davey's story

davey jacobs' locker
  • Race: an' so dats where dem old sailers go.
  • Race: down to da deepest derkest part of da sea.
  • Race: til dey reach da place called davey jacobs' locker
  • Davey: ...don't you mean davy jones' locker?
  • Race: no shuddup davey now yer ruinin' da moment
Crutchie, Cursed: Chapter Three

Okay, here is chapter three! I know I said this would be up yesterday, but… life. Anyway, hopefully this next installment keeps you just as interested as the previous chapters! 

Chapter One can be found here.

Chapter Two can be found here.

Crutchie gripped Davey tightly as they made their way through the forest. “Are you sure this is a shortcut?” Crutchie asked for the umpteenth time. He glanced at the tall, foreboding trees that seemed to block out all sunlight, leaving the forest in a strange twilight. “It seems… like we’re lost.”

“We aren’t lost,” Davey reassured Crutchie. “We just have to continue West for another hour or two and we’ll be out of the forest. Then, it’ll just be a straight shot to Sheepshead. The forest is a short cut. Otherwise, it would take a couple days to walk around it.”

It was still strange that Crutchie had found Davey again, but, now, as a book that knew everything. Not that the knowing everything aspect was strange. Davey had always been smarter than their fellow classmates. But, now he was a book. That was definitely weird. “Do you… Do you ever wish you weren’t a book?” Crutchie asked.

Davey sighed. “Yeah, all the time. I miss my family. I just disappeared on them, you know? But, like how you need Racetrack to reverse your curse, I need Medda to reverse mine. And she hasn’t been able to figure out how to do that yet. Once she does, though, I am going to be back to being human. It’ll just take… a little longer.” He sighed again.

“What’s wrong?”

“Well… That’s what I’ve been telling myself for twelve years. Just a little longer. Just a little longer. Be patient for just a little longer. And… I’m still here. I’m still a book. It just… gets old, after a while, you know?”

“Oh, yeah, trust me, I know,” Crutchie agreed. “I used to tell myself—“

He was cut off as a scream echoed through the forest. “Stop! Stop, or I’ll beat the whole lot of you up! Just wait until I get out of these—Agh!”

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Star Athlete and School Reporter AU

Javid college AU based on that story about the basketball player from Wisconsin who commented to his teammates with out realizing the mic was on at the final four press conference the other day 

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anonymous asked:

I think I put this prompt somewhere else, but no one used it :( Oh well. So Jack/David. All the Newsies tease them for spending so much time together and make fun of them, basically saying they're in love and stuff. Jack gets really annoyed to the point of kissing David to prove that he does not like David at all in that way and- oh whoops. He liked it. A LOT.

