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Music Tag Shuffle~

Rules: Shuffle your music, write down the 1st nine songs (along with your fav lyrics)

tagged by the lovely @astrofairies (thank you!!)

1. Good Night by Dreamcatcher

I’ll be conducting your dreams without change
Without even moving a finger
I’m making you drenched in sweat
You can’t wake up

2. One Woman Army by Porcelain Black

I’m on the battlefield
Like, oh my God (ooh la la)
Knocking soldiers down
Like house of cards (ooh la la)

I’m a one woman army (ooh la la)
Yes, I’m a one woman army
(ooh la la, ooh la la, ooh la la)

3. Another You, Another Way by Against the Current

I wish there was another you, ‘nother way
And I just can’t find the words I should say
If I wanna tell you how I feel, how I feel
Without breaking all that we’ve made

4. Take Heart by The Sam Willows

Take heart, this world is ours
Run high and fast now they’re coming for us
Take heart, we’ll fight the hours
Fall back in light running through the forest

5. 24 Hours by Sunmi

24 hours are not enough
When I’m with you,
When I lock eyes with you
24 hours are not enough
When I’m touching you
And when you’re touching me

6. Paradise Lost by Gain

I’m here
I’m yours
Just remember this
You and I, another paradise

7. I’ll Be Yours by Girl’s Day

Empty out your complicated thoughts
Throw away your awkwardness
Be a man, tell me how you really feel

8. Pretend by Bad Suns

Sometimes I wish that we could all forget
Your figure fades into a silhouette
But I hear you breathing
I’m done believing

9. By My Side by David Choi (lol my bf and I’s theme song)

All the fears you feel inside
And all the tears you’ve cried
They’re ending right here
I’ll heal your hardened soul
I’ll keep you oh so close
Don’t worry; I’ll never let you go

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✧ if we only live once, i wanna live with you ✧

fine by me - andy grammer // i’d lie - taylor swift // sugar - maroon 5 // kiss me kiss me - 5sos // something i need - one republic // girls chase boys - ingrid michaelson // just say it - the mowgli’s // somebody to you - the vamps //  i want crazy - hunter hayes // by my side - david choi // we could happen - aj rafael // recklessly - hot chelle rae // keep me crazy - chis wallace 

first playlist i ever made now on 8tracks 
hope you like it c: 

Rainy Day Lover -a destiel mix for those days rainy days full of cuddling


bloom - the paper kites | towers - bon iver | heart on fire - johnathon clay | darling I do - landon pigg | forever like that - ben rector | by my side - david choi | rolling stone - passenger | atlas hands - benjamin francis leftwich | and if my heart shall somehow stop - james vicent mcmarrow |  

you’re the sweetest thing - a suga® sweet mix for the most married couple in haikyuu

Superman - Joe Brooks // I Do Adore - Mindy Gledhill // Another Day - Carousel // Teenage Dream - Boyce Avenue // By My Side - David Choi // Endlessly - The Cab // I Wouldn’t Mind - He is We // You and I - Ingrid Michaelson // All About Us - He is We // Candy Store - Faber Drive

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A fanmix of cute love songs to celebrate shoujo manga’s first loves.

01. By My Side - David Choi  |  02. Disconnected - 5 Seconds of Summer  |  03. Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop - Landon Pigg  |  04. I’m Yours - Jason Mraz  |  05. Adorable - Artist vs. Poet  |  06. All About Us - He is We (ft. Owl City)  |  07. Lost in You - Stephen Barnes  |  08. Bubbly - Colbie Caillat  |  09. In Your Arms - Kina Grannis  |  10. Honey and the Bee - Owl City

Full Playlist | Cover graphic inspired by (x)


By My Side - David Choi

come home - a mix dedicated to Hiccup and Jack and the time they spend apart from each other during the turn of seasons

Christmas TV - Slow Club // Such Great Heights - The Postal Service // Vanilla Twilight - Owl City // By My Side - David Choi // Winter Song - Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson // Echo - Jason Walker // You Are My Sunshine - LiliAna Rose // Little Jack Frost - Kate Rusby // The Snowstorm - Lily Sevin

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blue night radio - 141109

today’s songs
(the theme was: songs recommended by his peers/friends that suits blue night’s theme.)

01. walking shoes - mali music (recommended by minho)
02. somewhere only we know (recommended by snsd’s sooyoung)
03. wish you were my girl - a.n.d/end (recommended by a friend of jonghyun’s in england)
04. amnesia - justin timberlake (recommended by snsd’s taeyeon)
05. in the fall - roy kim (recommended by a friend)
06. magic - coldplay (recommended by webtoon artist)
07. by my side - david choi (recommended by a friend)
08. circle - jun bum sun & the yangban (recommended by staff who was recommended the song by cnblue’s jonghyun)

(translation: vanillahaato)