david boots


was inspired by this playlist. this is dedicated to my fave pisces @whitenectarines

The Tontons - Veida / Parasol - The bait / Washed Out - Soft / David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Bamboo houses / Primary & Oh Hyuk - Island / Com Truise - Space dust / S U R F I N G - Lifetime / Mark Ronson & Boy George - Somebody to love me / Moon Boots - Magic / Brandy ft. Mase - Sitiing on top of the world / Janet Jackson - Together again / My Morning Jacket - Touch me I’m gonna scream part 2

listen here

Response to @theartassignment‘s Caption Contest with David Rathman

Caption: Coming Home by He Zhizhang (回乡偶书 - 贺知章)

I left home young. I return old;
Speaking as then, but with hair grown thin;
And my children, meeting me, do not know me.
They smile and say: “Stranger, where do you come from?”

To Chinese readers - yes my penmanship is quite poor lol. I am out of practice.