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All the bitches want Chloe’s dick, and who better to turn to for advice than William? (Other Videos)

Chloe just can’t fuck off when it comes to Warren, and this time she completely ruins his chances with Max. (Trigger Warning: Homophobia)

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Another shorty, because apparently I have a lot of time on my hands. Plus I have this headcanon that they’re bros and this is Chloe’s way of showing it.

Sorry if it looks bad or its shaky I recorded this off of my phone, also it cut off at the end so that sucks but whatever >3> Hopefully someone recorded the whole panel because it was so fun to sit through. This was such an amazing panel and I’m happy I got to talk and ask them a question even if it was kind of lame.

Warren thinks he and Chloe are BFFs, but she fucking hates him so it’s pretty easy to fuck with him most of the time. And later on she experiences an epiphany and finds out what Mark Jefferson really is… so she decides to fuck with him too. (YouTube Link | Other Videos)

Also I’m terribly sorry that this is another short one, and it was kinda rushed. Please don’t hate me.

Hendrick van der Burch - Woman with a Child Blowing Bubbles in a Garden 


oil on panel

The Betty and David M. Koester Foundation Kansthaus, Zurich

why is it that people that definitely don’t know how to write (david cage, anthony burch) think they’re great writers? dunning is a part, sure, but after a while of getting lambasted you’d think they’d get it.