david choe

I am all that I am,
I am nothing at all.

I am the sum of my
acquired knowledge
and experiences,
I am all that my
acquired knowledge
and experiences
shape me to be.

I am my own man,
son to my
mother and father,
and a sibling to four.
I am just the son of
two immigrants,
with two siblings and
two half-siblings more.

I am a scribe,
word warrior,
aspiring messenger
of hope
I am a peddler of
scribbled nothings,
using fancy words
to cope.

The truth is that
I am more than
what the world
sees or thinks
of me.

But I can
only be more
once I believe
I am better
than I believe
myself to be.


you are better than you believe yourself to be (7/27/17), thekaijusleeps

A poem I wrote as a gift to David Choe, regarding myself.