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damn it all, darling


He was handling this whole thing (that is, his sister’s wedding, though to close friends he did just call it “the thing”) better than he thought he would, but he largely thought that that was due to his overestimating the amount of attention that was bestowed on the brother of the bride (some, not none, and definitely not enough for anyone to clock that he was kind of falling apart inside). He felt that if anyone, his mom, a well-meaning cousin, god, even the DJ, looked him in the eye and said “How are you holding up?” his stomach would fold in half, his heart would drop out of his ass, and a lump in his throat the size of Sarah and Kath’s wedding cake would be the only thing stopping him screaming.

Even Les had a date.

When Sarah had announced it, subtly flinging out her hand as soon as she walked into the living room where she’d gathered them, he’d experienced both happiness and sadness in their most roundabout ways. Katherine was completely perfect for her, and kind, and successful, and funny, and she’d be a real star of an addition to their family. And Sarah deserved this happiness so much, so it wasn’t that. The important thing at that point was that Davey was smart enough to unconsciously know what actions were expected of him, the grinning, hugging Sarah, putting an arm round his mom’s shoulders as she cried, but there was a horrible, stubborn pocket of irritation that he resisted unpicking until he’d returned to his own apartment, carefully closing the door behind him, slipping his shoes off by the entrance, walking over and taking a seat on the couch before letting out a huge, shuddering sob. 

But none of any of this was personal, that’s what he had to remember. No-one had planned this wedding with the intention of making him feel like a socially inept sad sack, but unfortunately that was just something inherent, he guessed, in all weddings. Like the first dance, where Sarah and Kath had twirled, staring into each other’s eyes, to David Bowie, and then his parents had joined, and Kath’s parents, then Les and Sacha, and all of the cousins and workmates and everyone, but even if Davey had resigned himself to dancing at some point that night, dancing on his own to a love song was really really something else. To the bar for his next drink, while there were no crowds, and he was feeling like his need for wine had already peaked. He leaned on the bar, staring down at a stack of beermats, waiting a few seconds for the bartender to come over. 

‘Can I have a…’ He looked up. Eyes met. Froze. 'You…’ The name. God, he had a name… 'Jack?’

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eldritch-seinfeld  asked:

top 5 musicians?

ohhh thats a big one ok

1- King Crimson, my favorite band by far. robert fripps such an amazing an unique guy to lead a band and the lineups hes picked for king crimson are always really great. personally, my fave is the discipline era band with fripp, adrian belew, bill bluford, and tony levin. i also really love the preceding lineup of fripp/ bluford/ john whetton, who did my fave king crimson album, Red. and theyre still touring which is kind of amazing, hopefully they come to the bay area soon so i can see em

2- David Bowie! both my parents are pretty big bowie fans so i was kinda raised on his music, and recently i went back and listened to all of his stuff, and its great! hes got the longest period of consistently good albums, from the man who sold the world in 1970 all the way to lets dance in 83. i also really like some of his later work, heathen and black tie white noise are both good but 1. outside is phenomenal, it goes back to themes explored way back in diamond dogs and uses it to craft one of the darkest albums ive ever heard. my fave albums of his are the classics tho: scary monsters, lodger, ziggy stardust, etc

3- Pink Floyd. theyd been my fave band until i discovered king crimson, and i like them for kinda the same reason, its bc of how unique they are. im not a big fan of their early or later stuff, but everything from meddle to the wall is absolutely stellar. obscured by clouds especially gets overshadowed by being right before dark side of the moon, but its still a good album. animals is also an album that was a little hard to get into at first, but is suuuper rewarding. im a cliche tho and my fave album is the dark side of the moon

4- The Who! while theres only 3 albums by them that i really love, two of them, tommy and quadrophenia, are some of my favorite albums, kinda, ever. plus, i adore both of the accompanying movies. i also really like their early singles, a lot of them were songs id heard a lot when i was young and never recognized until later. like, theyre four extremely skilled musicians (keith moons drumming especially) who come together amazingly well. i have a lot of sentimental value for this band :0

5- Led Zeppelin. theyre so consistently good with their first five albums (physical graffitis also p good but its got a bit too much filler for me). robert plant especially, is one of my favorite singers ever, but they all play really well. zep 4′s gotta be my fave, but all of those first 5 albums are amazing! nothin but respect for that band 

He was the patron saint of all my favorite fellow travelers: the freaks, the fags, the dykes, the queers, the weirdos of all stripes, and that most dangerous creature of all: the artist. He was the crown prince(ss) of the unusual. He was so marvelously, spectacularly weird, and he gave so many oddballs, including this one, hope.