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The signs as dead musicians I’ve cried about on my period

Aries: Amy Winehouse

Taurus: Leonard Cohen

Gemini: Michael Jackson

Cancer: Freddie Mercury

Leo: Johnny Cash

Virgo: Jeff Buckley

Libra: Prince

Scorpio: Mama Cass 

Sagittarius: Jim Morrison 

Capricorn: Whitney Houston 

Aquarius: David Bowie

Pisces: George Harrison 


Performed by: Stephen “Swizzy” Banks, David Butterfield, Cathleen Cher, Jean Chung, Juliet Jones, Brooke Shepherd, Adrian Smith, Cass Song, Jasmine St. Clair, Amanda Suk, TinTin V., Richard Wang, and Eugene Lee Yang

Number: “Is Your Life Average?”

Choreographer: Eugene Lee Yang

Style: Contemporary

From: Buzzfeed Video (2016)

“Mate, this is going to be the best Halloween ever…you’ll see”

This year, The Doctor and Castiel decide to dress as each other while they Trick or Treat

Cas is glad to have a long coat again and the Doctor assures him that stripes really suit the Angel

Learning the Language

 Happy Birthday @loxare! Dear friend who shares so many of my passions and is always around to correct me when I make mistakes on the comics timeline. On the celebration of your birth, I give you a quick ficlet based on your prompt “​Jason and Cass and Tim learning something together”. I was inspired by the idea that ASL really would have been a good language for Cass to learn and I’m sorry DC didn’t incorporate that.

Since you’re so keen on comics timelines, I put this sometime between No Man’s Land and when Tim loses Robin. So early Cass who’s had a her mind rearrange but hasn’t gotten a grasp on words yet and a Jason who is still erratic and dangerous but has his good days because I needed Jason to semi-behave in this story forgive me for canon contradictions. Again! Happy birthday and I hope you enjoy this dumb little thing!

“I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing.”

“Well then, you shouldn’t have a problem.”

“You know I still haven’t decided if I’m gonna kill you or not, Replacement,” Jason muttered to himself as he continued pouring over the dozen or so books in front of him. “You’re only here ‘cause I need you, you little wimp.” He looked back and forth from his book to his hand with an annoyed expression. “Why do you even know sign language anyhow?”

“I had a lonely childhood and a lot of time on my hands,” Tim responded simply motioning appropriately with his hands as he spoke. His movements were slow and jerky from lack of practice but he didn’t think Jason would notice much less mind. Using ASL was nostalgic, honed years before out of desire to express himself during the times his parents demanded he be silent. How many dinners and parties did he wile away, signing quietly to himself as he told his parents all the things he dare not speak aloud? Tim brushed aside the bitter memory, his skills were going to finally be put to use today not just to connect with Jason but to help with Cassandra. The girl was sitting across from him, staring intently first at his hands then up to his face as if that would help her make sense of his seemingly random movements.

“You think this is really gonna help her?” Jason asked, gesturing to the dozens of books they’d gathered from who knows where. Knowing B, he probably had these books from when he decided to master ASL in-between training with Tibetan monks and learning to swallow swords or something. Jason, Tim had decided once the older vigilante had stopped actively trying to kill him, was quite a softie. You could scream and yell and demand all you wanted at the Red Hood, but the second you ask for his help dealing with an abuse victim with learning differences he trucked over to Wayne Manor with only a little grumbling. It probably helped that Bruce was currently fighting some sort of space amoeba straight out of Star Trek on the outer edges of the galaxy. But they were making progress bit by bit; you just needed to know how to speak his language. Speaking of which…

“David Cain didn’t allow Cass to speak during her formative years; he trained her brain to respond to body language instead of sounds and words.” Tim said, talking to Jason but directly facing the latest Batgirl so she could watch his slow, deliberate motions. “She knows some words and she’s capable of learning but given her background I thought a method of communicating using visuals and physical activity might help bridge the gap. ASL is much simpler than English, there are no participles or rules and their exceptions, just quickly getting the point across.” Cass’s dark brown eyes continued to study him, she was hard to read but he was getting better. If he was correct, she looked pretty intrigued and excited at the thought of being able to speak in a way that suited her.

