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When Twin Peaks’s in-house photographer had quit and no further promotional shots were needed since the show was cancelled, Richard Beymer (Benjamin Horne) took his Olympus camera to the set and was given David Lynch‘s thumbs up to document the last days of filming the show.

His behind-the-scenes photography, partly included as an extra on the Twin Peaks Gold Box DVD set, has become legendary, showing the actors both in and out of character and the Black Lodge from angles you haven’t seen the place before.


“Hawk… I’m dying… You know about death, that it’s just a change, not an end. Hawk… it’s time. There’s some fear, some fear in letting go. Remember what I told you. I can’t say more over the phone. But you know what I mean, from our talks, when we were able to speak face to face. Watch for that one, the one I told you about, the one under the moon on Blue Pine Mountain. Hawk… my log is turning gold… The wind is moaning… I’m dying… Good night, Hawk.” 

Twin Peaks: The Return / “Part 15” / dir. David Lynch


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“Coulson, I’d like you to meet my friends and colleagues,” you introduced, “SSA Hotcher, Rossi, Morgan, Prentiss, Jareau, and Dr. Spencer Reid.”

The man nodded, not offering to shake anyone’s hand. Hotchner was eyeing Coulson with suspicion. Knowing you’d have to explain, you let out a slow breath.

“Has Agent Hill briefed you?” Coulson asked.
You nodded while seeing the confusion on the BAU team’s faces.
“Agent Coulson is a part of SHIELD, which means this case is actually a lot crazier than we could have anticipated.”
Coulson nodded. “Agent Y/N has been-”
“Wait…agent?” Morgan asked with an arched brow, “Not SSA?”
You lowered your gaze.
“You work for SHIELD,” JJ surmised.

You saw Hotch’s jaw clench as you nodded. You went to speak but Coulson beat you to it.

“As I was saying, Agent Y/N was ordered to be undercover in the FBI,” he explained, “If it’s any consolation, they never reported on you other than to say you’re their family.”

You saw JJ’s, Rossi’s, and Prentiss’s expressions soften. You held back a sigh. You had a lot of explaining to do later.

“Now. Shall we?” Coulson piped up.

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