david collings hair

David Collings as Julian Oakapple in ITV Southern’s 1977/78 children’s drama Midnight Is A Place, adapted from Joan Aiken’s book.

And a scene from the book they didn’t do (they couldn’t afford the snow, the pony, the dog, the cat, the canary, or the baby among other things), and I wish they had:

“You may as well do as she [Lady Murgatroyd] says,” Mr Oakapple observed drily.  “Look how meek and biddable she has made me."  He was sitting with the canary perched on top of his head, entertaining the baby by handing her back the various pine-cones, pebbles, and lumps of knotted wood that she chose to throw out of her cradle.  Lucas could not help laughing, though it hurt his throat to do so.

For justice_turtle: Yes, 1970 was Scrooge - but almost all years were Good Hair years…  I think UFO might have been filmed earlier than Scrooge, though - I can’t help but notice he has the same sticky-up bit of hair in UFO as here in Special Branch (1969).

(Also I apologise that you now know the dates of Things David Collings Was In. *sheepish*)

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