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“my smol precious baby whom I will protect with my life” whispers the fifteen year old teenager to the 40 year old middle aged man on TV.

Me, an intellectual: *sees favourite idol or character*

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So I just realized something today. You know how we always rant about the (old, too old) age of the actors playing Harry Potter’s parents in the movies?

Severus Snape, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin were (more or less) 31 years old when Harry started to attend Hogwarts.


Still, in the movies, they were interpreted by a 55 year old (Alan Rickman), a 43 year old (Gary Oldman) and a 38 year old (David Thewlis) respectively. (These are the ages they were when the first movie was released.)

And you know Ben Barnes, who is often fancasted as teenage Sirius Black? He is 35 years old, only a year younger than Sirius was when he died. So Ben Barnes is in fact a good fancast for old Sirius! And Andrew Garfield, who is often fancasted as teenage Remus? 33. Yep. You get my point here.


“Othello” by William Shakespeare

New York Theatre Workshop, 2016

Starring David Oyelowo, Daniel Craig, David Wilson Barnes, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Rachel Brosnahan, Blake DeLong, Glenn Fitzgerald, Slate Holmgren, Anthony Michael Lopez, Matthew Maher, Nikki Massoud, Kyle Vincent Terry & Finn Wittrock

It makes me so happy that Bucky shares his birthday with Remus Lupin. I have always felt that they are so similar, in the ways that they both treat themselves and others. The way that they both believe that they are monsters over something they could never have controlled, the losses of their friends and family, fighting not because they want to, but they have their need to protect the ones they love. 

This just makes me so happy.

And you know… also their undying sexy love for their best friends but whatever 

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Gregory Allen Barnes (left) was a columbine massacre survivor, but shortly after, hung himself in his garage with an electrical cord while listening to Adam’s Song by Blink 182 on repeat. On May 4th 2000 he took his own life after struggling with the depression and aftermath of witnessing the murder of William David Sanders (middle) and his friend, Matthew Joseph Kechter (right), at Columbine High School.


Dan Rockwell, Army Soldier, fashion model, personal trainer and down right gorgeous guy, is there no limit to this man’s abilities?

Battlefield or on the stage Dan presents a mighty challenge to any would be competitor. Keep an eye out on his friends, David Michael Barnes, Pierre Vuala and Keiran McBay, all of whom will be making an appearance in the next few weeks.

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Story time

Ok so one time while I was standing in line at the store I was walking down the aisle and there was this cute boy wearing a Captain America shirt. I’m wearing my doctor who. We’re standing there looking for whatever we needed until he turns and very nervously say ‘Wonderful weather this morning, isn’t it?’ Me being a huge Marvel fan replies with, ‘Yes, but I always carry an umbrella.’ And this was literally his expression