david ansell

The Signs As My Favorite Actors

Aries: Jim Parsons

Taurus: David Boreanaz

Gemini: Chris Pratt

Cancer: Ed Westwick

Leo: Jesse Williams

Virgo: Colin Firth

Libra: Ezra Miller

Scorpio: Eric Dane

Sagittarius: Nicholas Hoult

Capricorn: Eddie Redmayne & Norman Reedus

Aquarius: Evan Peters & Tom Hiddleston

Pisces: Ansel Elgort



Ansel Elgort - PRADA
Miles Teller - PRADA
Common - PRADA
Robert Pattinson and Tom Sturridge - DIOR HOMME and BURBERRY
Jared Leto - GIVENCHY
Benedict Cumberbatch
David Oyelowo - DOLCE&GABBANA
Adrien Brody - DOLCE&GABBANA
Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka - BRUNELLO CUCINELLI

There’s a misunderstanding that if you just go to the E.R., that’s healthcare. It’s not. … And I don’t think the public or politicians really understand that. I think the last health reform attempt which is being bandied about — we don’t know what’s going to happen — is likely to fall short with regards to equity.
—  Dr. David Ansell on how the current payment system drives health care inequalities.
When you look at the reasons for it, at least half of this is [because of] heart disease and cancer and things that could be treated. One of the problems with our current system is segregating people by insurance status, which ends up limiting the options of care — especially when you get down to the specialty care that people need.
—  Dr. David Ansell explains why, on the South Side of Chicago, the life expectancy of an African-American male is eight years lower than that of a Caucasian man. On today’s Fresh Air, Ansell talks about caring for and treating the poor and uninsured in Chicago’s Cook County Hospital.
signs of celebrities!!!!
  • capricorn: zayn malik, kate middleton, louis tomlinson, pitbull, jim carrey, ellie goulding, betty white, psy
  • aquarius: harry styles, ed sheeran, ellen degeneres, evan peters, calum hood, oprah winfrey
  • pisces: rihanna, albert einstein, jensen ackles, ansel elgort, justin beiber, george washington
  • aries: lady gaga, tyler oakley, emma watson, robert downey jr., kourtney kardashian, james franco
  • taurus: david beckham, sam smith, dwayne "the rock" johnson, patrick stump, queen elizabeth II
  • gemini: johnny depp, marilyn monroe, angelina jolie, morgan freeman, tupac, dave franco, lana del rey
  • cancer: jaden smith, ariana grande, luke hemmings, ashton irwin, benedict cumberbatch
  • leo: barack obama, jennifer lawrence, kylie jenner, madonna, dylan & cole sprouse, arnold schwarzenegger
  • virgo: liam payne, niall horan, beyonce, zendaya, 2 chainz, adam sandler, michael jackson
  • libra: kim kardashian, lil wayne, simon cowell, john lennon, snoop dogg, gwen stefani
  • scorpio: drake, michael clifford, katy perry, kendall jenner, lorde, shailene woodley, josh peck
  • sagittarius: taylor swift, miley cyrus, nicki minaj, brad pitt, alex gaskarth, jay-z, britney spears