“The offer’s still open girl,” Jason said darkly, his eyes taking on a distinctly menacing light reminding Tim just how tenuous this truce with Jason was. “I don’t care how many guards they got at Blackgate; I will get in there and end that abusive bastard for what he did to you.” Most days he was still under the influence of the Lazarus Pit and wouldn’t hesitate to kill any of them; Tim had happened to catch him on one of his better days but he didn’t count on that lasting. Cass pouted sternly and reached forward to flick Jason right between the eyes, stop that, she said without words. Jay rubbed at his forehead but the threatening air between them had lightened.

“It’s not that hard to learn,” Tim added on hastily as he tried to steer the conversation away from revenge. “It just takes practice and patience.”

“Yeah, that’s something I have in spades, how can you learn a language that relies in motion from videos?” Jason grumbled as he slammed his book close. Cassandra reached over and lightly her hand on top of his, she gave him and smile and a half shrug.

“What is that even supposed to mean?” Jason asked with mounting frustration, “none of this makes sense, how am I supposed to learn something I can’t read?”

“Hey, stop and relax.” Tim said calmly, “stop trying to force understanding, ASL isn’t about translation; it’s about conveying information easily and efficiently.” He held up a hand with his little and index finger plus his thumb extended. “Take this, do you know what this conveys?”

“Rock on?” Jason asked tiredly as he copied the gesture. In the middle, Cass also held up her hand the same way so the three of them sat on the floor like that staring at each other. Tim felt distinctly awkward at how casual and friendly the room felt at that moment.

“It means I love you,” Jason made a face and stuffed his hand into his lap in embarrassment. “We take three words to express the feeling of caring for someone. The deaf community can get their point across with a smile and gesture. ASL to English isn’t a literal, binary transition; it’s about what you imply with your motions.”

“Yeah and what am I implying with this?” Jason said bringing up his middle finger and sticking it right in Tim’s face but there was no malice behind the action. In fact, that was just the sort of thing and older brother might do to an annoying younger sibling.

“You’re implying that you’re uncreative and if you really want to offend someone you say this,” Tim added with a smirk as he signed a few things that would have his mother aghast, if she knew the language… and was alive.

“Oh yeah, now we’re talking, we’re gonna corrupt you good Cassie. Bruce is gonna have a cow.” Jason added with a rakish grin as he repeated Tim’s earlier movements. Cass sat between them, following along with their various movements but she kept coming back to the I love you sign. Tim could say that it was because it was one of the few signs she knew but somehow he felt like it was more than that.

Henry Diltz, talking to Television Chronicles. July, 1995:

“Micky was a neighbor of mine in Laurel Canyon; he was just down the hill from me, down Lookout Mountain. He lived down at the bottom right on Horseshoe Canyon. So I spent quite a lot of time over at his house hanging out with him. We were actually very good friends.

I took many photos. I took photos of his little girl, Ami, when she was like a year old. Little Ami Bluebell, who’s now blossomed into a beautiful young actress. I took a lot of shots of parties at his house, and him working on his gyrocopter that he built there at his house. And then, at one point, Micky got into filming, 16mm. He had a Beaulieu 16mm sound camera, and he got the idea to go down to the Grand Prix in Mexico City, and he invited me to go with him. So it was Micky and I and a couple of girls that were kind of friends of the Monkees. One of them turned out to be Davy’s wife, Linda, eventually; and another girl, Susan. There were girls that we all knew real well; part of "the gang,” actually. So we went down there. It was funny, he went down there totally anonymously, but after a day of being in Mexico City, every time you’d hear the radio, you’d hear “Los Monkees! Los Monkees!,” everything was “Los Monkees!” A big crowd would gather at the Grand Prix racetrack. Micky filmed everything.

I remember one day going up to Mama Cass’s house. Mama Cass was very much of a social catalyst in those days. She had a picnic one day, and David Crosby was there was Joni Mitchell, his protege at the time. Eric Clapton was there. He kinda was a long-haired guy, kinda real quiet, you know; a few other friends, and Micky Dolenz. I have a couple of shots somewhere of Joni and David and Eric sittin’ there under the trees playing music, and Micky wandering around the yard filming with his camera; and what was he filming, but– At one point, he was down on his knees filming his french fries. I mean, he was doing closeups of the french fries and the ketchup, you know, with his macro lens, and right behind him, here’s Eric and Joni and David jamming together. I don’t know if he ever filmed any of that, even.“

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