SMS - David Landers
  • Angie:Hey David! Tudo bem com você?
  • Angie:Estará ocupado no final de semana?
  • Angie:Eu terei que ir ao baile rosa, além da minha presença, eles querem que eu fotografe. E... bom, é um baile. O correto é ir acompanhada, então pensei se talvez você pudesse me acompanhar.

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I can't recall where, but I read somewhere that a woman named Violet is supposed to be a parallel for Casteil and/or Destiel. Do you find that to be true?

Hey, Nonnie! Hmmm Violet? The girl that we saw in 9x20 a parallel for Castiel? Where did you read that? We can agree that her look was a little similar to Cas’ in season 9…

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…but that doesn’t mean anything. 

And there might have been some parallels, like when David calmed Violet down similar to when Dean calmed Castiel down in 9x10. 

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But the fact that both episodes were written by Andrew Dabb doesn’t have to mean anything. What’s more, the fact that Cas did the same for Dean in 9x22 and that the three episodes were written by Dabb is pure coincidence


isn’t necessarily a parallel for this…

or this… right?

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No matter how much this could look like a pattern

Besides, why would anyone think this can parallel what happened between Dean and Cas in 9x06? 

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It’s not like they’re using the same lines or anything!

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If you see carefully, you’ll notice that Dean said “No, you had a choice” in 6x20 whereas David said “You had a choice”. Come on! It’s obvious the lines don’t convey the same romantic vibe!! 


doesn’t look or sound as romantic as this…

The fact that both Cas and Violet always end up leaving is just another random coincidence. 

And the fact that Violet knows David (her love interest) very well…

doesn’t mean that Dean is Cas’ love interest just because Cas knows him very well, too. 

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How would anyone think that the heterosexual couple of Violet and David can have anything similar with Dean and Cas (who are bestest friends, no homo)?

I just don’t understand.