wrenched her heart. She felt helpless watching the man she loved battling the pain and guilt he clearly possessed. “The past,” Killian replied, finally looking her in the eyes.

“When I fell in love with you, I fell in love with the whole you. Not just parts of who you are. That means your past too. I know you’ve done things you regret. We both have, but nothing you say will change the fact that I love you,” Emma admitted, as she felt wet tears streaming down her cheeks. She stepped closer to him, placing a tender kiss on his forehead.

“You can tell me anything, Killian,” She choked out. “This is weighing on your heart. Let me help with the load,” His vision was blurry from all crying, but it didn’t matter. She was the most beautiful woman in the world. He didn’t deserve her, or her love. He took a deep breath, focusing on his true love in front of him.

“A few days ago your father asked me to help track down the man who killed his father. He had found out that he wasn’t killed in an accident, but he was murdered. I wanted to prove to him that I was wasn’t just a pirate. I wanted him to see me as more than that, as someone worthy of you, so I agreed to help him,” Killian began, fighting back that prickling feeling in the corner of his eyes again. Emma just simply listened, never saying a word.

“We discovered that King George ordered his death. He was fueled with vengeance, something that I understood. I didn’t want him the make the same mistakes that I often did. I was able to stop him from doing anything he would have regretted, but earlier that day we went to August for some help. He said he ripped out some old storybook pages that might be of some assistance. And on my way home that night he saw me walking and gave me the pages to give to David,” Hook took a pregnant pause. That when he finally broke down. Emma reached out, holding his hand and gave him an encouraging nod.

“The second I saw the pages I knew. It was me,” Killian finished in almost a whisper. It was the first time he had said it out loud. “What was you, Killian?” She questioned still holding his hand tight. “I killed him,” Hook cried out. It took Emma a few moments for it to really sink in. Her true love killed her grandfather, but that wasn’t her true love that did that, not her Killian. Emma knew she had to respond fast. She did the only thing she could think of in a state of shock. Moving in she pulled him in close, wrapping her arms around him.

He fell apart in her arms, whispering that he’s sorry into her hair. Emma’s heart sank, but not for the reason she thought it would. They needed some time to talk, to think, and to cry, and the doorway was no place for it. “Come here,” Emma pleaded reaching for his shaking hand. She slowly pulled him up the stairs to their room and gestured towards the bed.

Killian expected her to walk out the door or maybe even make him leave for the horrible thing he had done. But here she was showing him compassion and love that he truly didn’t deserve. They both sat down on the bed in silence until Emma broke it, “I forgive you.” It only made Hook cry harder.

“How can you do that?” He replied between sobs. “Do what?” She implored, lacing her hand with his.”Forgive me, after all I have done. I have done countless unspeakable things in my life. I’ve killed, stole, and lied. I don’t deserve your love,” Killian wept.

Emma could see that this was bigger than the death of her grandfather. He still wasn’t able to forgive himself for all his past sins. “Killian, don’t you get it? Before I met you, I was miserable. Every person I ever had in my life left me. I trusted and loved no one, but the second I met you that changed. You were the only person in my life that put me first. You’ve loved me unconditionally, you’ve stood by my side, and you make me feel treasured everyday. I wake up every morning hoping I can make you feel even half as loved as you make me feel. You’re not only my partner, but you’re my best friend. And if you think I would just walk away from everything we have just because of something in your past, then I’ve failed you,” Emma ranted wiping the tears from her lover’s eyes forgetting the ones streaming down her face.

“You could never fail me, Swan,” Killian vowed, as she leaned in placing a tender kiss upon his lips. “I love you. Now please asked me, pirate,” Emma giggled, resting her forehead on his. He took the ring that was resting him her hand, and sank to the ground on one knee. His face was still wet from all the crying and his hair was going every which direction, but now his face looked happy and his heart was lighter. She was still sitting on the bed when he took her hand.

“Emma Swan, will you do me the greatest honor of becoming my wife, making me the happiest man in all the realms?” He smiled, blushing from head to toe. “Yes, yes, yes,” She beamed, kissing everywhere her lips could reach. “I love you,” Hook confessed, holding her tight. “I love you too,” She replied into the crook of his neck.

She knew the circumstances weren’t ideal, but it didn’t matter. They were stronger because of it, and twenty or fifty years from now when they tell their kids and their grandchildren how Killian proposed, it will be nothing short of perfect, because it will be the story of them and their love.


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Imagine David Rossi and you being in a secret relationship and him defending you in front of Strauss (she’s giving you a hard time - you made some risky decisions on a difficult case) … that’s how the time finds out (they kinda suspected there was something going on) 

Requested by bell88x9y~

“Maybe you forgot about what it’s like in the field, but things happen. They happen very quickly. And there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Strauss was a little taken aback by Rossi’s words, and so were you and the rest of the team. As much as they thought Strauss was being unfair, they weren’t about to openly challenge her. There was small prick of affection you felt for Rossi, seeing him stand up for you.

