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Wild as the Wind (Tiva, 14/31)

Ziva goes into labor and Tony supports her. Meanwhile, Mossad and NCIS begin to work together.

Content Warning: The birth does get to be graphic at one point. Please read with caution. I wanted this to be as authentic as possible.

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Chapter 14: Birth of a Mother

The sun was already high in the sky by the time Ziva finally woke up, surprised to see that Tony had already awakened and was not inside. She lay still for a while, not wanting to leave the comfort of their bed, the discomforts of late pregnancy having taken their toll on her body.

Her back was bothering her, she noted, but it was probably nothing. Aches and pains were something she was becoming all-too accustomed to as this pregnancy continued. She and Tony were assuming at this point that the baby would arrive any day now, and she grew more nervous as that time approached. She stretched her legs a second before sliding one off the edge of the bed, and then the other before laboring to sit up.

The dull ache in her back intensified, for just a moment. She reached around to the small of her back, rubbing a few times to work out the kinks. “I really must have slept sideways,” she muttered under her breath as the pain subsided, returning to the dull ache that she’d felt since she woke.

She resigned herself to the thought that she may just have to deal with an aching back for the day.

Slowly, Ziva walked – more like waddled, she thought to herself – as she made her way to the door of their house, stepping outside to see Tony standing at the stream with one of their makeshift fishing poles. She smiled as she took him in, admiring the way his muscles flexed with each pull of the rod.

Another sharp pain hit her back, and she sucked in a sharp breath, leaning against the support of the doorway. Tony hadn’t heard her over the sound of the running water, and it was just as well – she was fine, and he need not worry.

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Jack/Davey Soulmate AU (part 2)

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Davey tried not to watch Jack for too long at a time, never wanting his glances to be seen.  As he’d sold more papers with the boy, his initial distaste began to wear off, replaced by warmer feelings, often accompanied by a strange cartwheeling sensation in his stomach.  And as he helped Jack organize the strike, Davey was beginning to realize he cared for Jack in a way he hadn’t cared for anyone before.

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Rising from the Ashes

Chapters: 2/?
Rating: Mature
Characters: Trevor, Geoff, Jack, Ryan, Michael, Gavin, Jeremy, Mica, Caleb
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Grand Theft Auto Setting, Fake AH Crew, Alternate Universe - Magic, Magic-Users, Magic, Character Death, Temporary Character Death

In a world of magic and crime, the Fake AH Crew is the strongest in both regards. They’re a strong and formidable crew that has alluded death time and time again. But after a compromised heist, secrets being revealed, and their leader needing to vanish, it’s going to take more than magic to keep the crew on top.

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can we just have a moment to appriciate how dazzlingly gorgeous david castro is please like shit that is one beautiful man

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Ahaha, I had this idea sitting around for a long time, part of a request someone left in my ask box for a young Emma/Hook in AU Enchanted Forest. You know she would have been the type of Princess to climb out her window and hang with the rebel crowd and sneak bad boys (or just boy ;D ) into her room. Poor Daddy Charming, this is one Duckling you can’t control. <3