david constabile


It really amuses me how many people from the cast of Lincoln (2012) show up in “The Blacklist” 

David Strathairn [William H. Seward in Lincoln]: as ‘The Director’/Peter Kotsiopulos
James Spader [Mr. Bilbo in Lincoln]: as Raymond Reddington
David Constabile [Rep. James Ashely in Lincoln]: as Dr. Linus Creel
Gloria Reuben [Mrs. Keckley in Lincoln]: as Dr. Selma Orchard

Peter McRobbie (who plays Pendleton in Lincoln) also has a cameo in The Blacklist as “The Man on the Phone” in several episodes. 

My brain is having fun making some fantastical AU in which Seward, Bilbo, Ashley, Keckley, and Pendleton somehow became immortal and now they are causing problems in the present.