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Lemme tell you about this.

So, a few months ago, I bought a copy of Gray by Pete Wentz. Anyone who’s read the book will know there’s some pretty depressing stuff in there. I’ve read it three times and put little post-its on pages that had something that stuck out to me (most of the pages have at least one)

I met Fall Out Boy yesterday, asked Pete to sign my copy of Gray. I said to him, “I loved it. I’ve read it three times ‘cause I’m a nerd.” He smiles, goes, “That’s okay, we like nerds here,” signs the book and hands it back to me. 

After the meet and greet is over, I opened the book and see this. 

Now, Pete easily could’ve just written his name and gone on with the meet and greet. But he chose to write “Stay alive,” instead. It’s almost as if there was something that made him realize that I may have really needed that. Truth is, I did need it. 

The thing is, Pete really seemed to know he could easily affect so, so many people. He knew that a lot of them are having a rough time just living and going through life, and he understands that feeling on a very personal level. He uses his power to help remind them that there’s good in the world. He uses his fame and power for only good, and that’s amazing. I really felt a connection with him, even more so than i did with any of the other musicians that were there. 

Last night, June 19th, 2014, was the night I truly felt what it’s like to feel alone together with someone. Because that’s how i felt. All there was was me, the musicians and the other people in the crowd. Nothing else mattered at all, and it was amazing.

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At a gathering of hot dads and Andy...
  • Pete: hey guys I have an idea
  • Patrick: no
  • Pete: we should
  • Andy: no
  • Pete: make a video
  • Joe: no
  • Pete: with the whole dcd2 fam
  • Patrick: ... Oh
  • Andy: doesn't sound that bad
  • Joe: I'm in
  • David, Louis, Søren, Max, Travie, LOLO, Brendan: *jumps up from behind couch* FUCK YEAH LETS DO THIS SHIT
  • Pete: ok whose song we doin
  • Max: I volunteer Louis and the norwegians
  • Louis: ayyy
  • David: first of all we're Danish
  • Max: whatever
  • David: how about west end kids??
  • LOLO: yaaaaaaas
  • Louis: can I drive a nice car
  • Brendon: some gta shit
  • Søren: I want to be LINK
  • Travie: I wanna be Zelda
  • Pete: you can't be Zelda shes a princess, you're a bad guy
  • Travie: calm the fuck down with your gender roles Peter
  • Max: speaking of bad guys I wanna be the bad guy
  • LOLO: but III wanna be the bad guy
  • Travie: "but LOLO you can't be a bad guy you're a girl"
  • LOLO: ok Then I wanna get my mortal combat on
  • Louis: FINISH HER
  • Patrick: I wanna bring out my inner Elton John
  • Joe: if you can channel that into a gta mafia boss go for it
  • Andy: can I wear a shirt?
  • Pete: ... Why the fuck would you wear a shirt
  • Andy: never mind Jesus
  • Brendon: alright let's do this shit
  • Patrick: ok, but I'm keEPING MY FUCKING HAND ON THIS TIME