david colditz

Youtuber's Birthdays

I thought I would show you guys the birthday’s of some youtubers to see if you share the same birthday with anyone. I’m sorry if some of these are incorrect. 


Jack Baran (thats0jack) - January 13th 

Joey Gatto (JoeyGattoTV) - January 24th

Phil Lester (AmazingPhil) - January 30th


Taylor Caniff - February 3rd

James Yammouni - February 27th


Josh Sobo - March 11th 

Christina Grimmie - March 12th 

Tyler Ward - March 12th

Alex Goot - March 15th

Tyler Oakley - March 22nd

Sam Pepper - March 26th

Zoe Sugg  - March 28th

Kalel Cullen - March 30th


Lisa Schwartz - April 4th

Ricky Dillon - April 4th

Todrick Hall - April 4th 

Morgan Demeola - April 19th

Caspar Lee - April 24th

Jon Cozart - April 26th

Nolan Emme - April 27th

David Moss - April 28th 


Arden Rose - May 3rd

Jai Brooks - May 3rd

Luke Brooks - May 3rd

Sawyer Hartman - May 4th

Bart Baker - May 5th

Finn Harries - May 13th

Jack Harries - May 13th

Joey Graceffa - May 16th

Carter Reynolds - May 24th


Jonah Green - June 1st

Patrick Quirky - June 3rd 

Troye Sivan - June 5th

Hayes Grier - June 8th

Tanya Burr - June 9th 

Dan Howell - June 11th

Andrew Lowe - June 26th

Ryan Abe - June 26th

Andrea Russett - June 27th

Jack Douglass - June 30th 


Matthew Espinosa - July 8th 

Jenn McAllister - July 9th 

Shane Dawson - July 19th

Beau Brooks - July 31st 


Shawn Mendes - August 8th

Lindsay Demeola - August 9th

Christian Novelli - August 10th 

David Colditz - August 13th 

Josh Chomik - August 24th 

Matt Sohinki - August 29th 

Sam Fazz - August 29th 


Kian Lawley - September 2nd 

Cameron Dallas - September 8th 

Joe Sugg - September 8th

Orion Carloto - September 9th 

Jack Gilinsky - September 10th 

Jc Caylen - September 11th 

Connor Franta - September 12th 

Jenna Mourey - September 15th 

Anthony Padilla - September 16th 

Alfie Deyes - September 17th

Mamrie Hart - September 22nd 

Grace Helbig - September 27th 

Ian Hecox - September 30th 

Trevor Moran - September 30th 


Chris Kendall - October 2nd 

Adam Buongiovanni - October 3rd

Nick Buongiovanni - October 3rd 

Aaron Carpenter - October 5th 

Travis Beck - October 10th 

Sam Pottorff - October 19th

Marzia Bisognin - October 21st 

Acacia Clark - October 22nd 

Felix Kjellberg - October 24th 

Daniel Sahyounie - October 31st 


Hannah Hart - November 2nd

Bethany Mota - November 7th

Damon Fizzy - November 8th

Jacob Whitesides - November 11th


Charlie Puth - December 2nd

Jim Chapman - December 28th

Nash Grier - December 28th