david bowie doll


You remind me of the babe!  (What babe?)
The babe with the power (What power?)
The power of winning this Jareth plush in my eBay charity auction:

It ends on February 5th! 100% of proceeds will be donated to the Cancer Research Institute!

~ 14 inches tall, poseable
~ Made with microsuede, pleather, faux fur, and other random fabrics.
~ Comes with miniature peach and three clear marbles.
~ I am currently NOT accepting commissions.

About that...

I would like to make it clear: strictly speaking, I do not have David Bowie dolls. I have a Ziggy, a Jareth, a Jack (as in Major Celliers) and a Tommy (as in Thomas Jerome Newton) doll. There will probably be a Halloween Jack, a Thin White Duke, and most definitely a Silver Pierrot. The dolls are representations of characters, not of the real person. My Uncanny Valley is deep and wide, but it’s a fun place, not a creepy place.

Much love to all of you, and eternal gratitude to the genius of David Bowie for the endless inspiration!


How many nights dancing in only socks and under wear, as a kid? You filled my lungs with a confidence, shaky but strong? I saw you flicker and you went and became stardust, a million voices crying out.  I can say that you filled me to the brim.  Space man, you’re dancing to and fro with the constellations for ever and my heart weeps. We lost your blood and flesh and I thought it was a bloody joke. You were supposed to outlive us all. Shine on diamond dog. The dust echo vinyl playing. 


Life on Mars? - Dresden Dolls