david brunetti

Quotes from David Brunetti - Acting the Song

“Singing is speaking. That’s how I want you to think about it.”

“The characters you’re playing are screaming maniacs. They behave the way you don’t allow yourself to behave in life. If you want to play the, you have to find the screaming maniac in yourself.”

“That’s why people pay money to sit in chairs in the dark and watch us. It’s to see parts of themselves that they suppress. It’s healing. It’s beautiful.”

“You wanna NOT have a feeling? Then try to have it. You won’t be able to. All you’ll get is a cliché.”

“The kind of actor I like to work with won’t say, ‘What am I feeling?’, but, 'What am I doing?’”

“Let’s say that they were going to cut this song from the show and replace it with a line. There are lots of reasons they might cut a song from a show… Maybe because the song is too damn long.”

“I used to go home with my script, like every untrained actor, and come up with line readings for every line. 'Maybe THIS would sound good.’ Or 'maybe THIS would sound good.’ Or 'maybe THIS would sound good?’”

“Most songs are not about people having a joyful day. I would say eighty-five percent of songs are people who are not having a joyful day.”

“Strasberg would say, 'Use your history. Use your memories.’ Meisner would say 'Use your imagination.’ He thought it was dangerous and limiting to only use your own experiences. I say, use both.”

“The star of this song is not you; it’s your partner.”

“If you’re working impulsively, you’ll be full of tactics. Because we’re all theatrical people.”

“You don’t want to hide behind the music.”

“It’s terrible to be actors who are directing yourselves, because then you’re always up in your head. But it’s important to know how to shape things.”

“People ask me what to do with their bodies while they’re singing, and I say, 'I don’t care.’ You don’t think about your body while you’re living.”