Get to know One Week // One Band

Hendrik began the Lorde-adored music blog One Week // One Band in February, 2011. He created it as a collaborative space that allows people to showcase any particular musical favorite—with a week’s worth of depth and detail, and with a specific focus on why we like the music that we like and how it places within our personal lives. We got personal with Hendrik here. 

If you could profile one band/musician, who would it be?

One Week // One Band: I’ve selfishly blocked all requests from people wanting to write about Blur for One Week // One Band so far, because they’re my favourites and I’d like to try and do them justice myself at some point. They’ve been talked about quite extensively, but I think it’s still worthwhile to talk about Damon Albarn’s melancholic sentimentality or make the case that their classic “pop phase” and their “experimental phase” aren’t quite so separate after all, for example.

Your greatest successes up until this point?

One Week // One Band: I hear from the artists we cover from time to time, in some of the more bizarre cases correcting particular biographical details that we got wrong, but mostly just being appreciative and supporting. For example, Lorde recently penned a letter to her fans from the studio to say how much she enjoyed reading our week on her. That was pretty cool, obviously.

Who is your favorite music critic?

One Week // One Band: lindsayzoladz​ of nymag​ is very perceptive and generally brilliant. Any article of hers is bound to be interesting!

Do you follow any other music blogs on Tumblr?

One Week // One Band: I do! There are a lot of good ones, like Grooves ‘n Jams or Musicforants, or personal blogs of great music writers such as pop critic Tom Ewing or Pitchfork’s Editor-in-Chief, Mark Richardson. But I especially enjoy people talking about pop culture in combination with personal stories and social issues – two of the best sites around are Swoonstep and Black Girls Talking.

Who’s an artist, pre-2000s, that you think would have been awesome at Tumblr and why?

One Week // One Band: Hmm… David Bowie maybe? He’s awesome generally and interested in new technology, and he’d probably just as likely have posted cryptic GIFs, philosophical musings and beautiful street photography. Not too late for him to give it a try yet though, is it?

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Favorite album out right now?

One Week // One Band: My album of the summer is Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment’s “Surf” – it’s hard to pick just one stand-out there. Such a joyous record!

The Hunger is being released on Blu-ray on August 18 through the Warner Archive Collection. The 1983 vampire film is directed by Tony Scott (Top Gun) and based on a novel by Whitley Strieber (Wolfen).

Catherine Deneuve (Repulsion), David Bowie (Labyrinth), Susan Sarandon (The Rocky Horror Picture Show), Cliff De Young (The Craft), Beth Ehlers (Guiding Light) and Dan Hedaya (The Addams Family) star.

Special features:

  • Audio commentary by director Tony Scott and actress Susan Sarandon
  • Theatrical trailer