SWEET ANON I’m SO sorry this took so long aghhh. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it!!
Jack grimaced as the bell rang. “Ah, damn.”
Crutchie looked down at the project they’d been working on. “It’s alright, Jack. We can just finish it after school.”
“Nah, I can’t,” Jack sighed. “I’m goin’ to Davey’s place.”
Crutchie smirked. “Ah. Of course.”
Jack frowned at Crutchie as they gathered their stuff. “What’s that supposed to mean, huh?”
Crutchie giggled. “Oh, don’t play dumb with me, Jackie. We'se been friends long enough for me to know when you’ve got a crush.” He sang the last few words, revelling in how Jack blushed as he did so.
“Wha- crush- I- pfft!” Jack sputtered. “Look, you and the other fellas got it all wrong. Just ‘cause I like Davey don’t mean I like like Davey.”
Crutchie rolled his eyes. “So, you just spend every moment you can with him just for fun? You just drape yourself all over him platonically?”
Jack scoffed. “Okay, first of all, I spend time with him because he’s my friend and he’s new here-”
“He’s been here for five months.”
“That’s beside the point,” Jack waved Crutchie off as they turned down the hall. “And secondly, I’m a very tactile person! I mean, I always got my arm around you, it don’t mean I wanna make out with you.”
Crutchie squinted at the older boy. “So, you’re saying that kissing Davey wouldn’t make you happy? At all?”
Jack paused for a moment. “No.”
“You hesitated.”
“Did not.”
“Did too.”
“Did not!”
“Did too!”
“What are you two arguing like five-year-olds over?” Davey appeared next to Jack and Crutchie suddenly.
Jack jumped slightly. “Ah, it’s a, uh, long story.”
Crutchie smirked. “Mhm. Well, I’ll leave you two alone.”
“Okay,” Jack turned to look at Crutchie as the younger boy hobbled away and called, “It’s not like leaving us alone is weird, Crutchie!”
Davey raised an eyebrow. “What was that about?”
Jack shook his head. “Nothin’. The kid’s just got a habit of reading into things way too much.”
With that, Jack swung his arm around Davey’s shoulders and leaned his head in the crook of his neck. “How’s your day been?”
It felt comfortable, listening to Davey tell some story from his first period while feeling his warmth beside him.
But, not in a romantic way.
No, not at all.
Jack closed his eyes and swayed along to the quiet music that played behind him, grinning. He was sitting in between Davey and Crutchie as they played “Truth or Dare.” Davey and Jack’s thighs were touching, and Jack found himself playing with Davey’s hair. It felt good. It felt right.
Jack opened his eyes. “Hm?”
“It’s your turn to ask Davey,” Race said.
“Oh,” Jack glanced over at Davey. “Well, what do ya say, Dave? Truth or dare?”
Davey scrunched up his nose in thought, and Jack smirked. “Um, dare.”
Race gasped. “Davey Jacobs? Doing a dare? You’re a bad influence on him, Jack.”
Jack chuckled. He looked at Davey closely, taking in his sharp blue eyes and the freckles on his face that no one else seemed to notice. A small idea flickered across Jack’s brain. He tried to push it away as soon as it appeared, but he found himself saying, “I dare you to kiss me.”
Jack could hardly believe himself when he repeated it. “You heard me, Jacobs. I dare you to kiss me.”
Davey raised his eyebrow. “Really?”
“No homo, though,” Jack joked, trying to keep his cool. “I’m just tryin’ to prove a point to the other guys. Don’t tell me they haven’t teased you too.”
“Oh no, they have,” Davey said, seeming to relax a bit.
“So, we’re just puttin’ an end to it,” Jack explained, his voice far more calm than his heart. “I mean, I’m straight, anyway. It won’t mean nothing.”
Hesitantly, Davey replied, “Okay, fine.”
The other boys in the room whistled and hooted. “Look at you, Jacky-boy,” Spot chuckled. “Makin’ an excuse to kiss the Mouth. You’ve out-gayed yourself, Kelly.”
“Come on, I’m strai-”
Jack was cut off by Davey suddenly pressing his lips against his.
After a few seconds, Davey pulled away. “Done.”
“Well, how was it?” Romeo asked suggestively.
“Nothin’ special,” Jack declared. “Wouldn’t you say so, Dave?”
Davey nodded. “It was like…a stage-kiss. It didn’t mean anything.”
“See?” Jack smiled. “Davey and I are just friends. End of story.”
“Well, that was fun.” Crutchie remarked as he and Jack walked home.
Jack nodded. “Mhm.”
“You'se been awful quiet, Jackie,” Crutchie frowned. “What’s on your mind?”
Jack shook his head. “Nothin’, nothin’ at all.”
Crutchie gave him a skeptical look. “Fat bet, Kelly. Spill.”
Jack sighed. “Okay, you-you know how, in like, John Green-y novels and stuff, they say that time stops when you kiss someone? It’s-it’s cliché, but that’s what happened. We coulda been kissing for five seconds or five minutes and I wouldn’t have known the difference. It was like a buncha stars lit up around us and there was no one else there but me, Davey and the atmosphere.”
A shocked smile slowly appeared on Crutchie’s face. “Oh my gosh.”
Jack glanced over at Crutchie, his red cheeks visible, even in the dark of the night. “I guess what I’m trying to say is, I can’t be straight.”

"you accidentally broke my arm when you fell out of a tree and landed on top of me" AU

Davey promised himself he wouldn’t cry, at least not until he was in the safety of his shower. He tried to calm his racing heart by repeating over and over that there was nothing more that he could’ve done, he’d studied for weeks, and sometimes exams just go that way. All in all it wasn’t very comforting, but it was keeping his expression emotionless as far as he could tell. He kept his head down, looking up through his lashes to make sure no one was going to get in the way of his brisk walk back to his dorm. The sidewalks were completely clear, most people probably off celebrating the end of finals week.
The lack of other human beings near him only served to fuel his confusion when he suddenly slammed into something hard and fell heavily onto the pavement.

