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AU where David is Max's gaurdian angel trying to make turn a new leaf like he did when he was alive

Oooh this is cute! So there’s 2 major ways this could go: the It’s a Wonderful Life route and the Jiminy-Cricket-conscience-slash-shoulder-angel route. Personally that second one sounds more fun to me, so that’s what we’re going with:

1. Max can totally see and hear David. He really wishes he could’ve just gotten some goddamned fairy godparents or something.

2. This has absolutely no influence on Max’s belief in God or an afterlife (or lack thereof). When he asks David what’s going on with all that, David’s response is “uh … I don’t really know, either.” Deciding that David is either lying or a dumbass (spoiler: it’s the second one), Max figures there’s no point in finding or contacting any sort of deity unless it can get rid of David for him.

3. David has a variety of strategies he uses to try and influence Max’s perspectives and behavior. He gets these from a heavy cardboard textbook called Your Human & YOU: Having Fun Being a Guardian! So far it hasn’t been overwhelmingly helpful, but David has faith that something in it will speak to Max!

4. David can only be seen by Max, and while he can interact with objects, he can only do so when not being watched (by sentient beings; presumably spiders n shit don’t count). This leads to Max getting frustrated and seemingly screaming at nothing a lot. Like, a lot a lot.

5. David has saved Max’s life exactly 7 times. Max is aware of 3 of these times.

More Than Just A Stomach Bug

On AO3.

Summary: At fourteen years old, Max was more than certain he was capable of looking after himself, even when he was sick. Curled up in bed, his stomach hurting and churning, he really wanted nothing more than for David to leave him alone and let him get on with his miserable day. But sometimes, stomach bugs are not just stomach bugs; sometimes, a David is needed to make sure everything ends up okay. 

At fourteen years old, Max was more than certain he was capable of looking after himself, even when he was sick. Curled up in bed, his stomach hurting and churning, he really wanted nothing more than for David to leave him alone and let him get on with his miserable day.

“Are you sure you’ll be okay on your own?” David asked, for what felt like the nineteenth time that day. He had been wringing his hands together the entire time he’d been sat on the edge of Max’s bed, but he separated them again to reach and feel Max’s forehead. “I can take a day off work, Max, it’s no problem,” he insisted.

Max grunted and pushed his foster dad’s hand away. “David, I’ll be fine,” he assured him. “It’s just a stomach bug.”

David bit his lip, still looking anxious. “You need to make sure you take the paracetamol at the right time,” he said, tapping the first aid kit he had left on Max’s bedside table. “And I’ll call throughout the day, okay?” He reached to briefly ruffle Max’s hair. “Feel better.”

Max only gave another grunt and tugged his blankets tighter around himself.

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“David! David look!” Cj ran up to him breathlessly, holding a canvas above her head. Her face and arms were spotted in different colors of paint. Cj’s brown curly hair was tangled and tied back in a sloppy ponytail, multiple paint brushes sticking out. Her eyes were wide and her fingers twitches, the bags under her eyes showing she pulled off a few all-nighters. “Look what I finally finished! I started three days ago, and I haven’t slept! Look, look!!” She showed him the canvas. On it was a hand painted, perfect replica of Lake Lilac.



David Tennant characters shouting costars’ names


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Todos dicen: "La primera regla Tumblr" "La #1 regla de Tumblr" Y yo no se que coño es, ayuda :'(

¿no sabes cuál es la regla #1 de tumblr?

Una persona que no sabe la regla de tumblr, no merece estar en tumblr.

Pero yo te enseñaré todo lo que necesitas saber.

Él es el creador de tumblr.

Y se supone que por amor, por respeto, por admiración, por agradecimiento, porque es un papasito, porque sin él quizá ya nos habríamos suicidado, porque podemos ver porno aquí, porque tenemos ask, reblogs, porque gracias a él tenemos gaticos, pizza y escarcha …

Es que  cada vez que lo veas en tu dash, debes de rebloguear sus fotos. 

Él nos da vida, y enemos que agradecerle de alguna forma.

Así que ya sabes lo que tienes que hacer la próxima ve que vea a este Dios.


David was lying in “Jasper Dies At The End”

So it’s general assumption that the story David told in “Jasper Dies At The End” was a complete lie and, not gonna lie? There is SO MUCH evidence for this.

Take note of how everything is oddly exaggerated and unnatural in the story

The way the counselors say “Oh no! Not Davey!” “He’s such a troublemaker!” sounds very. Exaggerated. Like they’re reacting to a Saturday Morning Cartoon villain. 

David’s “trouble making” actions are also the sort of things David would see as problems. Insulting nature, using words like “dang”, littering, etc. 
Plus the way one of the current counselors says ”Oh Davey! You have so much potential! If only you would apply yourself!”
It REALLY sounds like David is trying to make an impression on Max, or send him some sort of message.

Take David’s childhood actions versus Max’s.
David says dang, litters, and insults nature
Max swears like a sailor, literally starts a camp revolt, and tries to run away a lot.
These sort of things would fly over David’s head and just come off as a grumpy kid who hates nature,

But David’s behavior isn’t the only thing he lied about. I think he also lied about how Jasper died.

