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Part 1 of my WIR Collection. Click pics for captions!

Happy 3rd Fanniversary!! It really says something about this movie that it’s the first and only one of two (the other being Big Hero 6) movies I own on Blu-Ray combo and I DON’T EVEN HAVE A BLU-RAY PLAYER.

Shout-out to davidsketchblog and silvaniart for the awesome art goodies from NYCC!

52|365|2014 Friday February 21
U is for Up 

I finally put up most of my favorite framed pieces of art in my home office. I have never worked in here because although I don’t want to admit it..I couldn’t stand the vibe of the room. It felt cold and unwelcoming. I needed it to be my artistic sanctuary. Bringing in my rug, putting up my flower poufs and artwork is really bringing things together. Hopefully I will start painting in here soon instead of the kitchen table…