david bowie parents


so record store day yesterday was amazing, i got all the goods

if you’re in columbus go to spoonful records, they have an amazing bowie selection

i got: duke - genesis, tryin’ to get the feeling - barry manilow, station to station - david bowie

i only cried a l(ot)ittle :)

quyman33  asked:

Did you cry when bowie died? Sorry if its out of left field.

I actually wasn’t aware of David Bowie’s music until after he died. I had barely even heard of the man, and I never really knew what he was famous for. I’m kind of angry at myself for that. I never had any previous connections with his music, so it was hard for me to feel anything when he died.

He was the patron saint of all my favorite fellow travelers: the freaks, the fags, the dykes, the queers, the weirdos of all stripes, and that most dangerous creature of all: the artist. He was the crown prince(ss) of the unusual. He was so marvelously, spectacularly weird, and he gave so many oddballs, including this one, hope.