“Oh Jesus. I’m so sorry oh my god are you okay?” The mass currently pinning Davey to the ground shifted to reveal a tanned face with a sharp jawline, alluring brown eyes and dark hair filled with twigs and leaf bits. The man’s features combined with the fact that his head was right in front of the sun, making him look positively angelic surrounded by his halo of light, was all very attractive, but poor Davey’s head was still spinning, and he wondered if he’d hit it too hard on the pavement.

“I’m really sorry about this. I’m Jack, by the way.”

“David- uh, Davey.” He replied. When Jack made no move to get up, Davey cleared his throat uncomfortably, wiggling a bit underneath him.

“Oh, right. S-sorry. Let me help you oh fucking hell.” Jack quickly retracted the arm he was holding on to pull Davey up with, looking disgusted. He followed his gaze, it landing on his arm, bent and twisted in a way it most certainly shouldn’t be, bleeding profusely. Davey bitterly wondered for a moment how he could possibly be this lucky.

“I don’t even feel it.” Davey observed, reaching out to poke it with his other hand. Jack grabbed his wrist before he could, pulling his arm away.

“Okay maybe we shouldn’t do that. We should go to the hospital.” Jack put one arm underneath Davey’s shoulder, the other behind his thighs and lifted him up in spite of Davey’s protests that he could walk just fine.

“Seriously, Jack. The campus hospital is right across the street I can manage.”

“Please let me do something to help.” Jack seemed rather upset, so Davey stopped arguing and focused on not bleeding on Jack’s shirt.

It took nearly an hour before someone came to check on Davey’s arm. After the first few minutes, the adrenaline began to wear off and the pain set in. He was hoping that once Jack had made sure Davey was going to be treated, he would leave him by himself, but he did no such thing. Davey’s grip on the plastic waiting room chair with his good hand was getting unbearably tight, his eyes stinging with repressed tears when Jack could no longer pretend to not notice his pain. He put his hand on top of Davey’s hesitantly, rubbing over his knuckles soothingly with his thumb.

“You’re probably wondering what I was doing in that tree.” Jack joked, trying to distract Davey from the pain in his arm.
Davey raised an eyebrow. “You were in a tree?”

“Yeah that’s…that’s how I fell on you.” Jack seemed embarrassed, and with good reason. He had broken the arm of a complete stranger who he now felt compelled to take care of while he cried. The whole situation was so absurd that Davey couldn’t quite come to terms with the fact that this was actually happening to him.

“So what were you doing in the tree?”

“Well it all started this morning,” Jack leaned forward, looking eager to tell his story. Davey smiled, choosing to listen silently to Jack’s harrowing adventures, and not comment on Jack prying his hand off of the arm of the chair and lacing his fingers with his own instead.

“I had an important final today, so of course my alarm didn’t go off.” Davey forgot about his own life as Jack spun a beautiful tale about forgotten keys and missing roommates, leading up to him climbing a tree to get through the window he had left open on the warm spring day.

“I was nearly there when I stepped onto this branch…I thought it was strong enough to hold me, but I didn’t really factor in all the junk food I’ve been stress eating lately. So of course it broke once I was standing on it and…well here we are!” Jack gestured around at the quiet room, them being the only ones left to be seen.

“That’s quite a story.” Davey remarked, stealing a glance at Jack’s hand, which hadn’t let go of his own, even though Davey was sure he was holding it much more tightly than could’ve been comfortable for him.

“So what’s yours?” Jack asked. He elaborated when Davey cocked his head, unsure of how to respond.

“How did you end up under that abused oak tree at exactly the wrong moment? Not that I’m complaining. I mean, you’re just about the prettiest boy I could imagine holding hands with, even if you are crushing my fingers a little.” He teased. Davey started to apologize, pulling his hand away, but Jack didn’t let go. He just sat patiently, making fearless eye contact with Davey and waiting for him to talk.

“I had a final today too, my last one actually. I was just leaving when we were so abruptly introduced.”
Jack laughed. “Ah yes, gravity is quite the matchmaker. Have I kept you from better plans? Day drinking in celebration? Or someone pretty waiting for you to come back to bed?”

Davey blushed and laughed shakily. “No, nothing like that. What better plans could I possibly have had then sitting in uncomfortably hot waiting room with an overly-confident stranger.”

