david and maia

No one can blame you for walking away
Too much rejection
No love injection
Life can be easy
It’s not always swell
Don’t tell me truth hurts, little girl
‘Cause it hurts like hell
But down in the underground
You’ll find someone true
Down in the underground
A land serene
A crystal moon, ah, ah
It’s only forever
Not long at all
Lost and lonely
That’s underground

282. UNDERGROUND - Labyrinth Soundtrack, 1987

Take a turn and see his smile
Made of nothing but loneliness
Just take a walk and be a friend
To the Shadow Man
You can call him Joe, you can call him Sam
You should call and see who answers
For he promises to come running, guided by the truth
But the Shadow Man is really you
Look in his eyes and see your reflection
Look to the stars and see his eyes

277. SHADOW MAN - Ziggy Stardust Sessions, Recorded in 1971