david bowtie

Finally getting around to posting JPEGs and stories. This was my first photo op with Wizard World. It was very fast, but the guys were super nice and very impressed. I remember saying “I made these and I was hoping we could hold them up.” My friend asked Matt if he was willing to wear the fez and he agreed. When I went to leave, I grabbed the crochet pieces, but forgot the hat. My friend told me that Matt realized he still had the hat on, and followed me for a few steps to toss the fez on my head.


 “You look very..sexy! She’s sexy with that dress, isn’t she?” -Tardis

“Sexy. Right. Perfect. Look at that!” -11th

”I take this one out on a date. But Doctor, it must be weird.” -You

“What?” -11th

“That I’m going to the past to meet another version of you soon today..now you are just standing right in front of me remembering already whole thing!” -You

“Well, I’m used to that.”  -11th *smiles*