david alison

RvB High School AU

Mr. Washington

  • Principal
  • Bad principal
  • Everyone’s convinced he’s related to George Washington
  • Absolutely not related to George Washington
  • Sometimes takes over Coach Tucker’s job
  • Doesn’t make any decisions

Ms. Carolina

  • Secretary
  • Makes all the decisions
  • In a love-hate relationship with world geography teacher
  • Also in a relationship with the cook
  • In a constant mind battle with Coach Tex
  • Always losing to Coach Tex
  • once fought the wrestling coach once and won
  • Scariest member of staff, according to students

Mr. Simmons

  • Math teacher
  • Organized as fuck
  • Gets angry when kids mispronounce words like library and jewellery
  • In a love hate relationship with Mr. Grif
  • Wants to scream but isn’t allowed
  • Happy for the first two weeks of school and then miserable for the rest

Mr. Grif

  • Music teacher
  • Hates being called Mr. Grif
  • Everyone calls him Mr. Grif
  • Serenades Mr. Simmons with his ukelele
  • Constantly rejected by Mr. Simmons
  • Pranks students


  • Tech Teacher
  • Hates being called Mr. Caboose
  • No one calls him Mr. Caboose
  • Widely accepted as one of the best teachers
  • Seriously how could you not love this ball of sunshine
  • Freckles is the robot dog he made
  • Best friends / Boyfriends with Mr. Church?? no one knows
  • Gets excited whenever kids make something cool
  • You literally can’t fail his class

Mr. Church

  • Physics teacher
  • Tired
  • Been teaching for 10 years
  • 8 cups of coffee
  • Class mostly consists of videos because he’s too tired to actually teach anything
  • Only time he gets excited is on test days, and then he gets an evil grin
  • Refuses to acknowledge the fact that him and Caboose work in the same building
  • Secretly doesn’t mind that him and Caboose work in the same building
  • Was married to Coach Allison a few years ago, but they got divorced when she left to join the millitary

Coach Tucker

  • Male PE coach
  • Doesn’t actually run or do anything that the students do
  • Sometimes let Junior take breaks
  • Absolutely treats Junior better than the rest of the kids
  • Accidentally swore at a kid once
  • Almost got fired on numerous occasions
  • Rumor has it he tried to flirt with the Mrs. Kai and got kicked in the face

Mrs. Kai

  • Health teacher
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but has a very strict attitude when it comes to how her class is
  • Kind and sweet to the kids who get bullied
  • Absolutely kicked Coach Tucker in the face
  • Has a cute girlfriend named Emily who visits the school sometimes

Coach Allison

  • Female PE teacher
  • All her students love her
  • Constant mind battle with Ms. Carolina
  • Can and will turn her students into an army
  • Nothing can stop her

Mr. DuFresne

  • School Nurse
  • Awful at his job
  • The kind of nurse that gives ice packs for broken legs
  • Has a huge crush on the theatre director
  • Tried to speak at an assembly once and threw up
  • Only gave Donut permission to call him Doc
  • All the teachers call him Doc
  • All the students call him Doc too


  • Theatre director
  • Students call him Franklin, but his favorite students and the teachers call him Donut
  • Once did Legally Blonde as a play and the students swear he got a stupid grin whenever they sang “Gay or European”
  • Absolutely had got a stupid grin whenever they sang “Gay or European”
  • Only one that’s allowed to call Mr. DuFresne Doc
  • Dyes his hair a different colour every month 


  • History Teacher
  • No one knows his real name
  • No seriously not even Washington knows and he employed him
  • Reenacts all battles
  • Laughs at his students
  • Will not retire
  • Absolutely needs to retire

Mr. Ortez

  • Spanish Teacher
  • Constantly bickering back and forth Mr. Gates
  • Very no-nonsense class
  • Yelled at the kids once because they wouldn’t stop signing to eachother
  • Everyone knows him and Mr. Gates are in a relationship but he’d never admit it

Mr. Gates

  • ASL Teacher
  • Every class is a wild ride with this man
  • You either get a super fun class or a miserable class
  • There is no in between
  • Taught his kids to swear in ASL
  • Also told his kids to piss of Mr. Ortez whenever they can
  • Loves messing with Mr. Ortez
  • Once broke into his classroom and put live frogs in his desk