“I have no idea, it seems like a fantastic way to spend your first few hours of summer freedom.” Just then a doctor opened the door to the waiting room.

“Mr. Jacobs?” He asked. Davey nodded, his heart sinking as he realized he would have to leave Jack behind. It seemed ridiculous to ask him to wait for him to get his arm taken care of, as he had no idea how long that would take, but still he wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye yet.

“Well if I was just a typical stranger, I would wish you luck and apologize again for what happened, but as you so astutely pointed out, I’m an overly-confident stranger. More then that, I’m downright enthralled by this poor stranger that I went to second base with before I even got his name. Any chance I could get his number? Or the promise of a coffee date once his arm looks a little less like something out of a horror movie?”

Davey took the phone Jack had produced from his pocket and offered to him, biting his lip to hide his grin. He entered his number and handed it back to Jack, who waved goodbye to him as he followed the doctor out of the waiting room.

A few minutes later, while Davey was waiting to be taken for an x-Ray, his phone buzzed in his pocket. He pulled it out quickly, nearly chucking it across the room in his haste. He saved the unknown number into his contacts, chuckling at Jack’s message.

“Soooo… Can I sign your cast later?”

Sincerely Davey: A Dutchie Story (Chapter 16)


February 4, 1974

Dear Diary,

I hate drama class. I think this class was already friends before we joined. They’re always all over each other. I think they’ve seen Crutchie leaning against me while we’re sitting on the floor or something and they assume I’m like that with everyone.

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anonymous asked:

Oh gosh can you write a story about Davey starting to have a really bad mental breakdown, and Crutchie is the only one around?

Hey thanks for the prompt, I hope this is enough like what you were hoping for. 

There was no way Crutchie was getting his math book in time. The fact that Mr. Johnson expected the kid on crutches to get to the other side of the school and back and do three questions and all before the bell rang and with only four minutes left in class? Well that was crazy.

 So maybe Crutchie had brought his backpack with him.

And maybe he wasn’t planning on rushing.

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avenue29  asked:

Jily 22, please?

Thank you! I hope you like this. I am a little out of practice!

“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

“What? With utter disgust?”

The response comes automatically, and Lily doesn’t even need to stop writing her transfiguration’s essay and look up to know who has approached her. His laugh succeeds in drawing her eyes to his.

“No, not quite. What’s the word I’m looking for? Adoration? Yes, I suppose adoration will do.”

“Adoration is not synonymous with disgust, Potter. The word you’re looking for is repulsion.”

“Potter?” he questions, leaning on the library table precariously close to her open inkwell. “Are we back in fourth year, Evans?”

“Seems like it, with that horrid pick-up line you tried using, Potter.”

He laughs again and her lips twitch upward. A moment later they are smiling stupidly at each other.

“Couldn’t help myself,” he explains. “Fourth-Year-James would have killed for an opportunity to find Fourth-Year-Lily alone in the library.”

“Sixth-Year-James is luckier.”

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a bunch of newsies head cannons

(kk some I made with ruhwoobie who is the best)

(this is modren high school or college what ever floats your boat)

  • Romeo would be in all the productions of plays. He’d do it no matter that role or what play
  • Crutchie would know how to knit. He’d always have an extra sweater every where he went
  • the newsies would ALWAYS use the cleaners cart as a way to get around 
  • Jojo, specs, davey, and race would make this song and Jack would walk in and go “what the fuck”
  • Spot would always be that one guy who sold stuff in his jacket like ties or what ever but not drugs
  • Crutchie would be a huge Broadway dork. All of his songs on his ipod would be from musicals
  • Kath has a tumblr and it would be full of her stories
  • Davey and Crutchie would be suckers for cheesy/ so bad it’s good movies
  • Ike would have no matching socks 
  • Buttons, shockingly-would collect buttons
  • Flinch would always have some sort of drink with him like starbucks or coke 
  • Jack was forced to go to all of the daces by Kath
  • most of the newsies would have the classic gameboy with pokemon red,blue,or yellow and they would cable battle
  • Albert would always be using emojis. In every text
21 december || the funeral

[The same three stories. Davey had spent the entirety of the visitation hearing them and now it was spilling over into the next day now that the service was over. One for their muggle friends, another for family, and one last one for magical. His dad was so much more than those three, and after he responded to the last “oh do you remember that first racquetball tournament” with a short “yes, I was his partner” only to be met with the entire tale yet again, he was done. He was tired of the polite smiles and kind words, tired of having to comfort those who started sobbing while trying to talk to them, tired of everything really. He made it to the hall, the forced smile slipping with each step, before realizing he’d been followed and turning to face the person, relieved to see someone that likely wouldn’t know the standard stories if nothing else]

Five minutes. I just need five minutes before I can hear the words ‘he was always so proud of you three’ or ‘you are handling this so well’ again.



