david buckley borden

Erratic Wisconsinan Gift
Ink, graphite, colored pencil and carbon transfer on paper
8.5 x 11”

Gift wrapping can totally make the gift. Add a ribbon and a quick Geology 101 and the big boulder is now a glacial erratic from the last ice age.

Jorgensen, Neil. A Sierra Club Naturalist’s Guide; Southern New England. San Francisco: Sierra Club Books. 1978.

Thorson, Robert M. Stone by Stone; The Magnificent History in New England’s Stone Walls. New York: Walker & Company. 2002.

Freelance Residential Design

I have a long running love-hate relationship with 3D modeling software, but I will gladly click away for the sake of handsome retaining walls and fire places. Thank you google sketch up…and even bigger thanks to the clients and the master stone mason, Eric Anderson for manifesting a 3D model into hard granite reality.

Granite Love Letter Proposal

Life-sized love note in the wild flower field on the southern hillside by the old farm road off of Route 101, Harrisville, NH.

Installation made of 61 tons of dry-laid local granite field stone. Sited along country New Hampshire highway (RT 101). Four stone fence inspired forms, laid out as “X O X O.”

Ink, graphite, colored pencil on paper, Adobe Photoshop

8.5 x 11”

Summer 2012

Gardner, Kevin. The Granite Kiss: Traditions and Techniques of Building New England Stone Walls. Woodstock, VT: Countryman Press; April 2003.

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Jan 2 Landscape Installation Proposal: Advertising Barn for Vermont Tourism Board

Proposal: In the tradition of the North American advertising barn, celebrate the quiet solitude of a “dead zone” in the mountainous back roads of Vermont, the Green Mountain State.

Part of my Boston Fun-A-Day challenge to create one landscape installation proposal per day for the month of January.

Interviews are funny things…they really do make you pause to consider what you take for granted and to be self evident. I am humbled by the attention. You can check out the Trifecta Editions interview with me in which I field questions about my creative work, process, background and even my take on art and economics. Thank you friends and family, new and old, for all the support and helping spreading the word on my new creative endeavor…

Watershed Education, Baltimore Edition

Educational card game exploring how the health of a watershed influences the quality of urban life. The “cause and effect” game play aims to educate communities on how decisions at various scales influences watershed health and ultimately the quality of urban life.

Spring 2011

Ecological Engineer

Ongoing Mixed Media Series 
Ink, graphite, colored pencil and carbon transfer on paper
8.5 x 11”
Buffalo Head Source: Harper’s Magazine, artist unknown 

As the keystone species of the North America’s Great Plains, Bison bison bison shaped America’s prarie grassland ecological system for millenniums. Before man re-shaped this vast ecosystem with sprawling networks of housing, agriculture, industry and infrastructure, the American Bison were the crucial player in maintaining this delicately balanced land of grass, fire, and migrating herds. 

 Only 1% of America’s “pre-discovery” prairie grasslands remain today. Only 15,000 “wild” buffalo remain today, down from an estimated 80 million buffalo in the mid-1800’s. Now there are two good reasons to put a “bison head on an end of stick” if there ever was one.