Coach Maine

  •  Wrestling Coach
  • Speaks in whistles
  • Loud whistles mean you did something wrong
  • Quiet whistles mean you did something good
  • When whistles aren’t enough he gets principal Wash to translate
  • Sometimes principal Wash comes and watches his practices

Ms. CT

  • World Geography Teacher
  • Won’t listen to the students if they call her Connie
  • Only one that’s allowed to call her that is Ms. Carolina
  • In a love-hate relationship with Ms. Carolina
  • it’s mostly hate ngl


  • Cook
  • Refuses to be called chef because the food he makes is gross
  • Hates school food and will sometimes sneak in real food
  • Head over heels in love with Ms. Carolina
  • Steals cookies from students when they’re not paying attention

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (2016)
Dir: David Yates
DOP: Philippe Rousselot
“I wanna be a wizard.”

Fantastic Beasts: Alison Sudol Talks Queenie & Tina’s Deleted Musical Scene

David Yates and Alison Sudol, who plays Queenie, talk about a deleted Ilvermorny musical scene in Fantastic Beasts with Katherine Waterston.

One of the best things about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is the chemistry between its four leads. While the filmmakers have talked a lot about 1920s influences, such as modeling aspects of Eddie Redmayne’s Newt Scamander after Charlie Chaplin (one certainly sees it in his mating dance) or Queenie Goldstein after the 1920s’ biggest “It Girl,” Clara Bow, there is nevertheless a bit of magic from later Hollywood movies about, Newt, Jacob, Tina, and Queenie. Indeed, with their kind of sweet, madcap energy, they resemble quartets from future decades, including that of two war buddies falling for the Haynes sisters in White Christmas. All that might’ve been missing is a musical number for the women.

Well, as it turns out, there was one!

Alison Sudol, as well as David Yates and producer David Heyman in a separate interview, described just what that scene entailed, and it sounded like an absolute delight, particularly since Ms. Sudol is a singer-and-songwriter pianist. Hence why Yates and Heyman requested Sudol to write the song for the picture, which would have been a school anthem for the American equivalent of Hogwarts, Ilvermorny.

Yates and Heyman first described the scene as occurring during the pastoral peace found inside Newt’s suitcase while the quartet is enjoying the sheer wonder of being in these fantastic creatures’ company. In the finished film, there is a remnant of this when Newt gets into an argument with the Goldstein sisters about which is better, Hogwarts or Ilvermorny.

Says Yates, “There’s a great, lovely song that we got Alison to write, an Ilvermorny song, and she sings it with Katherine [Waterston] in front of the boys, a school song. And as they sing it, the boys slowly kind of fall in love with them, and we took that out!” Yates pauses to laugh, already expecting the fan criticisms that will come once they see the scene on the inevitable Blu-ray. “Why did we take that out?!”

Sudol is fine with the decision but delved a little deeper into what the scene required.

“We shot so much for this movie, but not everything could fit in, understandably so, because what is in the movie is so special,” Sudol explains. “But yeah, they asked if I’d write a school song for Ilvermorny, and it was just like, ‘Woah.’ That was a song-writing assignment like I’ve never had before, and it was really fun. And it was just a really nice experience, and to do that with Katherine, as well. I hope that people find it; it’s just such an honor of being a part of the Wizarding World, and connect that with music.”

Heyman in the earlier interview did explain why it was cut.

“There’s probably more on this film that we cut out than on any of the Potters,” Heyman says. “We’re not trying to fuel DVD sales. It was really just about the story and how best to tell this story. In the film, it would have been lovely to leave it in; that Ilvermorny song is when they all go down into the case, and at that point in the story, there’s all this stuff going on outside, and they’ve got to find Credence. So why are they taking this honeymoon to sing a song? So we sort of wanted to propel the story.”

She-Wolves: The Women Who Ruled England Before Elizabeth

In the tradition of Antonia Fraser, David Starkey, and Alison Weir, prize-winning historian Helen Castor delivers a compelling, eye-opening examination of women and power in England, witnessed through the lives of six women who exercised power against all odds—and one who never got the chance. Exploring the narratives of the Empress Matilda, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Isabella of France, Margaret of Anjou, and other “she-wolves,” as well as that of the Nine Days’ Queen, Lady Jane Grey, Castor invokes a magisterial discussion of how much—and how little—has changed through the centuri