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I know I haven’t posted any true crime related material in awhile, so here is a little snack for my true crime followers. A lot of people ask about Jeffrey Dahmer’s brother, David but there isn’t much information on him aside from the fact that he changed his name years ago and doesn’t appear to want anything to do with the publicity surrounding his brother. So for all of you guys who were curious to know more about David, I managed to get a copy of his high school year book. The most interesting thing is that he seems to have been the polar opposite of his brother in school. He was very involved in school activities and was very popular and well liked. He played golf and was the class president. If Jeffrey and David had gone to school together and were not related, I doubt David would have had much to do with Jeffrey. David seems to have been what most parents would consider the ‘ideal’ son, which is ironic considering that his brother is probably a parents greatest fear.  

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Voices of serial killers
Voices of serial killers

Voices of various serial killers. 

Ordered by date of apprehension: Edmund Kemper (about watching TV and learning how not to get caught, through crime shows) - Ted Bundy (about remorse) - David Berkowitz (about finding religion) - John Wayne Gacy (demonstrating a rope trick he used on his victims and explaining it) - Richard Ramirez (about his thoughts on serial killers in general) - Aileen Wuornos (getting angry about the way she was treated by others) - Jeffrey Dahmer (about his motive) - Dennis Rader aka. BTK Killer (about dreaming about and planning the killing)


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-Richard Ramirez
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The following is a list of people who killed and the jobs they had prior to their capture:

Jeffrey Dahmer- army combat medic, mixer at the Ambrosia Chocolate Factory

John Wayne Gacy- shoe store manager, KFC manager, children’s birthday party clown

Ted Bundy- grocery store bagger and stocker, shoe clerk, bus boy, campaign volunteer, suicide hotline worker

David Berkowitz- letter sorter for the United States Postal Service, army veteran

Dennis Nilsen- British army cook, police officer in London

Dean Corll- vice president of a candy factory

Andrei Chikatilo- literature teacher, regional sports manager

Harold Shipman- doctor

Dennis Rader- ADT alarm installer 

Donald Harvey- worked various jobs in the medical field

Fred West- ice cream truck driver

Robert Pickton- pig farmer

Miyuki Ishikawa- midwife

Cary Stayner- motel handyman

Jack Unterweger- author, radio host, journalist

Karl Denke- church organ player

Peter Sutcliffe- factory worker, grave digger, truck driver

Norman Afzal Simons- grade school teacher

Richard Angelo- nurse

Randy Steven Kraft- bartender, forklift driver

Arthur Shawcross- Watertown Public Works Department employee

Doug Clark- mechanic, boiler operator

Daniela Poggiali- nurse

Michael Swango- physician, laboratory technician

Thomas Neil Cream- physician, surgeon

Arnfinn Nesset- nurse, nursing home manager

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev- lifeguard, marijuana dealer

Dylann Roof- landscaper

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Siblings Of Notorious Killer

1. Elisabeth Behring, Half sister of Anders Breivik 2. David Dahmer, Brother of Jeffrey Dahmer 3. Byron Klebold, Brother of Dylan Klebold 4. Kevin Harris, Brother of Eric Harris 5. Ryan Lanza, Brother of Adam Lanza 6. Kristen Kinkel, Sister of Kipland Kinkel 7. Tammy Homolka, Sister of Karla Homolka 8. Amber Roof, Sister of Dylann Storm Roof 9. Angela and Joey Arias, Siblings of Jodi Arias

Famous Serial Killers and Their Favorite Music

Richard Ramirez

Ramirez was a fan of the rock band AC/DC and even left a baseball cap with the band’s logo on it at the scene of one of his murders.

Jeffery Dahmer

Those who knew Dahmer personally reported that one of his favorite bands was Black Sabbath. Because Dahmer’s crimes are so notorious many metal bands have written songs based on him and the horrific acts he committed.

John Wayne Gacy (The Killer Clown)

The man who made Americans terrified of clowns once answered a survey in which he listed REO Speedwagon as his favorite band.

Charles Manson

Though it has never been proven that Manson committed ANY murders by his own hand, he did lead a cult that carried out multiple murders under his instruction. Manson was a musician himself and despite never achieving fame for his music, he succeeded in associating himself with some of the most famous musicians of the time. The Beach Boys were personal friends of Manson to the point that he lived with Dennis Wilson for a short while. He also hung around with folk-rock band The Mamas and The Papas and Neil Young.

Charles Manson loved The Beatles and even used lyrics from their songs to fuel his delusions and control his followers.

David Berkowitz

The “Son of Sam” was a self-proclaimed folk rock lover and one of his favorite artists was Peter, Paul, and Mary.

Aileen Wuornos

Wuornos’ favorite artist was Natalie Merchant and she even arranged to have the song “Carnival” played at her funeral.