david blonde

//I just watched Memento and then Prometheus… I have to say David wore the blond better… But it was kind of funny seeing them together…

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I feel like if David knew about this he NEVER would have bleached his hair!!

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I really want a Memento AU with David and Weyland….

“You see I have a condition… I remember everything up until I went into the cryo chamber…”

“Don’t worry that black goo is perfectly safe–”

*Weyland looks at smudged writing on his hand “Don’t trust D–”*

“It says ‘Don’t trust Dr. Shaw,’ Peter. She’s fed you lies and fairy tales. Only I know what’s really out there.”

“I’m not a homicidal maniac! I didn’t kill that entire planet full of Engineers!”

“Of course you’re not a genocidal despot. That’s what makes you so good at it, Peter.”


bi charlize theron fucking people up was exactly what i needed this morning 


Atomic Blonde (2017) Restricted Trailer

From the co-director of John Wick, a very Debbie Harry looking Charlize Theron beats seven shades of shinola out of several people. I’m down for that.

talking about Atomic Blonde with straights: ah yes the John Wick director, it is going to be a #visual and #cinematic #masterpiece

talking about Atomic Blonde with queer people: Charlize Theron beats people up in every way conceivable??? and pins Sofia Boutella to a wall? what did we do to deserve this???