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Set in the Summer of 1963, Flint, Michigan is home to the Watsons, a close knit “All American Family” made up of Daniel and Wilona Watson and their three kids, 15 year-old juvenile delinquent Byron, nerdy 11 year-old Kenny and eight year-old adorable sister Joetta. When Byron’s antics go over the top, his parents realize enough is enough and they decide the family needs a dose of Grandma Sands no nonsense approach in Birmingham, Alabama. So the Watsons load up the 1948 Plymouth Brown Bomber outfitted with a true tone Ultra-Glide turntable and head South with plenty of comedy en route. When they finally make it to Birmingham, they meet Grandma Sands and her friend, Mr. Robert, who show them around town, and the Watsons discover that life is very different there than in Flint - and not necessarily for the better. During that historic summer, the Watsons find themselves caught up in something far bigger than Byron’s antics. Something that will change their lives and country forever.  Based on the book by Christopher Paul Curtis

#TheWatsonsGoToBirmingham should have been a big screen movie instead of #TheButler or #TheHelp there, I said it

— HuskybroJonasGrumby (@HuskyBro_Inc)

September 21, 2013

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#TheWizLive, I can’t wait! This performance is enough proof for me that they are going to kill!


Jon Stewart sings to Elmo. How adorable. And there’s a medley.


In Living Color: Men on Film (more old school hilarity)