For my AU “ chant du cygne” 

davey, jasper, gwen, and daniel ( dani )

more infos basically:

jasper and davey were orphans when they were about 5 years old, they were adopted by campbell. cameron was only supposed to adopt davey but he refused to leave without jasper. 

gwen is miss priss’s daughter. miss priss is also campbell’s competitor. gwen’s a tomboy, she hates the frills on her dresses a lot and rips them off.

daniel is not the crazy cultist he is in the canon show, just a little religious boy that eventually tries to help jasper and davey with the power of god, faith, and hope. 

more infos the more i post! i think this will turn into either a fic or a sketchy set of comic strips…. not sure, depends on how life goes haha


“Welcome to camp, asshole”

my friend and i had an au idea where david is max’s foster dad and nikki is his bff and sometimes she’ll go on trips with them and stuff, and david takes them to the woods and gets them both up real early to go on a boat adventure… max looks unamused but he later on has a lot of fun with david and nikki and then the next day he’s all dried up and dehydrated and david has to shove like 4 water bottles in his face while nikki laughs at him 8) maybe a lil series i’ll eventually do

I was working for some really mean old lady. I ended up going to my car to leave because I was so fed up with her behavior, when David from Camp Camp came up and asked me if everything was okay. I told him to tell our boss that I quit because this was a dumb dream anyway. Then I started panicking, slapping my arms and looking around where I was, wondering if I really was dreaming and I was getting so upset that i couldn’t tell if it was real or not(even though a cartoon character was right fucking there). Eventually I told him to not tell her just in case this really wasn’t a dream. He then confessed his love for me and I woke up.