Wow the channel and the community has grown so much in such a short amount of time I remember being here for 5 million, 6 million, 7 million and now at 8 million. I’ve been subscribed to Jack since March of 2015 and it’s so crazy to think that Jack’s channel has hit all these subscriber milestones in only a couple months! What a way to bring in the new year right? Actually that’s something I want to talk about 2015. Now 2015 was one of the hardest years of my life :/ a lot of it was very overwhelmingly negative and frustrating for very personal reasons that I’m not going to get into. But discovering Jack and his videos was the most positive and life changing thing that happened to me in 2015 and that’s why I make these dumb posts about him everyday to show my appreciation for this person who’s inspired me and has helped me change so much for the better and has also helped me grow as a person. :’)                   But since Jack said that 2015 was the best year for the channel so far I figured I’d talk about some videos and series from that have meant the most to me as way to celebrate the channel hitting 8 million subscribers. Which all of them except for one have been from 2015. :) I took 1 screenshot for every video and 2 for every series. 

Let’s get started! :D Be prepared though! This is going to be long and personal again like the post I made for 6 million subscribers was.

Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 Gmod: First video I want to talk about is my first video I ever watched from Jack. Everyone in this community has a soft spot for their first Jack video right? Or at least I do anyway haha! :) Markiplier’s version of this video was the first video I ever saw Jack in and I thought he was really funny so I checked out his channel and watched his version of this video and I loved all the little edits he put into it. For a while I kept rewatching both Mark’s and Jack’s version of this video because I had so much watching it and it made me laugh. I never thought just a video of Markiplier, Bob, Yamimash and Jack messing around in a Gmod map would start such a huge positive change for me. :) 

Reading Awesome Comments Tag!: Another one of the first videos I ever saw from Jack is this video. This is the video that made me keep coming back to his channel it was very rare for me to see a youtuber actually talk about how youtube comments don’t always have to be negative crap. They a great way people can be apart of youtube community and also just have a place for people to talk about things going on with their lives. I think this was video that made me really see Jack. I saw this person who made videos not only for his own enjoyment but to make other’s smile and to be interactive and show how much he cares about the people who watch his videos. Seeing Jack’s face light up reading the comments he selected for this videos is just priceless for me and there’s a quote from this video that I think about from time to time.

I’m so happy that you’re not afraid to be who you are because that’s one of the most important things a person has to overcome.” 

Presentable Liberty: Okay this video is my favorite video or one of my favorite videos from Jack EVER! Also the oldest video in this post too. xD When I watched this video for the first time it was at a time where because of my anxiety I was making get all these irrational fears about my friends who I’m very close to. Life got a lot busier for them since we’re all out of high school so I hadn’t hung out with them for a while and I had these negative irrational thoughts that my friends didn’t care about me as much as I cared about them which wasn’t true at all and I wasn’t really showing them how much they meant to me either. Also When I first watched this video I was mostly just discovering what Jack’s videos had to offer and watching his videos for fun he hadn’t made that much of impact on me yet.Then randomly one night I decided to put this video on as just something to put on in the background with the volume turned down so I could fall asleep. But this game just sucked me in with these characters that you don’t even meet in this game all you have to interact with them is reading the letters that send to your cell door that you can’t reply back to. You don’t know how you’re getting these letters, You don’t know how some of these people even know who your character is and you question if any of these characters that you’re reading the letters from with are even real. This game tackles a lot of serious stuff with it’s story and you feel extremely alone in it. Now I’ve never played this game on my own I’ve just watched Jack play it and I felt the loneliness you feel in this game so I can’t even imagine how lonely Jack must of felt actually playing this game. Him and I had very similar thoughts and reactions to it and you can tell in the video that this game affected Jack a lot it’s the kind of game that can affect anyone. This game made me stop and think for a long time after I was done watching the video and it gave me a huge wake up call that I’m doing anything wrong with my friends and I have no reason to think that they don’t care about me and it made me realize just how lucky I am to have them all and I texted them all very long messages about how much they all meant to me. But this game and this video also made me realize how I shared a powerful experience with this new youtuber I’d just discovered recently and it made me realize how much my attitude about things had changed since I started watching him. Cause of this youtuber I smiled a lot more, I laughed more and I saw a lot more good in things then negative which was something I hadn’t felt for a very long time. But because of this it also sparked something else too. This was the video that made me want only one thing from Jack, a conversation or someway to talk to him despite all the fears I was feeling at the time. I wanted to find a way to show my appreciation for this person who I shared this powerful life changing gaming experience with. I guess this video was what really started the positive change and spark in me. :) 