The scars on his chest from the bear attack are parallel to a few scratches from the photo in episode 11. Not to mention how as a ghost, whenever he’s scared Jasper tends to cover up his chest:

These wounds were left open for the entire night, there’s NO WAY Jasper would’ve survived that. Either Jasper had died in the bear cave, or on his way back to the camp.
Additionally, according to David’s story that picture in episode 11 would not be accurate. If David really WAS a grumpy troublesome kid, he wouldn’t be smiling in it. However if the picture was taken AFTER this event, Jasper wouldn’t be smiling because he said he thinks the camp sucks at the end of the episode.

I’m absolutely POSITIVE that David lied about this entire story. He was never a trouble maker and Jasper did NOT survive that bear attack. But why lie? Well, the kids asked why he got that medallion. 

He can’t say he doesn’t want to talk about it, that’d seem suspicious. So why not lie to protect these poor innocent children from the truth of your childhood friends gruesome death, while avoiding sounding suspicious? Maybe the truth is that medallion belong to his old friend Jasper, and he didn’t want to let it go as it serves as a reminder of their good times together.

Additional notes I didn’t have any idea where I should put this in:

-The episode title is a lie. “Jasper Dies At The End”. That doesn’t happen. Jasper in this story does not die. Just like David’s story, the title of this is a lie, and our storyteller is an unreliable narrator.
-Maybe it was just a joke but child David’s voice seriously sounds like an older man attempting to do an impression of a small boy. It could be a hint towards this just being a made up story, or I’m just over analyzing and this is just a joke for the episode. Who knows!

TL;DR: David’s story in Jasper Dies At The End was a HUGE lie and Jasper died because of the bear attack. There are multiple contradictions and oddly exaggerated points within the episode that support this.

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Why is Granada Holmes so perfect ? <3

Because it is funny 

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and interesting 

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Because there is this softe detective

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and his softe husband

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Yeah there is nothing hidden there and they are just so fond of each other openly and they are basically husbands.

Can you fucking believe this scene? 

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Or whatever is this

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Or this (kill me)

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That’s it . I am unable to write anymore because Granada Holmes is fucking perfect.

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Ok but *pulls up chair along with notepad and pen* please tell me more about brainwashed Max, this concept seems so cool and I'd love to hear more! *pushes up glasses*

Glad you asked! Here are some headcanons and concepts I have for him! I wanted to write more but there were no spaces left haha;; maybe i ll sort them all out on a list!

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andreil pda around the foxes pleaseee my soul needs it

my marvelous anon, i am here to grant thine request, with a small side of accidental lowkey renison. enjoy <3. also on AO3.

He did it. He actually did it. After months of constant warnings and threats, Wymack finally followed through.

Neil can do nothing but stare at the flyer in his hand, mildly in fear and majorly in shock. A mere thirty seconds prior, Wymack had stormed out of his office brandishing this piece of paper like both a white flag and a declaration of war. He had paused just inside the lounge, making sure to gather everyone’s attention, before striding over to Neil and shoving the flyer in his face.

“This is for last weekend,” Wymack had said. “I already—don’t give me that look, you know exactly what the fuck I’m talking about. I already signed you up. It starts at 8:00 AM on Saturday, and unless you want your ass glued to the bench for the rest of the season, I suggest you be there.” He had then turned back around and disappeared into the hallway, leaving a room full of confused and curious Foxes in his wake.

A full minute passes before chaos breaks out and everyone starts moving at once. Various forms of “What the hell?” can be heard from all corners of the room. Neil blinks as the flyer is yanked out of his hand. He looks up to see Andrew, his eyes scanning the paper. Andrew looks up at him, and Neil’s heart nearly explodes because this look on his face, it looks like the honest-to-god beginnings of a smile. And sure, it’s at Neil’s expense, but he would embarrass the fuck out of himself at every turn if this was his reward. Andrew moves to hand the paper back to Neil.

“Okay, seriously,” Kevin huffs out with impatience as he pushes through his teammates. He snags the flyer away from Andrew who couldn’t be bothered to stop him. Kevin reads aloud, “The Annual Hilton Head Island Marathon…a MARATHON? Really, Neil?! Is this a joke?”

“I don’t know, Kevin,” says Andrew, his voice taking on the persona of a kindergarten teacher. “Did it look like a joke to you?”

Kevin’s only response is to scowl and shove the flyer into Neil’s chest. “This better not affect your performance at our game on Friday. You don’t get to take it easy just because you have to run 26.2 miles the next day.”

By the time Kevin has stormed out of the building, the rest of the Foxes have commenced their team wide freak out.

“Seriously?! He actually came through on that threat?” Dan is caught halfway between being genuinely worried and dying of laughter.

“Neil…bro…what the fuck…” Matt says from somewhere on his left, placing a consoling hand lightly on his shoulder.

“Oh my god, Neil. We have to be there. I have to witness this historic moment. You finally get to put your insane running habits into practice,” Allison is rambling from across the room.

“Wait, what was Wymack talking about ‘last weekend’? What did you do?” Asks Nicky, unaccustomed to being out of the loop.

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camisado // panic! at the disco



I skipped the part where Max annoys David with questions about why they were going there, sorry)

But there is the nice pic of Max crying from happiness and i love it so much tbh

- Thanks guys… Really thanks.

- You’re always welcome, Max.

- Yay, now you are on a year closer to death!