Spencer noticed the way you smiled fondly at Rossi. His gaze attracted Hotch’s, and soon, everyone’s eyes were switching between you, Rossi, and Strauss.

They were bound to have questions once the briefing was over.

New Boy In Town

/Girl Next Door Part 2/

AN: this fic is technically a part 2 to Girl Next Door but you don’t necessarily need to read Girl Next Door to understand this one :) this is also going to be two parts so be ready lmao

Peter Parker x Reader

// Masterlist //

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It’s been a couple of months since Y/N moved next door to Peter. The two have become so ridiculously close and are usually never seen without the other. Both had harbored feelings for each other since the day they met but were both too shy to do anything about it.  Ned Leeds thought about how stupid the two smartest people in school actually were. It was painfully obvious to anyone who saw them together that they were in love but apparently it wasn’t obvious to them. 

“Peter, I swear if you don’t stop distracting me while I review, I’m not gonna speak to you for a week!” Y/N screamed. Peter knew she was more than ready to ace the test and thus, tried to distract her.

“Y/N, you’ve got this down. You studied harder for this than any of us.” Peter gestured to him and Ned.

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You’ll Be In My Heart.

Canon divergence for 6x17. David goes through the portal to little Emma. Daddy Charming.

“Charming, no!” was the last thing he heard before the garbled noises of the portal surrounded him. He felt as though he’d been propelled through the water at top speed. All the air rushed out of his lungs and his throat burned as he fought to breathe.

It ended as quickly as it had began. He felt his hands and knees collide with rough wood. He could just make out a muffled, scared voice over the pounding of his heart in his ears but he couldn’t answer. Not until he got his breath back.
When he did, he slowly raised his head to face the tiny girl sitting wide eyed on the bed, headphones discarded. His mouth fell open. She was more beautiful than she had looked from the other side. Bright golden hair, sparkling green eyes with the hope slowly inching out of them,a tiny button nose. She looked like the princess she was, the princess she should have grown up to be. For a moment, he saw a tiara on her golden locks, her dressed in a white ballgown and slippers. It was a fleeting image but one he’d save forever.

Right now, she was backing against the wall, staring at him with her jaw practically on the floor. He couldn’t blame her. A strange man appears in a little girl’s bedroom after falling through the wall. She’s bound to be frightened.
When she opened her mouth to scream, he snapped into action.

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so cut through the heart cold and clear

an: I couldn’t not. These are my three favorites, and no amount of fic will ever give me my fill of them. Title is from “Frozen Heart” (from Frozen because why would I use anything else)

so cut through the heart cold and clear

David has become a father twice-over in the span of a few years (or thirty, depending on who you ask, it’s really difficult to say for sure which rules of time he’s going by) and to make matters all the more difficult, his daughter is a scant two years younger than him, a full grown woman who’s been making decisions her whole life without needing the help of his sage, fatherly advice.

Though she’s recently come to him for his ever-so-wise council (who is he kidding, he can barely change a diaper - she’s been a mother longer than he has a father) he still feels hesitant dispensing it at will, and now is hardly the time.

Shooting a quick glance into the backseat, David has to hold back a groan and yet another reprimand - running off without backup, stumbling upon danger like she’s drawn to it, worrying the hell out of all the people in her life who love her so dearly, he just wants to keep her safe.

Perhaps she’ll listen better to the other source of David’s current frustration, the one she’s curled into, leeching warmth from him while she shivers beneath a pile of blankets and a black leather coat that was apparently heavy enough to make her grunt when it was dropped about her shoulders.

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anonymous asked:

you call david a gentleman, i call him over-exaggeratedly touchy feely. there were times while watching the xf's that gillian looked taken aback or uncomfortable when he used to hover over her. touching the small of someone's back is a controlling gesture and he used to do that a lot too. gillian even said once that his hands made her feel uncomfortable.

You have hell of a way to twist people’s words, anon. Find me one picture where Gillian looks taken aback with David touching her, just one. Please. And she never ever said his hands made her uncomfortable. What she said is that hands are what she looks first on a man, and David needed to work on them. She thought they were too small. I could flood this post with dozens of pictures where Gillian does look comfy and happy to be snuggled up into David’s embrace, but you know them already. 

Let’s not make this a contest between David and PM, would you? First of all, we all know who would lose, and second of all, there’s absolutely no need to. Gillian said herself and keep saying she loves David Duchovny. There’s no reason to question that, wether or not you believe she’s dating someone else. That’s the beauty of Gillovny. It shines no matter what. 

anonymous asked:


“Davey! Davey! He’s our man! If he can’t win it, well, I’m out fifty bucks,” Race sipped his water bottle after finishing his cheer and sprawling out in his seat.

David, who had just finished pinning his contestant number to his shirt, looked up at Race. “You bet money on me?”

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