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Random fabulous people being silly on Call My Bluff in the 70s.


(Bruins-Habs warm-ups 3/24/14)

after i took pictures of the bruins, i ran all the way around TD Garden to take some of the habs

needless to say, it was a little weird to be one of like five people standing by the glass while wearing a bruins jersey

plekanec was totally on to me, but decided to chill in front of the glass for a while so that was cool, and i got to see the turtleneck up close, holla

gally baby-seal-stretching party towards center ice (b gally skated past, winked at me, grinned, and skated away like the little shit he is)

funny story about pacioretty: there were two guys standing next to me, chirping him a bit. he skates away like maybe he wasn’t paying attention. about 30 seconds later he swoops back around and shoots a puck at the glass right in front of their heads. the guys freaked out, and the one standing next to me legit shouted “THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE!” and pacioretty smirked and skated away

why is everyone a little shit

(there’s an entire danny b photoset to follow, get excited because i took literally a billion pictures of him like a giant creeper)