The Beginner’s Guide: This game and this video gave me a very similar experience that Presentable Liberty did and it left me completely lost for words when I was done with it because it just made me think so much about myself and where my life was. I think the screenshot of Jack I picked from this video describes this game and this video perfectly. Jack was at a transitional period when he played this game a lot of his long term series either had stopped or slowed down and people were going back to school so some views had dropped for his videos and from that he had a lot of fears about disappointing us and failing youtube and was just trying to find a new spark for his content. This was the perfect video that came out during that time to describe how he feeling. This game really affected Jack and made him have a lot of thoughts while he playing and he related to so much of it and he cried multiple times in this video too. I like it when you the more human side of youtubers and you really see that with Jack in this video while he’s playing this game. This game really does speak to creative people and people who look up to other people. But something I noticed after Jack uploaded this video was that it spoke to so many different people all in different ways they all found something they to relate to from this game. I related to a lot of parts of this game too mostly with Davey who narrates the story and I’m not going to spoil what happens in this game it’s better if you see it and experience it then to just hear me explaining it. Apart of this video that really hit me hard emotionally was when Jack talked about how Mark and Felix have given him strength and inspiration and it made me think about how I look up to Jack and how his positivity gives me inspiration all the time which has help me change so much for the better and it made me remember why I make these posts about him everyday. For my own enjoyment and to show my application for Jack and what his videos have inspired and helped me with. Everyone changes throughout their life and you need those people who inspire you and give you that spark and strength and validation for where your life is and the stuff that you do. You need something to tell you that things will get better and be okay. :) I think this video and this game was a powerful experience to everyone who watched or played it.

Anxiety Attacks: So I said before that I a lot of 2015 was very negative for me and one of those reasons is because I struggle with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. This game is supposed to simulate what having an Anxiety Attack or Panic Attack is like. Even though I have Anxiety I don’t think I’ve ever have had a panic or anxiety attack before but it’s still a huge struggle to live with. It’s the biggest reason I’m having such a hard time moving forward in my life and why I’m so indecisive and terrified about the future and I just I don’t know what to do with myself. I more related to the negative thoughts and anxiety constantly following you in this game. You can tell in this video that Jack really wants to understand anxiety and panic attacks and how to help people which was very nice to see because some people don’t want to understand mental illnesses at all. But the biggest thing that meant a lot to me in this video was what Jack talked about at the end of the video. He mostly talks about how you should try your best to find your passion that you can put all your energy into and what motivates you. But he also talked about how he went through a time with a of demotivation too and how he didn’t want to do anything but play video games and how the idea of going out and getting a job scared him. After he said that it was one of those moments for me that made me feel 10x better about my own situation because Jack’s was very similar to it. You know in the back of your head that you’re not alone with how you feel but to hear someone actually say that they’ve felt something like you did it makes you feel much reassurance and that you’re not stupid or crazy for feeling the way you do and that meant the world to me. :’) Also what hearing Jack say this at the end meant a lot to me too.

Any of you out there who are feeling very lonely, very depressed, very sad, anxious, or you are having panic attacks, anything like that, it’s not a bad thing, you’re not a bad person, you can get out of it and I believe in you. If nobody else believes in you, then just trust that I believe in you.

