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On September 13, 1991, FREDDY’S DEAD: THE FINAL NIGHTMARE was released in 3-D in theaters nationwide.

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Ten Steps to Planning a Successful Wedding (and How to Ignore Every Single One of Them)

part 1/5
aka idrathersleepforever’s prompt from this post: “i’m your wedding planner, but i’m also falling in love with you”
pairing: micheoff (and obviously, references to michael/original male character)
rating: currently t but will rise in later chapters
no content warnings
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Giving in and making a website was probably one of the best decisions Geoff’s ever made.

It’s not like he’s old-fashioned, for what it’s worth, but sometimes he’s stuck in a pre-internet mindset, and so when he put an ad for wedding planning in the yellow pages, he figured that was good enough.

Turns out people don’t really use the yellow pages much anymore, and the people who do are over sixty years old and aren’t really in his main demographic for “people planning to get married.”

So after a few months of no work, Jack shoved him down in front of his laptop and told him to brush up on his HTML, and Jack’s pretty scary when he’s being serious about something—so, okay, giving in and making a website was probably one of the best decisions Jack’s ever made, but, hey, either way, Geoff got a shiny new website and shows up fourth down the page when you search “Wedding Planner Austin TX” on Google.

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