david d'ostilio


I sent one minimal dollar to my grandmother. She is my Mom’s Mom. She grew up in Frankfurt, Germany during World War 2. So the day she received the minimal dollar she called my father. He answered with a grumpy hello because it was a little bit late and he is a notorious Luddite. My grandmother says, “I know what I’m going to do with the dollar.” in a German accent still thick even after 65 years in America. “I am going to put it in the collection plate. Ok goodbye.” the conversation was short and sweet just like my grandmothers decision on what to do with her minimal dollar.


Two minimal dollars spent by two of my favorite people and recently married couple Beth Lamonica and Jason Black.

Hi Dave,

While Jason early on spent his F69728058M dolla dolla bill at the Cornell Scott Hill Health Center employee cafeteria on some probably lackluster food, I held out thinking that my G92666884D dollar could be put to great and interesting use. Alas, my lack of using the ATM at appropriate times failed me and I ended up giving it as a tip to the woman who gave me a manicure at a nail place in Darien that I couldn’t even tell you the name of because it changes hands so frequently. Hopefully she enjoyed the surprise and was at least satisfied that I didn’t stiff her on the tip.