Shadow Of The Colossus: OH MY GOD I’M SO EXCITED TO TALK ABOUT THIS SERIES! xD Tied for my favorite series that Jack has ever done on his channel is his Shadow Of The Colossus series. This was the first time watching Jack play a game that I’ve actually played before and that I also absolutely loved. Which is also turns out to be Jack’s favorite game of all time. xD You can tell how much loves this game in these videos. I loved how much fun he had with this game and every single video he always had a giant smile on his face at some point even the video where he’s the most negative in he still has a smile on his face at some point. I loved how passionate he was about this game. Whenever I would make a post about these video I would take longer screenshot Jack in them because I wanted them to be as good as I could possibly make them and I wanted to show my support for this series as best I could and I wanted to match Jack’s passion for this game too. Even though I look back on those posts and don’t think the screenshots I took of Jack from those videos was that great. xD But anyway I was always super excited and nerded out whenever he would upload a new video of this game because I just love this game and I loved watching him play it. He also talks about his appreciation for game design and how much he adores video games in these videos and I swear to god I could listen to Jack nerd out and talk about video games for hours if I could. Probably because I adore video games too and I’m a complete gaming nerd so it’s very interesting to me to hear what he has to say about them not to mention I love when gaming youtubers or let’s players talk about how much games mean to them. But in finale video it really gets into why this game means so much to him and parts of the ending still make him very emotional and cry even years after playing this game for the first time. Honestly this series gave me a new appreciation for a game I already loved was just an extremely fun experience for me that I still love to remember. :)

Undertale: For a while I didn’t think another series was going to even touch Shadow Of The Colossus for being my favorite series from Jack. But Undertale is tied with Shadow Of The Colossus being my favorite series from Jack now and it’s not even over yet. I mean the pacifist run is over but the genocide run isn’t yet. The first two videos of this series was before I bought the game and played it for myself and by the time episode 3 came around I’d had bought the game finished playing all of the pacifist run in my own time and I absolutely love Undertale and It’s my favorite game from 2015 and it’s become one of my favorite games of all time now. But I love this series from Jack too. I love all the voices he give the characters especially his voice for Alphys and I love how into this game he got and how much fun he had with it. Also like Shadow Of The Colossus he had a giant smile on his face at some point in every single video of this game. Every single screenshot post I made about this series left me discussing so much about this game and other stuff in them that would lead to very long captions. In the finale video he got very emotional at the end because he was so proud of this series and just blown away by this game too and said that this has become his favorite series that he’s ever done. He almost made me cry at end because of how emotional he got! DANG IT JACK YA GIVING ALL THE FEELS! xD But the biggest thing this series and this game did for me was that it helped change my attitude towards negative times. As I said before 2015 has been one the hardest years of my life and when episode 2 came out it was a time when I was just letting all the negative in my life get to me and I just felt like things were never going to get better and even if they did something bad would happen to ruin it. But in episode 2 Jack goes to Snowdin and talks to all the npcs there and they explain that despite wanting to go the surface they’re always making jokes and laughing because they want to focus on being sad about a situation they can’t change which led Jack to say this in that video: 

If your situation isn’t getting any better there’s no point in being miserable about it. You might as well make the most of what you have. That’s just life. Life shits in your face every now and then so might as well just grin and bear it.

It hit me that the attitude I was having was not good for me and I was letting my negative situation that I can’t change eat away at me. How are things supposed to get better if I never expect them to get better? Even though I can’t change my negative situation right now I can change my attitude about it. I decided to appreciate and focus on the good I have in my life instead of focusing on all the negative I can’t change and that has really helped me out at lot. :)

2015 was an incredibly frustrating and negative year for me. But Jack and his videos have helped me smile even on my worst days and has helped me change so much for the better and has given me so many great memories from 2015 rather then just all the negative ones by just being a positive voice I’ve need to hear. I’m so thankful for Mark’s Five Night’s At Freddy’s 2 Gmod video because it made me discover this wonderful person who inspired me and helped me change my life and I’m not afraid of who I am and expect the worst from the world anymore and that means so much to me. :’) I do see Jack as person but I also consider him my friend that has kept going that I just haven’t met yet. But hopefully that might change this year because I might meet him at Pax East in April and honestly just even having the opportunity to go that convention is mind blowing to me. I know my posts on here about him aren’t best by any means and it’s probably annoying seeing me constantly say in these posts “HEY JACK MADE ME FEEL BETTER TODAY! HE’S CHANGED MY LIFE DEEEEERRRRRRP!” But I still hope I don’t come across as negatively and that my worlds still hold their meaning. 

Hopefully you guys don’t mind me getting personal again for this post. A lot can change in a year and I’m excited to see what this year has to offer for all of us and what Jack and the channel holds for us all too!